AMA: Healing Childhood Trauma, Money Mindset, EMDR vs. Breathwork + Best Children’s Vitamins

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 611

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares tips on healing childhood trauma, how to upgrade your mindset around money, the differences between EMDR and breathwork, and what vitamins he recommends for children.

Today's Questions

@makennaeclark: What is the most powerful technique for healing depression and childhood trauma?

@richardruss: Which is your favorite podcast on money mindset?

@aennarenteria: How do you decide what vitamins and supplements are the safest for your kids?

@josephhbaeza: EMDR, EFT, Tapping, Breathwork: Differences? Similarities? What is the most effective?

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Listen To Episode 611 As Josh Trent Responds to Your Questions

What's up everybody it's Josh Trent. This is Wellness + Wisdom, the Podcast, where we help you live life well, and we do it through nourishing all (5) sides of our Wellness Pentagon: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial sides of our self that we've all signed up to have mastery over in our lifetime.

At least that's why you're here! So if you're not interested in mastering these aspects of yourself and nourishing your wellness then immediately leave this podcast and go somewhere else.

This is for you and I are fascinated and want to have fun learning about how to move through the Arc of Wellness: The gathering, application, and most importantly, the embodiment of all the freaking information and knowledge out there… how do we cross the bridge between knowing and doing?

Well in this podcast, we explore that.

This is a special AMA “Ask me anything” episode that we publish every week.

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OK let's get to this week's AMA…

Question by @makennaeclark:

[05:10] What is the most powerful technique for healing depression and childhood trauma?

First of all, I want to honor anyone who is dealing with depression and childhood trauma. I have been there myself I'm sure I will be there in the future because the start of the answer to this question is just as profound as the question itself. It reminds me of the episode we did with Paul Levy, where we talked about Wetiko, which is the mind virus named so eloquently by the Native Americans.

A powerful resource for this is and what I will say about my own journey, and the journey of literally almost every single person that I know when it comes to trauma and depression, is that always every single time the trauma comes first.

The depression is a survival strategy or a coping mechanism for the trauma itself.

So when we look at the origin of trauma, it's not necessarily always so important that we know exactly why or how it happened, and this is where the intellect can take us down a really dark rabbit hole, where the superego wants to figure out what exactly happened and who was involved and what the meaning of it was and if you wanna go down that road that's fine it's just a longer harder road.

The road that I would suggest when looking at childhood trauma (which I believe is the cause of depression and anxiety) and also by the way, childhood trauma could also mean epigenetic trauma that is passed on in utero, or even past life to the fetus as well.

That road doesn't always have to be WHY or HOW a capital-T or lowercase t-trauma occurred.

The road that I would like to suggest is that you simply inventory that the trauma occurred.

That is it I know that sounds very reductionistic and very simple, but in my experience getting to the truth and the heart of the matter is that the sexual mental physical neglect, it actually just happened.

Then give yourself the space to do the proper breathwork, somatic, talk therapy, or any of the tools out there that work for you, and here's the key. There is no best tool.

There is only the tool that works for you because you have a genuine intention of healing, and therefore you seek out the right practitioner or therapist or guide that can give you the tool that you need, but in God's true paradox, you're not going to know exactly which tool you need until you find it and that is the journey back home that's part of the whole healing process.

I know you may not want to hear that, McKenna, but that is I believe the objective truth that we are all working with, subjectively I know that that has played out in my life for sure because the other concept I want to introduce to you is that healing is a spiral.

Now this is another resource from the episode we did with Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD | The Healing Spiral: How to Love All Your Parts + Be Self-Sovereign.

And not just in this podcast, but in my life, and from many ancient and contemporary masters, we all learn exactly what Kelly told us with different different words and the learning is that healing is a spiral.

I don't care if you're 10 years old or 100 years old throughout your life you are going to go through stages of expansion and contraction when it comes to the trauma that you have experienced in your lifetime.

Now, what exactly do I mean by this? What I mean by this is here is an example of my own healing with my father and my mother:

When I was in my 20s, I knew that I had a lot of trauma and a lot of pain, and grief in my system but I did not know what to do with it, so I did what most of us do when we don't have the right, emotional intelligence or psychological tools, we look outside of ourselves to things like fitness so I became a fitness trainer for 10 years and I had a six-pack and I was training and coaching others but I was doing my very best, so I can look back on that version of myself with love and care, but the reality was, I just simply did not know what I did not know,

and that was there was an ocean of emotion inside of me begging to come out, and I was mashing it down with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, marathons, fitness, exercise, you name, anything I could do to take something outside of me and put it inside of me that would allow myself to take a breath, and feel peace, even if it was just for a moment.

