WFR newfinalWellness Force is a global collective dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. In this podcast together, we discover the connections between our emotions and healthy habits to live our best life and enjoy the process.

Your host, Josh Trent, spotlights ​world class experts in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, mindset, behavior change, supplementation, nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, and technology that empower you with actionable steps for your wellness journey.

After struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain in adolescence, in 2004 Josh let go of over 75 pounds and transformed his life by becoming a health and fitness professional that would coach over 12,000 sessions and evolve into one of the top wellness influencers on iTunes.

Deeper topics include: Physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, behavior change, wellness, nutrition, behavioral psychology, habits, mindset, fitness, health, strength training, organic supplementation, biohacking, body transformation, psychedelics, digital health, quantified self, mHealth, wellness technology and more. Did one of our shows spark something in you? Share it with friends or family that you care about today.

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Released Episode
22  Jun  2018 209 Jamie Wheal: The Altered States of Economy Download
19  Jun  2018 208 Maddy Moon: Healthy Boundaries & Masculine/Feminine Power Download
15  Jun  2018 207 Jesse Lawler | Cognitive Bias: Evolving From Physic Injury Download
12  Jun  2018 206 Dan Pardi: The Sneaky State of Food Science Download
08  Jun  2018 205 Wendy Myers: How To Live To 110 Download
05  Jun  2018 204 Robyn Openshaw: What's Your Frequency Type? Download
01  Jun  2018 203 Brian Mackenzie: The Art Of The Breath Download
29  May  2018 202 Allison Schaaf: How To Batch Cook For Better Health Download
25  May  2018 201 Michael Gervais: Finding Mastery Download
22  May  2018 200 Top 10 Wellness Force Guests (Best of The Best: Celebrating 200 Shows) Download
18  May  2018 199 Peter Crone: Bridging Physical Vitality & Mental Peace Download
15  May  2018 198 Allison Melody: How Food Heals Download
11  May  2018 197 Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue Download
08  May  2018 196 Aubrey Marcus: Owning The Day, Open Relationships, & Skipping Breakfast Download
04  May  2018 195 Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success Download
01  May  2018 194 Rob Dial: Peace, Purpose, & Psychedelics Download
27  Apr  2018 193 Lisa Dougherty: Leading The Medical Fitness Movement Download
24  Apr  2018 192 Jason Prall: The Human Longevity Project Download
20  Apr  2018 191 Mary Shores | Conscious Communications: Harnessing The Power of Your Word Download
17  Apr  2018 190 Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett: Stop Making It So Hard Download
13  Apr  2018 189 Kelly Claes & Dr. Tim Brown: Shaping Future Generations Through Movement & Sports Download
12  Apr  2018 188 Jamal Kennard: Rythmia, Consciousness, & Cosmic Healing Download
12  Apr  2018 187 Christian Minson: Transformational Breath Download
11  Apr  2018 186 Dr. Jeff McNairy: Bridging Ancient Modalities With Western Psychology Download
11  Apr  2018 185 Gerry Powell: Personal Growth & Plant Medicine Download
10  Apr  2018 Special Release: Josh's Rythmia Journey Download
06  Apr  2018 184 Scott Nelson: What Is Photobiomodulation? Download
03  Apr  2018 183 Dr. Kyra Bobinet | Living A Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons In Brain Science Download
30  Mar  2018 182 Dr. Andy Galpin: Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness Download
27  Mar  2018 181 Alissa Daire Nelson: The Power & Paradox of Vulnerability Download
23  Mar  2018 180 Brian St. Pierre: The 5 Must Have Nutrition Fundamentals Download
