Teal Swan | Ancestral Healing: Multidimensional Genetics, Conscious Parenting + The Impossible Task of Single Mothers

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 624

Is ancestral healing the solution to healing generational pain and trauma?

Teal Swan | Ancestral Healing: Multidimensional Genetics, Conscious Parenting + The Impossible Task of Single MothersTeal Swan, Spiritual Teacher, International Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, episode 624, to share how to heal your lineage and generational pain through ancestral healing, how the modern lifestyle hurts women and especially single mothers, and what it takes to understand multidimensional truths.

“We have every memory of every single ancestor in our body which means that we are literally inheriting memory. Each one of us in an amalgamation of multiple selves and that those selves have a very complex system of relationships.”Teal Swan

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Teal Swan: Ancestral Healing CourseAncestral Healing incorporates shadow work into the healing process. The instructions and lessons are communicated in a clear, easy-to-understand way that anyone can follow and experience.

Teal Swan uses her leading-edge modalities such as her version of parts work to facilitate major positive change and heal past wounds rather than covering them up with futile and empty affirmations or spiritual bypassing.

Teal shares stories from her own personal experiences researching ancestry and explains what ancestral trauma is and how it gets passed down. She also touches on epigenetics, the truth about our DNA, and what it means to essentially ‘clear’ ancestral trauma.

In This Episode, Teal Swan Uncovers:

[01:30] The Struggles of Motherhood

[08:05] It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

  • Why being a single mother and pursuing her purpose has been the most difficult thing in Teal's life.
  • All children need multiple attachment figures.
  • How Teal raised her son in a community.
  • Why she would never put her son in a public school.
  • Fathers are not being shamed for being famous, but mothers are.

[13:50] Run from Fame

  • There is a lack of freedom in fame.
  • Why famous people can't easily trust and connect with people.
  • We get many of our needs met when we put other people on a pedestal but we feel unsafe at the same time.

[17:00] Ancestral Healing: Heal Your Lineage

  • Why Josh reached out to his father after going through the Ancestral Healing Course.
  • What happens when we are in rejection of our parental figures.
  • Cutting off our ancestors doesn't keep us safe from pain.

[20:40] Understanding Resistance

  • Ancestral problems are created by extreme traumas.
  • Why we should take ownership of our family line patterns.
  • How we protect ourselves through avoidance.
  • Our resistance can be an expression of our boundaries.
  • Resistance informs us about our personal needs.
  • We are an amalgamation of different selves.

[28:10] Indirect Inherited Trauma

[39:15] Mastery of The Self Through Relationships

  • We can't heal relational trauma outside of a relationship.
  • People turn to spirituality to run away from the vulnerability of relationships.
  • Why people try to control or withdraw from relationships.
  • Our resistance is a sign of an internal war.

[45:10] Power Doesn't Provide Safety

  • Why Teal doesn't want to do the things that go against other people's best interest.
  • How having power gives people false safety.
  • Why we can't be trusted with each other.
  • Governmental systems limit our growth and potential, and we need to find a better model.

[49:50] Healing Generational Pain

  • How we collectively seek intimate connections and freedom.
  • Why we're driven to understand other people's perspectives.
  • The feeling of powerlessness activates our coping mechanisms.
  • Large cultural movements happen because of ancestral pain.
  • How the protector and rejector models manifest in today's world.
  • Why we need to become aware of the problems that come with the path we choose for ourselves.

[56:40] Power Struggle

  • We never know what we don't see.
  • How Teal faced her own power struggles.
  • Why we will never be better than somebody else.
  • How trying to be the best is a protective mechanism.
  • How Teal uses an intense level of presence to ease people's dysregulation.

[01:03:10] Emotions + Suffering

  • Why men have an issue feeling their emotions.
  • Male resistance to their emotions causes resistance to female emotions.
  • How children learn to make everything in life predictable to feel safe.
  • Why some people don't have struggles in their lives.
  • Some people get inspired by suffering and some people let it consume them.
  • No two siblings had the same childhood.

[01:11:30] The Shadow Side of Patriarchy + Feminism

  • How Teal is related to almost all U.S. presidents.
  • The dark side of patriarchy.
  • How the masculine traits can either be used to do good or to cause harm.
  • People can surrender to a man who is able to take others as a part of himself.
  • How the shadow side of feminism is eradicating men.
  • The difference between female and male warriors.

[01:21:00] The Feminine + The Masculine

  • Why men need to provide containment to be in alignment.
  • Women need to learn to fully trust men in order for to receive containment from them.
  • We need a partner who is willing to grow with us.
  • How dating apps can keep us isolated.
  • Our nervous system can't handle the amount of threats we obtain through the news.

[01:27:15] Connect with Nature

  • Fluoride blocks non-physical information to come through the brain.
  • Technology makes us more disconnected.
  • How emotional neglect causes people to not know what they're missing.
  • Our disconnect from nature and our environment makes us suffer.
  • We are too busy to focus on connecting with nature.

[01:34:15] Multidimensional Awareness

  • Teal's gift of seeing people's energy.
  • How she sees fractals everywhere at all times just like when people take plant medicine.
  • Mastering our relationships is what is going to save us.
  • Each dimension has different rules and truths, but in multidimensional realities, multiple truths are simultaneously true.
  • How spiritual teachers negate people's reality in the 3D world.
  • Why Teal's work is to undo other spiritual teachers' teachings.

[01:42:30] Embracing The Darkness + Light

  • Religions were made to control people.
  • We can extract pieces of wisdom from different religions.
  • Where our free will comes from.
  • The changes Teal would like to see in the world.
  • How her feminine side influences her teachings.
  • Why she struggles with the temporal physical world.

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Power Quotes From The Show

We Are Eradicating Men

“We're in a very scary point right now where most women are realizing that they're doing everything. We are literally eradicating men becase the wounds that feminine has experienced with the masculine have gotten to the point where there's a desire for them not to exist.”Teal Swan

Women Can't + Shouldn't Have to Do It All

“As women, we want to think that we can do it all and that we're expected to do it all, even though it causes us pain. But we keep fueling ourselves and each other with this illusion and because of it, children are suffering, we are suffering, and we're unable to set up the right structure within society to make it so that children can thrive.”Teal Swan

Why Do Some People Turn to Spirituality?

“The vast majority of people who are pushed towards the spiritual field are pushed there because of relational trauma. They've experienced enough pain with people that they're no longer looking to people for their answers, they're looking to connect with something else. Usually that's when people turn to the spiritual realm.”Teal Swan

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About Teal Swan

Teal Swan | Ancestral Healing: Multidimensional Genetics, Conscious Parenting + The Impossible Task of Single MothersTeal Swan‘s mission is the transformation of human suffering into an empowered and authentic life.

She is the creator of the popular “Ask Teal” YouTube series, the author of six internationally published books, and the artist of hundreds of frequency paintings.

In conjunction with her vision of creating positive world change, Teal Swan founded HEADWAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit company that enables ideas, goals, and ventures that are aimed at positive world change.

She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities. It was because of these abilities that she ended up being targeted to become a victim of abuse.

In her own words: “Without the abuse and suffering I experienced, I would be someone who could give you a lot of esoteric information about the universe at large, but who would have no real grasp on the reality of human suffering or how to heal it. I would have only had ½ of the picture of human existence. The gift of my own suffering is that I now have the full picture and that has drastically changed both what I teach and the way that I teach.

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The Importance of Ancestral Healing


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