Helping humans LIBERATE their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual + financial self through podcasts, programs + global tribe that believe in optimizing our potential to thrive.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted
to a profoundly sick society." - J. Krishnamurti

We stand for the self liberation of 25+ million humans by 2025

  • We believe that the growing mental health crisis represents an opportunity for humanity to come together + to heal.
  • We believe that our food, water + air we breathe will be natural, organic + free from pesticides/pollution.
  • We believe that conscious capitalism is a tool for the evolution of humanity.
  • We believe that money + financial health are both abundant for all humans who are willing to rise with the social sharing economy.
  • We believe that all humans deserve to have the resources to live with optimal mental, physical, emotional, spiritual + financial health.
  • We believe through the Arc of Wellness that all humans will live a liberated life
  • We believe that all humans deserve lead a fulfilled, healthy + vibrant life made by their own design—lived in the way they choose. 
  • We believe that the way we treat ourselves, each other + our planet are all reflections of our place in human evolution and consciousness. 
  • We believe the time for a positive change in our world is now, starting with the world inside of you.

What we believe is wanting to be healed

  • We live in a society that is currently financed and fueled by unconscious capitalism that uses weapons of mass media distraction, demineralized foods, and fear-based consumerism that is causing global depression and sabotaging mental health.
  • We believe a dark side desires to be illuminated for many unconscious capitalist based companies and systems that place profit over people and who harm our mental, physical, and emotional health. 
  • We believe these unconscious capitalist organizations that use agricultural and pharmaceutical weapons to harm our people and our planet are seeking illumination for the good of ALL.

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, Programs + Tribe

We believe through the syndication + peer-sharing of conscious media through the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast we will liberate ourselves from the weapons of mass media distraction, consumption of demineralized foods/water + fear-based consumerism into a focused state of personal peace + power.

We fulfill our mission by the increasing collective awareness through conscious media production that guides our tribe in (3) powerful levels

  • Podcasts + Media
    • For mastering the Wellness Pentagon: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual + Financial
    • M21 = Free (21 day) breathwork + wellness guide
  • Liberated Life Design Programs:
    • BREATHE Breath + Wellness = (21 day) journey of breathwork for freedom from chronic stress.
    • *(LLD) Liberated Life Design = (3) month guided journey for humans who desire to liberate themselves in the first 4 elements of the Wellness Pentagon before liberating their financial self in FA-M. *September 2024
    • (FA-M) Freedom Accelerator Mentorship = (6) month guided journey for entrepreneurs seeking personal growth + financial results. *October 2024
  • Community Guidance + Support: (LLT) Liberated Life Tribe = 
    • Private Global Community Connection with Like-Minded Soul Seekers Like You
    • Weekly Office Hours Tribe AMA with Josh Trent
    • Wellness Pentagon™ Training Series 
    • Emotional Intelligence + Inventory (EI2)™
    • BREATHE Program™ All Access Pass
    • Breathwork Meditation Library
    • Emotional Intelligence + Inventory (EI2)™
    • Emotional Epigenetics™ = All Access Pass
    • Video Lessons Content Vault 
    • Exclusive Discounts + Prizes


I know we all can feel it—our world is going through a massive decentralization + decoupling from the ivory towers that have ruled for millennia…

…and in our lifetimes, we have the power that our ancestors did not—to become liberated.

The internet and social media have completely shifted the traditional way of doing business + the economy of our parent’s generation is changing fast.

We believe that money + financial health are abundant for all humans who are willing to rise with these changes.

We believe that part of living a wellness-based living includes taking long ownership of money + finances.

We are here to help liberate ourselves, and we need your help

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