So that was the beginning of my personal healing spiral, and I know that this is the same for so many of us, because it is in the gathering of information and the application of that true wisdom, the true gems that we get from all the information that we can actually start to embody the wisdom to live our life well.

That is exactly what led me to my 30s where once I had contracted so much and all of the outside things weren't healing my inside, that was when I went as deep as possible with Plant medicine which led me to breath work, which really led me to a place inside of josh that could be palpably, touched and seen and held.

And it was in the holding of myself where I was able to reparent a younger version of myself, and go back in my timeline through an NLP and neural linguistic programming from my brother and mentor Scott Jackson, which can be found in episode 481 you can get access to that at The title of that episode is Scott Jackson | Rewire Yourself: How To Create A Life You Love With Freedom From Subconscious Sabotage.

So you can see that it is the contraction of the depression inside of my nervous system, and our nervous system that is literally crying out for release because what is the opposite of depression, the opposite of depression is expression, so depression is literally energy wanting to be expressed from the body, but you cannot express that energy unless you have the proper tools and the proper neurology and psychology and somatic awareness, body awareness in order to release that energy.

And really what that energy is it wants peace it wants relief. It is simply chaos seeking order that is all that depression or even anxiety actually is, and by the way, just because I'm saying this does not mean that it's easy.

It may be simple simple to understand and really the hardest things in life are the simplest to understand, but many times they are the most challenging to do so just because it's simple simple does not mean it's easy I want to be really clear about that…

So this is a really big topic and I am scratching the surface on this. If you head over to the website, we have literally probably 100 to 200 episodes on this topic. You have an entire year's worth of content that you could go through for free if you yourself are dealing with trauma from childhood and depression or anxiety, but I want to leave you with this before we get to the next question and that is:

Give yourself time to heal, give yourself time to mature, and give yourself grace as you develop the courage by facing your fears about getting lost in the ocean of what you might find when you choose to actually explore your trauma and why anxiety and depression are there in the first place.

Because you around going to go through many different roundabouts of this vortex this healing spiral you will go through stages of expansion and contraction over and over and over again.

Now I don't care if you are Tony Robbins, Josh Trent, Scott Jackson, or Dr. Kelly Brogan. You will experience Traumas in your life, I wish that it wasn't the case but in another way, I accept and surrender that it is the case because that's how God knows God through you and I experiencing all of these painful and also beautiful things…

So that is the starting place to recognize that you are in a healing spiral, trauma will happen, and it is how you courageously go into yourself to give yourself from the inside out what it is that is actually needed for your own healing.

Now I'm not saying that outside tools can't be helpful. Of course, outside tools can be incredibly powerful.

This is why students are in my BREATHE | Breath + Wellness program, over at because of the very fact that when you breathe, you are blessed with the agency of choice.

On my arm is a phrase in Italian, “If I can breathe, I can choose.” Now, why did I put that on my arm?

It's because sometimes I forget to breathe even after doing this for 10 years+, I still sometimes forget to breathe because my nervous system is still healing from all of my traumas, and all of the things that I've been through. So healing is never complete.

We go through the healing spiral for the rest of our lives but I will guarantee this my friend I will absolutely guarantee you this:

As your awareness and consciousness, grow and expand, the expansion of your healing spiral will grow greater as well.

So what does that actually mean? It means that as your consciousness and awareness of yourself and others and the world expands, there will be much greater time between your contractions.

Because it's in those contractions, that anxiety and depression and pain are experienced, but they are paradoxically so necessary for your growth, because if they didn't exist, then neither would the expansion.

So take this to heart take this to take this to body that you are perfect exactly where you are you really are and it is your desire for healing from the inside out that is going to allow you to attract the right teacher, the right mentor, and the right tools at the perfect time for you I trust in that.

Sometimes we are actually born on a cellular level with this trauma inside of us, another powerful resource for this is which is the episode we did with Katie Wells, titled Healing Trauma, Wellness Mama: The Road To Self Love & Letting Go.

Katie Wells | Healing Trauma, Wellness Mama: The Road To Self Love & Letting Go

Question by @richardruss:

[17:30] Which is your favorite podcast on money mindset?