20  Mar  2018 179 Josh Tickell: Kiss The Ground Download
16  Mar  2018 178 Nic Bartolotta: The Truth Behind Stretching Download
13  Mar  2018 177 Dr. Cortney Warren - Honest Liars: The Psychology of Self-Deception Download
09  Mar  2018 176 Ted Ryce: How To Deal With Stress & Overwhelm Download
06  Mar  2018 175 Mark Shapiro: The Art of Authentic Connection Download
02  Mar  2018 174 Colleen Flaherty: Transcendental Training & Motherhood Download
27  Feb  2018 173 Michael Neeley: The Truth About #MeToo Download
23  Feb  2018 172 Dr. David Minkoff: Detox, Amino Acids, & Healthy Hormones Download
20  Feb  2018 171 Liz Germain: From Skinny To Strength Download
16  Feb  2018 170 Dr. Kirk Parsley: Sleep Science For Better Health Download
13  Feb  2018 169 Jeff Sanders: The Free-Time Formula Download
09  Feb  2018 168 Dr. Greg Doerr: Connecting The Mind & Soul Through Movement Download
06  Feb  2018 167 Michelle Norris: From Healing & Growth To Paleo f(x) Download
02  Feb  2018 166 Craig Cooper: Your New Prime Download
30  Jan  2018 165 Heather Hemmer: What's Healthy Eating Anyways? Download
26  Jan  2018 164 Anders Varner: The Yin & Yang Philosophy of Strength Download
23  Jan  2018 163 Justin Andrews & Josh Trent: CES LIVE 2018 Download
19  Jan  2018 162 Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta: Movement As Medicine Download
16  Jan  2018 161 Ryan Michler: What's Masculinity In The Modern World? Download
12  Jan  2018 160 Petteri Lahtela: Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura Download
09  Jan  2018 159 Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste: Digital Self Mastery Download
05  Jan  2018 158 Dr. Gil Blander: What Your Biomarkers Are Telling You Download
02  Jan  2018 157 Amy Baglan: How To Up-level Your Love Life In 2018 w/ the CEO of MeetMindful Download
29  Dec  2017 156 Adam Markel: The Art & Science of Self-Reinvention Download
26  Dec  2017 155 Anna Vocino: How To Eat Happy Download
22  Dec  2017 154 Vinnie Tortorich: No Sugar, No Grains Download
19  Dec  2017 153 Ali Reti: Activate A Life You Love Download
15  Dec  2017 152 Dr. Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain Download
12  Dec  2017 151 Kristen Ulmer: The Art of Fear Download
08  Dec  2017 150 Dr. Joe Anderson & Andrea Duchonovic: Understand Ketosis With A Simple Breath Download
05  Dec  2017 149 Johnny Blackburn: Awakening Greater Potential In Work, Love, & Life Download
01  Dec  2017 148 Eric Glader: How To Recover Faster & Perform Better Download
28  Nov  2017 147 Krystal Vrba: Finding Bliss, Masculine-Feminine, & Colonics Download
24  Nov  2017 146 Alex Fergus: Tracking For Optimal Health Download
21  Nov  2017 145 AJ Richards: Fight Club Meets Fitness Download
17  Nov  2017 144 RockTape Founders: Healing Yourself With Movement, Mobility, & Stability w/ Steven Capobianco & Greg van den Dries Download
16  Nov  2017 143 Thaddeus Owen: The Truth About Biohacking Download
14  Nov  2017 142 Ashleigh VanHouten: Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence Download
10  Nov  2017 141 Dr. Dan Lord: Crossing The Road To Better Health Download
07  Nov  2017 140 Chris Kresser: Unconventional Medicine Download
03  Nov  2017 139 Dr. Roger Mignosa: Integrative Wellness In The Modern World Download
31  Oct  2017 138 Operation Enduring Warrior: The Power of Perspective Download
27  Oct  2017 137 Dr. Tim Brown: Stand Tall Download
24  Oct  2017 136 Cory Allen: Reverse Engineering The Soul Download
20  Oct  2017 135 Autumn Smith: The Truth About Food And Mental Health Download
19  Oct  2017 WFF 016 Mind Pump: LIVE At Spartan Worlds Lake Tahoe 2017 Download
17  Oct  2017 134 Dr. Andy Galpin: Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology Download
10  Oct  2017 133 Alwyn Cosgrove: Cancer, Wellness, & The Cardio Myth Download
