Aaron Doughty | Stop Waiting, Just START: Down To Earth Spirituality (How To Get The Life You Want)

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 600

Are you ready to live the life you've always dreamed of?

Aaron Doughty | Stop Waiting, Just START: Down To Earth Spirituality (How To Get The Life You Want)Aaron Doughty joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 600, to uncover what's stopping you from making your dreams come true, the steps you should follow to become free, and how you can design a life that you'll love.

“Stop waiting, just start. What are you waiting for? The more you wait, the more you're in the vibration of waiting. The moment that the reality shifts is the moment you start being it. When you start being it, that's when you can trust the process of the divine.”Aaron Doughty

Heal Your Inner Child Meditation

In this meditation, you will energetically tap into Kauai, Hawaii to connect with your inner child to heal them and develop a loving relationship to heal the past trauma and negative patterns so you can feel 100% worthy whole and complete

Aaron Doughty | Stop Waiting, Just START: Down To Earth Spirituality (How To Get The Life You Want)

In This Episode, Aaron Doughty Uncovers:

[01:30] Choosing Dreams Over a 9-5 Job

  • Aaron Doughty
  • Why Josh was hesitant about starting a podcast.
  • How Aaron started his YouTube journey while working full time.
  • Why pain was a driving force for him to get away from his 9-5 job.
  • How his job reflected his childhood dynamic.
  • Ralph Smart
  • Teal Swan

[10:25] Take a Massive Action to Accomplish Your Goals

[16:45] How to Achieve Freedom + Create Our Reality

  • How we can use our pain and the vision of pleasure as a fuel source for changing our life.
  • Buying our time back creates a big shift in our lives.
  • How Aaron manifested a larger YouTube audience.
  • Why we need to bring awareness to our feelings, thoughts, and patterns.
  • The way Aaron experienced Stockholm syndrome after his father divorced his stepmom.
  • How our beliefs create our reality.

[28:30] You Change The World by Changing Yourself

  • Why Aaron believes we can heal our trauma.
  • How we can change the past by changing the present moment.
  • The way breathwork helped Aaron reprogram his somatics.
  • Joe Dispenza
  • How our world changes as we change.
  • Everything is a reflection of our energy.

[37:40] Collective Healing

  • How stepping into fatherhood helped Josh let go of his egoistic desires.
  • Unpacking how Aaron realized that he was subconsciously chasing numbers.
  • Why we should let go of focusing our energy on the outcome.
  • How group mediations help heal the collective.

[45:30] Follow Your Passions

  • How the negative people and events may serve us to awaken.
  • Our pain is what brought us where we are today.
  • The reason why we don't need to know all the mysteries of life.
  • Why putting our energy into the things we love changes what we attract.

[52:10] Be, Do, Have + Choosing Who You Become

[01:00:00] The Power of Letting Go

  • How a 9-5 job can prepare us for what we're meant to do in the future.
  • The fear of letting go and surrendering.
  • Why waiting gets us stuck in the vibration of waiting.
  • The need to be perfect is connected to not feeling good enough.

[01:07:15] Adding Value to What You Do

[01:14:25] Design A Life That You're Passionate About

[01:20:05] Is Your Ego Getting in The Way?

  • How Aaron channels the energy of value when he creates something.
  • The problem worshiping others and not seeing the same values in ourselves.
  • How he observes his ego to not let it control him.
  • Why we need to surround ourselves with people who can challenge us.
  • Why Josh created a men's support group.

[01:27:05] Plant Medicine Experience

  • How plant medicine helped Aaron let go.
  • The way people have projected their own problems at him during ceremonies.
  • The importance of feeling safe in our body.
  • How some people made Aaron feel unsafe.

[01:35:00] Long-Term Benefits VS Short-Term Discomfort

  • Why we need to be open to becoming someone new if we want to move forward in life.
  • Regrets only come in the future.
  • Why Aaron likes to do cold plunges in the morning.
  • How we choose relationships based on the version of who we are.
  • Pain is often not real pain but discomfort of something new.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Who Do You Choose to Be?

“You are who you choose to be right now. Every moment is a new moment. Every moment, the cells in our body are dying and being reborn. We're constantly dying and being reborn. The thing that keeps us stuck in an old reality is the story that we tell ourselves about who we are. We have to become aware of the story and the self image about who we are and how we see ourselves if we want to let go and shift our vibration.”Aaron Doughty

Change Your Past

“There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. There are many different timelines we could experience in the future, but by the time the future comes, it won't be the future. It'll be this moment right now. What if as we change the present moment, we also change the past that we connect to? We think of our past as the solid thing, but there may have been us that had many different versions of our own past.”Aaron Doughty

Change The World by Changing Yourself

“Our world changes as we change. A lot of times people want to change the world but they're going out to do that and they're searching for something that's backwards. It can only happen from the inside out.”Aaron Doughty

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About Aaron Doughty

Aaron Doughty | Stop Waiting, Just START: Down To Earth Spirituality (How To Get The Life You Want)

Aaron Doughty went through a spiritual awakening back in 2012 that changed his life. He learned meditation and started to question everything he “thought” about who he is.

That propelled a journey of self-discovery by reading hundreds of books, listening to seminars, and going within to look for the answers.

Through that journey, he let go of his painful past, dropped labels that didn’t serve, and became FREE of much of the autopilot beliefs he was operating from.

From that point on, he has felt it is his mission to empower other people to know that they are high vibrational beings that can become FREE of past pain and past negative experiences.

Aaron believes his life purpose is to raise his vibration and level of consciousness and to help others do it too. He believes that deep down, you are also on a journey of raising your vibration and that as you do, it changes the world.

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