OK, phenomenal question and I get this literally every week multiple times per week. I actually just sent this last night to someone in the UK who is asking me about money mindset and getting rid of scarcity and I will tell you that there is one podcast.

Actually, I'm going to give you two but definitely listen to this one first with Mike Dillard it is an absolute game changer when it comes to the way that we can see money for exactly what it is and that is that we are the master and money is the slave. And in order for money to work for us we have to learn how not to work for money.

Now this is a totally different paradigm than anything I was ever taught and to be honest it's a totally freaking different paradigm than most people are ever taught in school because in school you're taught just to be a good little boy and girl, and do what you're told and follow the rules so you can grow up to be a good worker and pay taxes and pay your property tax and pay the IRS and pay everyone else before you ever pay yourself.

Now what's really powerful about Mike Dillard is he is a self-made man, but he has also gone through many health journeys where he talked about the rewiring that he himself did to his brain with help from one of our previous guests and a friend of mine, Scott Jackson, using not just neural linguistic programming, NLP, but also utilizing all the tools of SMART, finance and financial intelligence, knowing and doing are two separate things, and especially when it comes to money and saving and investing and treating money like the sacred vehicle, or the sacred unit of energy that it actually is.

So I employ you please please if you're having struggles go to it is an absolute like I said game changer when it comes to money.

The title of that podcast is Mike Dillard | Richer Every Day: How To WIN The War on Your Money + Mind (Freedom From Fear).

I also want to recommend a second podcast and that is with my friend Adrian Brambila he's a very young, but super old and wise soul who has cracked the code and mastered the art form of affiliate, marketing, and financial intelligence at a very young age, and in episode number 553, found at it absolutely expanded my consciousness about money.

We talked about financial freedom: how to make money online while you sleep (what the gurus won't tell you) no not only will I know you will connect with Adrian, but also, if you are a budding entrepreneur or even an intra, somebody that works in a company that wants to treat their position like an entrepreneur, which, by the way, I would absolutely suggest because no matter where you go there you are.

Then I absolutely need you to listen to this episode right after you listen to 555.

Mike Dillard | Richer Every Day: How To WIN The War on Your Money + Mind

Question by @aennarenteria:

[20:55] How do you decide what vitamins and supplements are the safest for your kids?

This is a real bomb question because when it comes to kids supplementation, there is a massive market, and to be honest, the marketplace is quite confusing, so I always err on the side of caution and preservation by first and foremost, feeding my children, organic healthy food that has minimal to no ingredients in it.

Now what do I mean by that? What I mean is my son eats beef sticks specifically Paleo Valley beef sticks inside of these Paleo Valley beef sticks. He consumes vitamin A D E K like a BEAST in these beef sticks.

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Naturally Occurring Probiotics This is what truly sets our beef sticks apart. We use old-world methods of fermenting our sticks so they are shelf-stable without the use of chemicals or questionable ingredients.

More Vitamins and minerals: Virtually all other similar snack stick products use GMO corn-based citric acid encapsulated in hydrogenated oils to process their products. Thanks to this fermentation process, each stick contains gut-friendly probiotics! 100% grass-fed beef contains more calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, beta-carotene, and iron than grain-fed beef.

It also has higher levels of B vitamins – specifically (thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2), as well as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These fat-soluble vitamins enhance mineral and protein absorption and are believed to protect against cardiovascular disease.

The same thing when it comes to vitamins if you absolutely have to choose a children's vitamin, I would much rather choose a children's, probiotic, and hands-down, the best probiotic I know about after 10+ years of studying is found at SEED, head over to

Use code “JOSHTRENT” for 30% off your first month’s supply of PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic (honestly, I would also pick up some adult versions as well as the DS-01). I take it every single day.

Gut Health Tips: Debunking Myths + Promoting Healthy Habits

Question by @josephhbaeza:

[25:55] EMDR, EFT, Tapping, Breathwork: Differences? Similarities? What is the most effective?

As it turns out, breathwork is a lot like EMDR for the body. Just as trauma lodges itself in the unconscious mind, it also stores deep in the body.

The breathwork loosens the body's memories through hypoxia, intermittently, and with the right guide and practitioner can enable the trauma to pass from the body energetically at times, not every time, while tapping into core beliefs just as EMDR does.