03  Oct  2017 132 Christine Hassler: Surviving The Expectation Hangover Download
29  Sep  2017 WFF 015 Cathy Hutchison: Breaking Up With Veganism Download
26  Sep  2017 131 Drew Manning: Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness Download
22  Sep  2017 WFF 014 Dr. Paul Notolli & Josh Trent: 3 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence Download
19  Sep  2017 130 Tom Bilyeu & Dr. Jason McKeown: Modius & The Neuroscience of Fat Loss Download
12  Sep  2017 129 Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies Download
08  Sep  2017 WFF 013 Alli Waddell: Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You Download
05  Sep  2017 128 Mind Pump: The Duality of Wellness & Technology Download
01  Sep  2017 WFF 012 Faith Shevlin & Josh Trent: What Women Must Know About Men Download
29  Aug  2017 127 Ella Lucas-Averett: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Download
25  Aug  2017 WFF 011 Samantha Lotus: Real Life But Better Download
22  Aug  2017 126 Jason Moore: HRV For Optimal Wellness Download
18  Aug  2017 WFF 010 Craig Ramsay: The World Is Your Gym Download
15  Aug  2017 125 Dr. Kirk Parsley: Sleep To Win Download
08  Aug  2017 124 Justin Andrews & Yaron Hadad: The Future of Diet & Exercise Download
31  Jul  2017 123 Aubrey Marcus: Own The Day Download
28  Jul  2017 WFF 009 Stephanie Quinn: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure Download
25  Jul  2017 122 Ronnie Landis: The Truth About Nutrients Download
21  Jul  2017 WFF 008 Tom Bilyeu: Ending The Poverty of Poor Mindset Download
18  Jul  2017 121 Dr. David Minkoff: Creating Sustainable Health In A Toxic World Download
11  Jul  2017 120 Amy Berger: The Alzheimer's Antidote Download
05  Jul  2017 119 Dr. Michael Ruscio: The Orthorexia Connection Download
27  Jun  2017 118 Mike Bundrant: A Fresh Perspective On Self-Sabotage Download
23  Jun  2017 WFF 007 Josh Trent: Tell The Truth Until It Stops Hurting Download
20  Jun  2017 117 The Future of Wellness Technology: IntelliSkin, Halo Neuroscience, & Heal Download
16  Jun  2017 WFF 006 Dan Pardi: 3 Questions For Real Wellness Download
13  Jun  2017 116 Mo Gawdat: How To Engineer Your Path To Joy Download
09  Jun  2017 WFF 005 Kathleen Trotter: Finding Your Fit Download
06  Jun  2017 115 Jeff Sanders: The Power of Saying No Download
02  Jun  2017 WFF 004 Mind Pump Radio LIVE In Austin Download
30  May  2017 114 Liana Werner-Gray: Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet Download
26  May  2017 WFF 003 Jessica Carson: How To Wire Your Limbic System For Love Download
23  May  2017 113 Nic Bartolotta: Stretching Your Second Heart Download
19  May  2017 WFF 002 Syanna Wand: Unlocking Anxiety Through Self Love Download
16  May  2017 112 Mark Sisson: Primal Living In The Modern World Download
12  May  2017 WFF 001 Jon Morrow: How To Accomplish Big Things, Even When You Feel Small Download
08  May  2017 111 Evan Brand: Adaptogens For Wellness & Energy Download
02  May  2017 110 Bedros Keuilian: Mastering The 4 Pillars of Happiness Download
25  Apr  2017 109 Dr. Susan Blum: The Immune System Recovery Plan Download
18  Apr  2017 108 Zlata Sushchik: What's Eating You? Download
11  Apr  2017 107 Dr. Sylvia Tara: The Secret Life of Fat Download
04  Apr  2017 106 Dr. Anna Akbari: Finding Happiness & Wellness In A Digital World Download
28  Mar  2017 105 Dr. John Sullivan: The Brain Always Wins Download
21  Mar  2017 104 Amanda Steinberg: Money, Women, & Wellness Download
13  Mar  2017 103 Robb Wolf: Wired To Eat Download
07  Mar  2017 102 Esther Gokhale: Primal Posture For Wellness Download
27  Feb  2017 101 Ian Ryan: Fearless And Healthy Download
21  Feb  2017 100: 9 World Class Wellness Influencers In 2017 Download
14  Feb  2017 099 Ted Ryce: Eat, Sleep, & Move Your Way To Legendary Health Download
07  Feb  2017 098 Tom Bilyeu: Set Yourself Free Download
