Zach Bush MD | Sacred Commerce & Community: How To Thrive In 2022

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 430

Triple board-certified physician, Founder and CEO of ION* Intelligence of Nature and Executive Producer for the docu-series, Farmer's Footprint, Zach Bush MD, returns for a third time to teach us about the corruption in our modern food system and what you can personally do about it, natural law and coming to terms with our values, why must remove ourselves from the thought paradigm of winning and losing, how we can make commerce sacred again and what it means to be part of a true conscious capitalism movement that actually serves the world.

Check-in with yourself; what do you think is possible for your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness?

When you think about these possibilities do you feel tension and contraction within your body? Or do you feel excitement, peace, and expansion?

By the end of this episode, you will understand what sacred commerce and community mean plus how you can thrive in 2022.

“We need to stop believing that doing the right thing is expensive or will cut into your profits. Doing the right thing on a global scale will always make you more wealthy. I think that's true in any part of your life and I'd say relationship is the one area that we make the most mistakes in because we don't value relationships for what they're really capable of doing.

We have very surfacy relationships and we're not trained into a sacred, holy relationship at any level – friendship, marriage – we take these very surfacy versions of them. So, when we start to think about sacred commerce, I think it's time for us to maybe put in the words, ‘sacred value,' again. Let's put sacred value back into everything.” – Zach Bush MD

Listen To Episode 430 As Dr. Zach Bush Uncovers:

[1:30] The Corruption within Our Modern Food System

[17:30] Natural Law & Coming to Terms with Our Values

  • Why our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence were very colonist and separated God from nature yet we haven't done anything to update them to modern times to put nature first.
  • Why the results we see in the collapse of consumerism, capitalism corruption, and abuses of different cultures can be traced back to colonial times.
  • Unpacking what Natural Law is and how it can be applied to our modern society.
  • Why it was the Iroquis who really helped write the salient points of the Declaration of Independence.
  • The bizarre reality that the money that moves in and out of our country is blood money.
  • 405 Tim Corcoran
  • How we can manage the dichotomy between people that are suffering financially but need help with their health vs how we can make a profit as a health company or organization and actually serve more people.
  • Zach's various companies and how they are organized to create profit and pump it back down to finding and healing the root cause of various issues like with Farmer's Footprint.
  • Farmer's Footprint
  • M*Clinic
  • The Journey of Intrinsic Health
  • Project Biome
  • Bio Capital Partners
  • The immense amount of waste that our economy is creating (especially sugar cane) and how Zach's companies are working to offset that and make conscious change happen.
  • Why doing the right thing for the world is not expensive or will cut into your company's profits; doing the right thing on a global scale will always make you more wealthy.

[33:00] Making Commerce Sacred Again

  • What it looks like and feels like to be part of sacred commerce.
  • Why it's important not to have “ownership” over anything but have your hands wide open and all the Universe to play through us with sacred commerce.
  • How the Universe heard and helped Zach during a difficult time has he transitioned out of academia to a higher calling with his life.
  • The intense environment Zach worked in academics researching cancer as his small office was surrounded by refrigerators holding tumor specimens and essentially death.
  • Why spiritual enlightenment doesn't take a process, it takes a heart, surrendering, and being open to what the Universe can give you.
  • Zach's take on consciousness and why there's no thing as rising human consciousness because consciousness is an access point to all knowledge in the universe.

[39:30] Surrendering and Answering the Universe's Call

  • 429 Danielle LaPorte
  • Why hope, joy and real love are often misportrayed as a feeling but it's really a state of being.
  • The fact that the feeling of love only lasts about 7 seconds before it fizzles out and then we have to rekindle that feeling because it takes up so much neurological effort to create it.
  • How we can step away from our emotional brain and step into a state of existence to access vibrational states of hope, joy, and love.
  • The power of silence, micro naps, and sanskrit soundtracks to help Zach access the vibration of stillness and open his heart to be willing to answer the Universe's call.
  • Zach's various life transitions in the last 10 years and how he's had to let go of a lot of things to help him grow.
  • The minimalistic life Zach now leads living in a log cabin that he built with his son and why it's more than enough for him.
  • What Zach had to give up during CV19 over the last year to stay true to himself and stop judging himself.
  • Why the fabric of everything is not love, the fabric of everything is beauty and when you see beauty you will experience love.
  • The beauty and love that is within all of us and why fear and death feel ludicrous when you tap into both.
  • 196 Aubrey Marcus
  • How we heal when we recognize the beauty within each other.
  • A powerful exercise you can do right here with Zach and Josh to connect with the beauty within you and others.