Really what we're looking for here whether it's EMDR or tapping or breath work is we're getting permission for the unconscious to feel safe on a very ancient level that has nothing to do with the words you're using and has everything to do with the energy and the intention and the space that is present.

What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is it's so important. The intention and the spaciousness that a practitioner can hold for a patient or a client in order for that. Patient to feel safe in a way that has nothing to do with words.

Now this type of healing can really only take place from a super seasoned and veteran practitioner in my opinion who has had hundreds or even thousands of sessions under their belt.

Because when it comes to healing, whether it's breath work or EMDR, the person, administering or facilitating, the healing has to have done such deep work on themselves, not only so they don't project their bullshit onto the person who is seeking healing, which happens more times than not.

But most importantly, they can create an energetic space in the room with that person so that the practitioner's nervous system is so calm and so loving and so safe that the person gives themselves permission to go into the things that can only be accessed in those places of deep deep safety–somatically that is.

And this is why yes there are similarities between EMDR and breathwork if I had to choose one I would absolutely hands down 10 times out of 10. Choose breath work here is why:

When you breathe, drastically turn down the volume of the default mode network. the default mode network is what is scanning for threats, especially in our hyperactive and attention-deficit world. Everyone's default network in the brain is constantly scanning for notifications, threats, and danger.

So it is most important to look at breath work is an involuntary and voluntary lever for the CNS, the central nervous system branch called the autonomic nervous system, or the ANS, and inside of that autonomic is parasympathetic and sympathetic.

The only way we can get to parasympathetic is a psychosomatic mind-body connection.

Some people think they can get it through drinking and drugs and you can temporarily but it doesn't stick it's not sustainable in my opinion.

The only thing that is sustainable is the thing that you can do all the time to set your baseline, and that is breathing, there's really no way that you can drink, and do drugs all the time the only thing that we're doing all the time is breathing so you know how to breathe properly to clear your own stress then you can graduate into doing more of a hollow tropic or a deeper breath work journey and you can of course learn about this. If you need assistance, you can always reach out to a breathing coach.

We have 1000 students plus in the BREATHE | Breath + Wellness program it's a huge part of my life, breathing into our bellies, breathing into our body, giving ourselves access to the cells that hold the trauma, not a golden ticket to heal the trauma, sometimes breath work is really just an access point to that trauma so that then further work can be done.

But that is all I will say here I could do a complete master class on breath. Work breath work is in my opinion, hands-down one of the most powerful tools you could ever do for accessing, a starting place to heal trauma.

I do not believe that breath work is the golden ticket for healing, all trauma, and I am not going to say that because it's not the truth, but it is a powerful starting place above all other things that can guide you and point you in the right direction because essentially what it's doing is it's turning on the part of that already knows what needs to be healed, it's just that without as much oxygen, and without as much energy moving and cerebral spinal fluid, moving through all four of our diaphragms, when nothing moves, nothing heals.

So if you have been struggling, Joseph, or anyone out there, listening with trauma or you just literally feel stuck and yourselves head over to use the code “PODCAST33” and do yourself a favor join our BREATHE | Breath + Wellness 21-day guided breath, work journey I don't just say this because I created it I say this because I know it works.

I wanna give you grace I want to give you gratitude I want to give you a discount Use the code “PODCAST33” for 33% off, it's already cheaper than a lot of unhealthy things that people don't bat an eyelash to pay money For…

The only difference is when you invest in yourself by joining the BREATHE three-week breathwork guided program when you come out the other side, you will learn so much about yourself look at all the testimonials and the videos on our page over at and I want to thank you for being here this is something I'm really enjoying if you're enjoying it too.

Please leave me a rev Apple or whatever player you listening to this anyone that leaves a review is automatically entered to win a 90-day supply of Organifi so as soon as you leave a review for us on Apple, you are automatically entered to win which is amazing and the Gratitude is reciprocal.

It's a way for me to give back to this podcast the solo cast and these AMAs are a way for me to give back as well. I hope this touches your heart and if it did please share this podcast with a friend, a family member, somebody that you love, somebody that you care about because it's the generosity you feel in your heart that when you take action upon it, you can produce healing and transformation and someone else just buy a 10-second click of sharing a link with a friend believe me.

I get messages all the time where people find this podcast from a friend and their lives in so many ways so be the change that you want to see in the world and share this podcast with a friend or somebody that you care about so until I see you again next week I am wishing you love and wellness.

AMA ask me anything solocast

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