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Waking Up With Love
Sitting down to complete the final edits of my post, I put it aside to create something completely new. This[...]
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Micro-Resilience Deep Dive: What the Research Says
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Quitting Shame
Shame. We all have it at one point or another. We feel shame about big mistakes we had tons of[...]
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Right Here, Right Now
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Quitting Holiday Dread
Ahh, the holidays. That time of the year that’s universally regarded as both the most joyful and the most stressful.[...]
Neurodiversity and the Highly Sensitive Person
“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the[...]
Unearthing Your Past
How can emotional intelligence, being in the flow, and unearthing your past allow you to live a healthier, fulfilling, and[...]
The Power of Vulnerability
What does being vulnerable MEAN to you? How can we ALLOW ourselves to be vulnerable? What does it FEEL like[...]
When Living Healthy Life Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy
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Quitting As Self-Care
A few years ago the term self-care appeared as a means of describing anything that a person does to take care of[...]
The Art of Surrender: Letting Go and Allowing
“When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.” - Gabby Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back When you think you've surrendered, surrender[...]
A Veteran's Angle – The Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for PTSD
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for PTSD For those of us who have never lived it first hand, PTSD is a[...]
Change: Why is it So Hard?
The end of September marks a change in seasons and the passing of time. I’m writing from New York City,[...]
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The Space Between Hurt and Healed There is a delicate space between hurt and healing. Often times going through something[...]
Positive Emotions: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea
In an attempt to be completely honest and vulnerable, I want to share that I’m going through a tough time[...]
Awareness is Crucial for Micro-Resilience
Awareness is Where Micro-Resilience Begins In my most recent post, I introduced positive psychology as the foundation of micro-resilience and[...]
Positive Psychology: The Foundation of Micro-Resilience
Micro-Resilience and Positive Psychology My definition of micro-resilience calls for an expanded understanding of resilience – one that includes the[...]
A Case for Micro-Resilience
Hey, hi hello! I’m Sofia, and I’m so glad you’re here to learn about micro-resilience. We don’t know each other[...]
The Morning Routine Is Dead: Why Rituals Win Better Wellness
The difference between rituals and routines and why everyone should have a morning ritual. Routine Vs. Ritual Take a moment[...]
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Unlocking Wellness In A Busy World
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Top 5 Healthy Habits to Change How You FEEL in 2018
Top 5 Healthy Habits to Change How You FEEL in 2018 Before we dive into some healthy habits to kick-start[...]
Nutrigenomics – Genetic Testing For Better Health
Discover Your Personalized Diet When diets that seem to work for everyone else don’t work for you, what can you[...]
Gut Feeling: The Microbiome and Fiber
What is your gut feeling about gut health? The media is bloated with misinformation and spewing advice on how to[...]
Running For Your Wellness With Elite Runner Tuna Muir
  After reading about my running accolades, you may not believe me when I say this, but I have not[...]
5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday
By Erin Knight, FDN, Research Scientist, Health Engineer You started 2016 off with the best of intentions. You had fitness[...]
Food Addiction – How To Repair Your Brain
It is easy for our culture to accept the word “addiction” when we are talking about cocaine, heroin, cigarettes and[...]
Wellness & Genetics: Express Yourself
[spp-player url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/wellnessforceradio/Wellness_Force_Radio_Bonus_1.mp3] Remember when you were 7 years old and you got caught drawing with crayons on the wall in[...]
Post Workout Snacks: Protein for Recovery
  You’ve been hitting the gym regularly and amped up your routine, but you haven’t seen the results you’re looking[...]
Top Fitness Apps To Get You Results
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Paleo For Busy Moms
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The Best Nootropics to Defeat Stress, Anxiety & Depression
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10 Tips to Boost Your Immune System
by Jessica Campbell, NTP 10 Tips to Boost Your Immune System  1. Avoid excess sugar - as described by progressive health, sugar destroys the immune[...]