31  Jan  2017 097 Jesse Lawler: Willpower, Consciousness, & The Placebo Effect Download
24  Jan  2017 096 Daniel Schmachtenberger: Emotional Resilience, Nootropics, & Outsmarting The Modern World Download
17  Jan  2017 095 Lori Streator: Unlabel Your Life Download
10  Jan  2017 094 Maris Degener: The Power To Heal Download
03  Jan  2017 093 Special Episode: 7 Ways To Better Wellness In 2017 Download
27  Dec  2016 092 Now or Never: Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles Download
27  Dec  2016 091 Jeff Grant: Activating Your Inner Coach Download
20  Dec  2016 090 Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety Download
13  Dec  2016 089 Bridgette Mayer: Rising Above Your Circumstances Download
06  Dec  2016 088 Dan Pardi: How To Find The Health You’re Looking For Download
29  Nov  2016 087 Bonnie Kelly: Upgrading Your Subconscious Beliefs Download
28  Nov  2016 086 Mark Divine: Creating The Unbeatable Mind Download
22  Nov  2016 085 Lisa Perkins: You Are Not One Size Fits All Download
14  Nov  2016 084 Dr. David Perlmutter: The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan Download
07  Nov  2016 083 Dr. Trevor Cates: Heal Your Skin From Within Download
01  Nov  2016 082 Tina Muir: Running For Wellness Download
24  Oct  2016 081 Dr. Matt Accurso: From Weight Loss Resistance To High Performance Download
17  Oct  2016 080 Murdoc Khaleghi: Bulletproof From A Blood Test Download
11  Oct  2016 079 Ryan Yokome: The Currency of Wellness Download
04  Oct  2016 078 Drew Canole: Self Love, Juicing, & Transformation Download
27  Sep  2016 077 Darryl Edwards: Finding The Joy of Movement Download
20  Sep  2016 076 Josh Trent: Vipassana Meditation: A Spartan Race For The Mind Download
12  Sep  2016 075 Jeff Agostinelli: Breaking Free From Chronic Thinking Download
05  Sep  2016 074 Jake Ducey: Creating The Life We Love Download
30  Aug  2016 073 Kute Blackson: Trusting The Process & Breaking Conditioned Responses Download
23  Aug  2016 072 David Zappasodi: Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind Download
16  Aug  2016 071 Melissa Hartwig: Food Freedom Forever Download
08  Aug  2016 070 Tony Federico: How To Feed Your Body & Soul Download
02  Aug  2016 069 Natalie Vartanian & Bob Schwenkler: The Sex & Wellness Connection Download
26  Jul  2016 068 Glenn Stokoe: The Science of Letting Go Download
19  Jul  2016 067 Dr. Jade Teta: The 5 Metabolic Myths Download
12  Jul  2016 066 Franz Snideman: Sprinting For A Better Life Download
08  Jul  2016 065 Rebecca Hazelton: Pleasure Meditation Download
05  Jul  2016 064 Craig Ballantyne: Beating Anxiety To Create Your Perfect Day Download
28  Jun  2016 063 Karan Bajaj: The Purpose Driven Life Download
21  Jun  2016 062 Brett Hoebel: Finding Strength In Your Struggle Download
14  Jun  2016 061 Damon Gameau: Breaking Free From Sugar Download
07  Jun  2016 060 Kevin Geary: Decode Your Cravings Download
31  May  2016 059 Scott Iardella: Gaining Strength To Let Go Of Old Weight Download
24  May  2016 058 Rob Dionne: Staying Healthy On The Road Download
17  May  2016 057 Chef Kat Humphus: The Recipe For Connection Download
13  May  2016 056 Josh Trent: Wellness & Genetics BONUS Episode Download
10  May  2016 055 Gay & Katie Hendricks: Body Intelligence In A Modern World Download
03  May  2016 054 Michael Tamez: How To Lose 100 Pounds By Finding Your Authentic Self Download
25  Apr  2016 053 Anna Renderer: Designing A Life You Love Download
19  Apr  2016 052 Jeff Sanders: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast Download
12  Apr  2016 051 Gretchen Rubin: The Secret To Habit Change Download
05  Apr  2016 050 Tony Wrighton: Energy, Vitality, & NLP Download
29  Mar  2016 049 Ted Ryce: Your Guide To Live A Legendary Life Download
22  Mar  2016 048 Nir Eyal: Breaking Bad Habits, Technology Addiction, & Emotional Triggers Download