[1:07:30] What Happens When We Isolate, “Cancel,” and Stop Hearing Each Other

  • How we can work with and transcend from censorship and “you're wrong, I'm right.”
  • Remember that if someone is attacking you, then those who are doing the attacking are projecting the hate or lack of love they have for themselves onto you.
  • Zach's reminisce of the night he got the scar on his right cheekbone and why he feels great compassion for the person responsible for it.
  • The tingle Zach feels in his right cheekbone still today whenever he starts to feel sorry for himself or abused by the system to remind him there is no victimhood here, it's humanity struggling to align with a nature that loves it.
  • What happens between us when we simply decide to “cancel” someone and stop communicating with them – it's cancer of society.
  • Why the antidote for every emotional injury lies within the wound yet we keep running away from the wounds we need to heal individually and globally.

[1:22:00] The Extradorinay Journey of Human History & Our Enlightenment

  • Exploring the concept of time and dimensions plus why we've already won at the end of time as we continue to experience human enlightenment shifts like we are now.
  • Why Zach believes we are currently in the biggest human evolutionary shift we've ever experienced right now.
  • Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot
  • The questions we've asked and how we've grown with our questions since we realized that there is so much out there in the universe than just our planet.
  • Exploring how incredible the human body is and the fact that we are basically walking ecosystems of intelligence and sensory processing systems for all life on the planet.
  • How we can let go of shame around feeling “I am not good enough,” “I am not doing enough.”
  • Dr. Gabor Mate's powerful imapact on Josh's wellness journey
  • Zach's deep US history roots going all the way back to Daniel Boone, his distant relations with the Bush politicians, and connections to other politicians such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Why it hurt the US when our Founding Fathers left the Founding Mothers' voices out of the Declaration of Independence.

[1:33:30] Building Community on a Grander Scale

  • How we can stop getting in constant work loops and bring community back into our lives.
  • Why Zach constantly seeks out community every single day.
  • How conversation helps Zach let go of stress of the day and open his heart.
  • Zach's own financial difficulties trying to run a clinic in rural Virginia and how it took a toll on both him and his family.
  • The moment Zach surrendered this mission with the clinic and why it was a necessity for him.
  • 364 Alison Armstrong
  • How community can help you step up to your highest potential.
  • Why your vision, dreams, and goals cannot work unless you have a community behind you.
  • What wellness means to him now, 1 year after his last interview on Wellness Force.
  • Eckhart Tolle

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”A spiritual awakening doesn't take a process, it takes a willing heart. If you just become willing for a second, the universe will show up for you so quickly, you won't be able to believe it. It doesn't take effort; it takes surrender. – @DrZachBush ” quote=”A spiritual awakening doesn't take a process, it takes a willing heart. If you just become willing for a second, the universe will show up for you so quickly, you won't be able to believe it. It doesn't take effort; it takes surrender. – @DrZachBush “]

The Devolution of Our Food System

“When we start to think about value systems, we need to ask ourselves: Are we in a state of scarcity or abundance? What do we really value? Are we valuing life behind something that we're consuming? Is that the food we're eating? Are we going to start to eat more conscientiously? Or are we going to keep eating things that are wrapped in layers of cellophane, plastic, and metal or are we going to start to have reverence for fruits, vegetables, and the animals that we kill? Are we going to start to have reverence again for the humans that work in our food system?” – Zach Bush MD

Spiritual Awakening Takes a Willing Heart

“A spiritual awakening doesn't take a process, it takes a willing heart. If you just become willing for a second, the universe will show up for you so quickly, you won't be able to believe it. It doesn't take effort; it takes surrender. It's the opposite of effort – just let go of all of your beliefs of what it's going to take to become conscious. We are players in this beautiful, symphonic dance of life in the universe and humanity has this opportunity to surrender into that right now.”  – Zach Bush MD

Where Does Hope Come From?

“When we step away from the amygdala and from the emotional brain to start stepping into a state of existence, that's where we can find the vibrational states of joy, peace, and hope. They're not something that needs to be manufactured or conjured up – you're simply tuning into a frequency and it happens to be hope.” – Zach Bush MD

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About Zach Bush MD

Dr. Zach Bush | Sacred Commerce & Community: How To Thrive In 2022Dr. Zach Bush is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health.

His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

Zach Bush MD: Humanity, Consciousness & CV19 | Wellness Force

ION* | Intelligence of Nature

ION Intelligence of NatureAt ION*, we are all about connection: cell to cell, person to planet. And while our mission is evergreen, our pursuit to reawaken connection is ever evolving.

The ION* path was first laid in 2012 when an obscure soil science article showed Dr. Zach Bush, Founder and CEO, a family of carbon molecules capable of partnering with the human body. Already primed with a passion for finding root-cause solutions to human health problems, Dr. Zach and team set off to better define how we support the microbiome – our foundation of wellness. The answer didn't lie in the probiotics industry, but through our bodies’ innate drive to heal and thrive. The domino effect of good health, they found, was a function of supporting, not supplementing.


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    1. Jeanine, it is a beautiful thing to quote Nassim… especially with the current state of or world right now. We appreciate you being here with us and please share this podcast with all who need to hear. “There is no such thing as an isolated system.” 😉

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