AMA: How To Navigate Wetiko In Partnership, Cancer Healing Support + Mold Testing Myths

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 629

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares how Wetiko manifests in intimate relationships, how can light support your cancer healing journey, and what to do and avoid when you're dealing with mold.

Today's Questions

Jaki: I am curious to hear how you navigate the shadow or rather when pushing up against edges in your partnership with your beloved. I find that when my triggers are triggered, when my shadow is triggered, I get into the Wetiko and it sometimes can be so engulfing that I'm just this emotional wreck, and how I perceive everything is such a delusion and not reality. How do you navigate that and how do you show up better?

Shere: If you had breast cancer, which would you use if you could only choose 1, the infrared light therapy or the sauna, and your reason why? Thank you so much.

Dr. Ashley Beckman: I'm wondering if you have checked to see if you've been exposed to toxic mold. I am Dr. Ashley Beckman, and I check this with all of my clients if I feel like there is a need to, and I want to see if it's a piece of your health puzzle. I see it in over 90% of my clients, and it's the biggest driver that I have seen for root causes of mystery symptoms, autoimmune issues and just feeling unwell.


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Listen To Episode 629 As Josh Trent Answers Your Questions

[00:00] Intro

This is Josh Trent. This is Wellness + Wisdom. It's a podcast where, as always, we nourish these 5 sides of ourselves. You know the ones I'm talking about. The mental, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, and the financial.

All the things that we signed up to be the master of or be in mastery on planet Earth. You know, we call this the Wellness Pentagon.

We're here to expand our knowledge today in an AMA talk about Wetiko in partnership. How do we navigate the darkness in ourselves? How do we go through cancer and get the right healing that we need? And also what are the myths around mold testing?

We have a very mixed bag today on the AMA.

[06:20] Wetiko in Relationships

Okay, let's get into our first question today. I already touched on it a little bit. It's how to navigate with Wateco in partnership.
And this is from Jaki. I've seen Jaki comment on a lot of our Instagram. Jaki, thank you for being such a loyal listener and somebody who really cares about their own wellness.

First of all, before we even get into this, before we started working together, Mar, did you ever even hear of Wetiko? Did you know what Wetiko was? No, no, I first heard about it in the episode with Paul Levy. Yep. And when you first heard about it, did you say to yourself, wow, that's definitely been in my life before, or were you like, no, this is bullshit?

No, it's definitely been in my life. I just didn't know there was this term for I didn't understand the dynamics of it. So how Paul described it in the episode, I feel like it really just gave perspective on it and just made it make sense to me. Yeah, Paul is a master, 40 years of Tibetan monastery work and meditation work will do that to you.

Let's listen to Jaki's question. I think all of us can really resonate with this universal human experience in relationships the way that we don't want to show up.

I am curious to hear how you navigate the shadow or rather when pushing up against edges in your partnership with your beloved. I find that when my triggers are triggered, when my shadow is triggered, I like get into the Wetiko and it literally sometimes can be so engulfing that I'm just this emotional wreck and I like just how I perceive everything is so such a delusion and not reality.

So anyways, then it sometimes it seems like it takes a few days to like get out of that and then there's that like sense of guilt and for my behavior. Although I do pull back and I do the work, I think I'm doing the work, but like that subconscious so big, whatever that might be, unworthy of love, fear of being hurt.

So anyways, I'm just curious when you and those spots where you are experiencing that that bigness. How do you move through that? How do you navigate that and how do you show up better?

What a great question. So let's start with this False dichotomy that not just Teal Swan has brought up, but I want to say in many words or less, probably 200 or more guests that have been on the show. And it's this concept of holding 2 worlds, right?

So how do you navigate with Wetiko and partnership? The very first thing that you do is you identify that Witeko is within you.
It's within all of us, by the way.

A great resource for this is Paul Levy, episode 503,, where Paul teaches us about these two worlds. And this is what I want to say, because this is actually probably the most complex question we have here, because when it comes to emotions or spiritual maladies or anything about human behavior, it's not always perfectly quantifiable to be able to explain or even decipher human behavior.

So a great jumping-off point for this would be, Jaki, can you hold two worlds? Can you hold one world of compassion and understanding for yourself?

That this trigger feels so fucking intense that it takes over your nervous system, that it takes away your breath, that all of a sudden you're behaving like your mother or your father and you're screaming at your significant other or your boyfriend and you pull back from that and realize, wow, who was that?…

[25:55] Red Light Therapy for Breast Cancer

Let's get to the next question, Mar. How do you pronounce her name? Is it “Cherie” or “Cher?” As a non-English native speaker, I cannot answer that question. Okay. Let's get to Shere.

Hi Josh, If you had breast cancer, which would you use if you could only choose 1, the infrared light therapy or the sauna, and your reason why? Thank you so much.

Well, first of all, Shere, I just have such a soft spot for your voice. I can feel your journey. You remind me of my grandmother's that I've had and you just touch a really beautiful spot in my heart. So thank you for having the courage to just ask that question.

First and foremost, this is a disclaimer. Nothing we ever talk about on Wellness + Wisdom is ever medical advice, especially when it comes to a cancer journey, right?

But here's what I will say and this comes from Scott Jackson who's been on the show This comes from Zach Bush who's been on the show.

We just had Scott Jackson on the show, which honestly, Shere, I think it's the most beautiful, powerful resource I think I can point you towards now, doesn't actually have anything to do with infrared light or with sauna. I think that's really a cover question.