15  Mar  2016 047 Peter Petersen: The Power of Now Download
08  Mar  2016 046 Dr. John Gray: ADHD, Brain Health, & Sex Addiction Download
02  Mar  2016 045 Angela Martindale: Life Changing Habits For Stressed Out Moms Download
24  Feb  2016 044 Dan Pardi: Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World Download
16  Feb  2016 043 Chef Lance Roll: The Healing Powers of Bone Broth Download
09  Feb  2016 042 Scott Colby: The Power To Change Download
02  Feb  2016 041 Dr. Andrew Hill: Unlocking Our Best Self Through Nootropics Download
25  Jan  2016 040 Bonnie Kelly: How To Get Out of Your Own Way Download
19  Jan  2016 039 Josh Trent: Using New Technology To Let Go of Old Weight Download
12  Jan  2016 038 Chris Kelly: Why Sleep Beats Nutrition Download
11  Jan  2016 037 Allison Schaaf: How To Avoid Meal Prep Burnout Download
06  Jan  2016 036 Jesse Lawler: Building A Bulletproof Brain Download
05  Jan  2016 035 Stacy Conlon: Your Guide To A Mindful Life Download
04  Jan  2016 034 David Zappasodi: Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind Download
28  Dec  2015 033 Adam Farrah: Practical Spirituality Download
21  Dec  2015 032 Katie & Gay Hendricks: Love Vs. Fear & Body Intelligence Download
14  Dec  2015 031 Amy Dalton: Avoiding The Holiday Food Triggers Download
06  Dec  2015 030 Mac Gambill: Changing Old Habits With New Technology Download
30  Nov  2015 029 Dr. Neema Moraveji: Master Your Breathing Download
23  Nov  2015 028 Physiotherapist Caitlin Reid: Life After Injury Download
16  Nov  2015 027 Michael Strasner: Creating A Life Worth Living Download
09  Nov  2015 026 Julianna Raye: A Personal Trainer For Your Mind Download
02  Nov  2015 025 Reed Davis: The Hidden Causes of Weight Gain Download
26  Oct  2015 024 Gary Collins: The Paleo Industry & FDA Exposed Download
19  Oct  2015 023 Clark Kegley: Journaling, Transformation & Truth Download
12  Oct  2015 022 Peter Scott IV: How To Use Fitness To Create A Fearless Life Download
05  Oct  2015 021 Jon Vroman: Master Your Mindset - Life In The Front Row Download
27  Sep  2015 020 Empowerment Strategist JJ Flizanes: Emotional Intelligence For Weight Loss Download
21  Sep  2015 019 Nate Hockstra: Health, Love & Fulfillment In A Busy World Download
14  Sep  2015 018 Lori Streator: Fitness For Moms - Breakthrough Mind & Body Download
07  Sep  2015 017 Chris Brogan: Own Your Mind, Own Your Life Download
31  Aug  2015 016 Steph Gaudreau: Healthy, Happy, & Harder To Kill - Stupid Easy Paleo Download
24  Aug  2015 015 Danny-J Johnson: How To Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body Download
17  Aug  2015 014 Primal Fitness Expert Darryl Edwards: Transform Your Workouts Into Play Download
10  Aug  2015 013 Damien Blenkinsopp: Your Guide To A Quantified Body Download
03  Aug  2015 012 Dan Pardi: Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World Download
27  Jul  2015 011 Ariel Garten: Beyond Meditation - How To Get A Better Brain Download
20  Jul  2015 010 Visionary James Norris: Lifehacking 101 Download
13  Jul  2015 009 Hal Elrod: How To Live An Extraordinary Life Download
06  Jul  2015 008 Joel Jamieson: Heart Rate Variability - Better Results In Less Time Download
30  Jun  2015 007 Olympians Sky & Tamara Christopherson: Finding Your Personal Gold Download
23  Jun  2015 006 Olympian Tanner Gers: Overcoming Adversity & Creating A Life Worth Living Download
22  Jun  2015 005 Anthony Carey: Eliminating Pain Through Creating New Belief Systems Download
21  Jun  2015 004 Clifton Harski: Fitness Technology From The Inside Out Download
20  Jun  2015 003 Kelli Calabrese: Creating New Habits Download
19  Jun  2015 002 Author & TEDx Speaker John C. Havens: Hacking Happiness Download
18  Jun  2015 001 Fabio Comana: The New Era of Wellness & Behavior Change Download