8 Powerful Mindset Shifts to Turbocharge Your Health and Fitness Goals
By Lisa Perkins, ACSM CPT, MSLIS, PrimalFit ICT I have a confession to make:  I’m not a very touchy feely person.[...]
10 Signs You Need Radical Self Care
Do you need to do some house-cleaning? No, not dusting, vacuuming or cleaning the toilets, though those can be helpful[...]
Are You A Candidate For HRV Training?
Are You A Candidate For HRV Training? By Erin Knight, FDN, Research Scientist, Health Engineer   Heart-rate variability (HRV), or[...]
12 Tips To Get Radical With Your Self-Care
A dozen easy, cheap (or free) tips to give you a little “Me Time” by Diane Letchworth CTNC, CGP, Reiki Master[...]
Epigenetics and Nutrition – A Brief Overview
By: Cat Aulakh, Genomic Health Practitioner Epigenetics is part of the field of genetics that deals with the factors that[...]
Josh Trent – An Interview With PaleoHacks
Original Content Via PaleoHacks Website  We often associate technology with distraction, but digital health coach Josh Trent has harnessed the latest[...]
Weighing In On Whey
There are many forms of protein supplementation. We are often bombarded with aisles of foods that have added protein and towering[...]
Josh Trent Host, Wellness of Force Radio, Featured On Podcast Pop: How To Get On iTunes New & Noteworthy
Josh Trent, Host of Wellness Force Radio, Featured On Podcast Pop: How To Get On iTunes New & Noteworthy "The[...]
High Intensity Interval Training & Skin Health
Years of environmental toxins, internal/external stressors and sun damage can really take its toll on our faces. Besides professional products[...]
How To Use “Ninja Training” To Join Hugh Jackman In The 1000 Pound Club
By Garett Renon, CNS, ACE CPT, FMS On, July 20, 2015, I joined Hugh Jackman, AKA the "Wolverine" and many other[...]
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Get In The Lab – 10 Benefits of Fear That You Aren't Utilizing
Josh Trent - Featured EP 100 Get In The Lab Podcast In Josh’s words: “false evidence appearing real” essential we[...]
Wearables For Women: Fitness Technology Vs. Real Life
Powering down a 24oz Starbucks at 530am to start a 14 hour day, Janet McDonnelson is a typical American 41 year old[...]
Heart Rate Tracking: Why Fitbit Won't Win
If you're one of the 19 million people who track steps, heart-rate or nutrition with a wearable fitness device, you've[...]
Trainers Weigh In On Fitness Trackers
On the verge of bubbling over at the intersection of health, wellness, and fitness technology, companies are now hard at[...]
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4 Digital Health Apps That Will Change Your Life This week, Josh Trent guest posts for WellnessFX on finding the meaning[...]
7 Best Gamification Fitness Apps
7 Best Gamification Fitness Apps As anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, the most difficult part of the[...]
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When you were growing up as a child, being in a flow state was practically automatic; a natural, almost effortless,[...]
13 Fitness Wearables For Your New Year's Resolution
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7 Best Mindfulness Apps For 2015
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Running Your First 5k
A 5K is 3.1 miles; you got this! Don’t be scared by the distance, as this is the perfect run[...]
Outdoor Fitness: Interval Training Made Easy
Stuck in a fitness routine rut? No gym? I got you covered:  Do this FREE 8 week program to re-ignite your[...]
Podcast San Diego, Links & Digital Tools
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Splenda & Fat Loss : The Calorie Free Lie
All major soft  drink advertisers count their stock options on an evolutionary flaw they've sold towards for years: Our physiology is[...]
The Science Of Why Vegans Get Sick
I love vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians, pescatarians, and anyone who has a passion for the food they eat and how it[...]
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Easy Fat Loss Park Workouts
Who said you need a gym to burn fat? Not really, just the right moves and the right motivation. Josh[...]
Fast Food – Say No To Drugs
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Lose Fat With Grass Fed Beef?
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