A cover question is where the meaning or the fear or the energy or the emanation point from the real desire is below the words that are used to cover the ego, essentially, not to call you out, we all have it. I've asked questions like this too.

In other words, the ego is protecting us from the real answer that it wants because it's scared that the answer might or might be false. So this is a cover question. Hey, Josh does infrared light or a sauna help me more support a cancer journey?

I wanna be really gentle with you too, because like I said, I can feel your heart, Sheree, and I can have the most sincere compassion for the journey that you're on. I don't know what it's like to be on that journey. I don't, because I've never been on it.

But what I can say from all the people we've had on the show is that the cover you're asking points to a really deeper discovery.
And the deeper discovery is, can I find homeostasis?

Can I find the equilibrium and the feedback loop, the homeostatic feedback loop of all my organs, of all my nervous system, of my mind, body, spirit, and soul? And there's harmony that is being requested by your system. Otherwise, the cancer would not be there.

Again, I'm very respectful of your journey. I'm very compassionate of your journey. But what I will share is the red light or the sauna, these are great things. I don't think one is better than the other.

I think really what these are doing is, it's opening your and your heart up to new answers About why the cancer is there in the first place Because the cancer is there because of something or someone that happened a long time ago. Typically it's 10 years or more.

I've heard one of my mentors, Paul Chek, say that cancer can take 10 years to form, but the origin of that cancer, either energetically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally, it happens at a decade point and then we experience it much later.

Look at Scott Jackson. He had really intense drug abuse in his 20s and 30s. And it wasn't until he got to his 50s that the cancer came around. And when I felt into Scott and his heart and his energy, it's like, yeah, sometimes it takes a decade or 2 for stuff to show up on our body or in our mind or in our heart.

And so I think it's really beautiful, Shere. And I wanna say that if I had to choose, and again, this is not medical advice, I wanna answer your cover question, and then I wanna get to the deeper homeostasis.

The infrared light, the photon light from SaunaSpace, you can go over to The code is “JOSH10“, by the way, for any product there, which is a beautiful discount. You're not gonna find a bigger one online.

But why I like the Photon Light is that actually penetrates deeper than the near, far, and mid-infrared on a traditional sauna. Also, it's less expensive, right? So if finances are an issue.

The photon light penetrates deep into the tissue, actually hitting the bone, which increases mitochondrial activity. It helps the detoxification. The photon lighting is far superior to a traditional sauna. Now, is a traditional sauna healthy? Of course, it is, right?

There's detoxification potential, there's mitochondrial activity potential. But if I had to choose, if you're asking me, Shari, for 1, I would choose the infrared light. But isn't it funny that really what we're looking for here is we're for light? We're looking for light.

So if you're looking for light in the body, I would go to wherever you feel intuitively, emotional inventory process-wise, that darkness is. If you're looking for light in your body, can you find wherever the darkness is first? Go into the dark parts…

[32:00] Testing for Mold

All right, let's get to our last question. This one's really interesting. Like I said, today's a mixed bag. This is from Dr. Ashley Beckman and she's going to ask us a question about mold testing.

I'm wondering if you have checked to see if you've been exposed to toxic mold. I am Dr. Ashley Beckman, and I check this with all of my clients if I feel like there is a need to, and I want to see if it's a piece of your health puzzle.

I see it in over 90% of my clients, and it's the biggest driver that I have seen for root causes of mystery symptoms, autoimmune issues and just feeling unwell. So I want to know if it's something you've looked into.

Okay, Dr. Ashley, great question. Look, there are a lot of myths around mold testing. Mar, out there in the ocean, there's probably buildings that have visible mold. Have you ever seen black mold? Do you know what it looks like?

Yeah, I've seen it. There's quite a lot on this island actually, because the humidity is extremely high and usually it rains a lot as well. So there's not really enough time for it to dry and kind of recover. So everything is completely humid and moldy.

Mold's an interesting one. Dave Asprey, Luke Storey, and many other people that I know, some of the biggest biohackers in the world have dealt with mold on a firsthand basis.

I actually had MARCoNS in my sinuses and thank God for John Lieurance, who showed me that there was a Marcon's test where I could actually understand what was going on in my sinuses.

Here's the key point before we dive into the practicals. It's really important on these AMAs that y'all take this to heart. It's not always about the tactical practical thing. It's more about the come from, the intention, and the setup. Combine those two, but don't be fooled y'all.

Don't do the practical stuff first. Understand the framework that the practicality sets on. Here's why I'm saying this. Everybody's exposed to mold all day long. There are literally billions and billions of mold spores flying around your room right now. Mold is just a part of our life.

It's not whether you are exposed to mold, it's can your nervous system and can your immune system handle the load of that mold. So there's a concept that I want to share here, it's called allostatic load.

And we've talked about it a few times on the podcast, but it's super important to understand. If your immune system is a bathtub and there's only so much water that can fit the bathtub, water represents stress, right?

Either EMF stress, pollution, poor nutrition, psychosomatic stress, psychoneuroimmunology, thoughts becoming things, anxiety, or depression.

Think of all the ways that your body is taxed, either by mind or environment, and put that in a bathtub. As soon as that water starts to overflow from the bathtub, you've reached your stress capacity.

There's no more stress that can be taken in. There's no more stress that can be processed.

And so if your allostatic load is an 11 out of 10 and you literally cannot take any more stress, guess what happens when you walk into a moldy building? You're gonna start developing mold symptoms…

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