Underground Wellness Radio

Mike Boyle 

Mike MIKE BOYLE - WWW.WELLNESSFORCE.COMBoyle, author of “Advances in Functional Training,” joins our guest host Josh Trent on the Wellness Radio Podcast to discuss strength training, conditioning and nutrition. Mike is an internationally-know strength and conditioning specialist, author, and presenter. He is also the owner of MBSC Strength & Conditioning facility in Woburn, MA that was recently recognized By Men's Health magazine as the #1 gym in the nation! Mike has produced 27 video and DVD projects all of which can be found at www.performbetter.com. Hosted by Josh Trent of www.wellnessforce.com. Sponsored by www.undergroundwellness.com


Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton 

320Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton, author of “Choosing Health” stops by the Underground Wellness Radio to discuss why diets don't work and how we can turn mundane decisions about food and exercise into opportunities for choosing healthier lives. Topics will include customizing your diet to support metabolic individuality, goal-setting and motivational skills, improving digestive and adrenal health, and postural therapy. Learn more about Rebecca on her website, www.choosinghealthnow.com. Hosted by Josh Trent of www.WellnessForce.com


 JC Santana

santana-train-imageListen to Josh Trent NASM-CES, CMTA of Wellness Radio interview live on fitness, nutrition, and weight loss with the leading authority in the nation on functional training, Juan Carlos Santana. Juan Carlos is an internationally-know trainer, author, and presenter. He is also the owner of The Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton, Florida where he trains professional athletes, teams and MMA fighters. Hosted by Josh Trent of www.WellnessForce.com . Sponsored by www.UndergroundWellness.com

Anthony Carey

Anthony Carey, author of "The Pain Free Program."Anthony Carey, of Function First stops by Underground Wellness Radio to discuss his book, “The Pain Free Program” and his very own fitness product, the Core-Tex. Anthony has 21 years of experience working in the fitness, corporate wellness and athletic training industries, Master of Arts degree in biomechanics and athletic training from San Diego State University 1988, Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology from Trenton State College 1989, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Gold-Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist through the American Council on Exercise. Hosted by Josh Trent of Wellness Force. Sponsored by www.UndergroundWellness.com


 Katie Wygnant

Katie WygantTune in to Wellness Radio to learn about accountability and tracking from Josh Trent. Josh is a San Diego based Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor with a genuine passion for the health and fitness of the planet. Josh serves as a key motivator for kids, working professionals and anyone looking to lose weight and live a healthier life. Tune in to find out what Josh does to help his clients stay on track and get results.


Jimmy Moore Interviews Josh TrentJimmy Moore

In Episode 406 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are happy to share my chat with Josh Trent from “Wellness Force” to talk about his unique story about how he got so interested in health and nutrition after experiencing changes for himself. He’s quite an enthusiastic champion for living a lifestyle devoted to proper diet and fitness.

  • Listen to Josh discuss how he went from being an athlete in high school to experiencing weight and health problems shortly after he graduated, why he quit his job and moved to Hawaii to get back into shape, what led him to becoming a personal trainer, how he ate a “death” low-carb plan to shed the pounds because it was what worked for him.
  • Josh discusses why failing at weight loss is a necessary ingredient in being ultimately successful, the sample menus of what he ate during his weight loss, the biochemical “thumbprint” that each of us has that determines what nutritional plan is best for the individual, discovering the “balance” that was necessary for him.
  • Learn whether he was concerned about consuming dietary fat from sources like coconut oil, the plethora of scientific research in support of low-carb diets, the organizations out there promoting negative images about healthy low-carb living.
  • Learn about the exercise strategy he uses with his clients especially for people with adrenal fatigue, how he trains for people who want to run a marathon and why most people go overboard on “carb-loading.”
  • Learn how the sweat rate doesn’t mean you’re exerting more, why getting the right kind of “more” exercise as you progress, his thoughts on the super-slow weight lifting concept, and Josh's reaction to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.
  • Hear about Josh's  infamous McDonald’s “pull-ups” YouTube video, and the devious marketing that McDonald’s implores to pump their products.
  • Discover if eating organic is an important element in health, why a “caveman diet” tends to be better than anything else, and why overeating on a real whole food is not as bad as eating too much junk food.
  • Learn about the unmistakable brain/mental connection to weight loss, whether sugar is really killing us, why agave is not a health food, and the reason genetically-modified organisms were created and the unintended consequences of GMO foods.
  • Learn about the negative implications of known neurotoxins like artificial sweeteners, why the obsession over calories is futile and how counting calories can be detrimental, the stressors that are raising cortisol levels, and some parting encouragement for listeners!