Aaron Hinde: Faith, Family, Fatherhood, & FITAID

Aaron Hinde

“The biggest thing that all entrepreneurs should be doing is to be really in tune with our bodies and the signs that something is wrong. It just kills the momentum in business when we stop taking care of ourselves. So, paying attention to the signs and being consistent with your routines such as fitness, diet, breathwork, or plant medicine can help keep you on track and be present.” – Aaron Hinde

How can living a healthier, more mindful life impact your family, tribe, and career?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 303

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 303, Co-Founder and President of LIFEAID Beverage CompanyAaron Hinde, joins us for a second interview to take a deep dive into how you can cultivate mental resilience and fortitude, how to expand your consciousness through new ways of being, and how to be a good role model for your children by adopting healthier habits for life.

Listen and learn more about Aaron's mission to help people live life well and drink less sugar-loaded, highly caffeinated beverages by providing them with healthier ones that also taste better.

Listen To Episode 303 As Aaron Hinde Uncovers:

[1:30] Cultivating Patience & Perseverance

[16:00] The One Degree Difference

  • Why 99% of new beverage companies fail and what LifeAID's secret is for being a strong brand. (16:00)
  • LifeAID's attitude of constantly looking at how they can improve to offer their customers the very best beverages.
  • How he stays emotionally level throughout the day at work and with his family.
  • The key to keeping your team in sync and operating at their highest capacity. (19:30)
  • How bringing a 1-degree difference to the table can impact your life, colleagues, and career.
  • The recipe for success that made an impact on Aaron's entrepreneurial path before and now with LifeAID.
  • The prosperous business and personal relationship he has created with fellow LifeAID Co-Founder, Orion Melehan.
  • Why there is no difference between work and personal life; it's just life.
  • Importance of treating your co-workers as fellow human beings, understanding their struggles, and providing them with healthy support.
  • The positive impact of spending more time in nature for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

[26:00] Why Is Our Nation's Health Still So Poor?

  • Chronic disease and inflammation that is still harming our population today.
  • Why doctors are still prescribing their patients with the same diets as that during the 1960s.
  • The shock that our research on health is regressing and it's almost 2020 yet we haven't made progress to cure cancer.
  • Importance of paying attention to which news source is providing you with information on how to be healthy.
  • Current improvements we are now seeing as far as the increase in the availability of organic food and other slow but progressive movements.
  • His strong belief that liquid sugar is leading the way of our diabetes epidemic.

[34:35] Aaron's Past And The Future of LifeAid

  • Where he hopes to see both his and LifeAID's involvement in the functional beverage and health industries in the future.
  • John Mackey
  • The impact of conscious capitalism and personal finances when we're in scarcity mode.
  • His darkest days during the 2008 recession and filing for bankruptcy but how those experiences gave him the boost he needed.
  • How he stays centered on himself, his family, and everything else important to him.
  • The powerful impact of uncovering who your mentors are and finding out why you admire them so much to help you stay centered on career goals.

[43:00] Aaron's Favorite Physical & Mindfulness Practices & Tips

  • His favorite practices for being present with himself and living in the moment.
  • Being completely present and fear simply cannot exist when you want to focus on appreciating the moment.
  • How to end the cycle of working really hard until you end up burning out. (44:30)
  • Health aches, pains, and issues he faces when he doesn't take care of his physical body.
  • Mantras to remember when you're caught up with stress and anxiety. (48:20)
  • How to become a beacon for abundance and constant flow so that the universe starts conspiring on your behalf.
  • The Two Faces of Jesus

[50:00] The Perfect Version of You

  • His experiences with using psilocybin and the impact they had on his life and spirituality.
  • The decision his sister made to become a nun at 15 years.
  • Other miraculous, spiritual moments and experiences he's seen in other people's lives besides just his own.
  • How we come out as different people when we face our struggles and accept challenges.

[57:00] Uniting With Your True Tribe

  • The term, “tribe,” and what it means to him.
  • What we can do now to begin providing more to our tribe.
  • Who you should turn to and who you can trust when uniting your tribe.
  • Which ways of being you should look for in people that go above and beyond that of an average friend to help you decide who should be in your tribe.
  • Why you should be picky about the people who are in the small group that you call a tribe. (1:00:00)
  • There's nothing wrong with considering someone an acquaintance and not being close friends with them.

[1:03:40] Overcoming Our Deepest Struggles

  • Why you can face any struggle or challenge with the right support group and mindset.
  • Life can beat us down but we don't have to choose to suffer and can keep moving forward.
  • The paradigm between being in control of our lives vs. being a victim of it. (1:04:20)
  • A powerful movement we are now seeing in men as they are being in their deepest heart and present mind. (1:08:20)
  • The new masculine as the alpha male of our past has morphed and now knows how to get things done, be more responsible, and hold space emotionally for their partners.
  • How Aaron was able to cultivate the qualities of the new alpha male.
  • What living life well means to him now compared to when Josh interviewed him at Spartan Race in episode 242. (1:11:00)
  • Wellness Force Community 
'100% what you put in your body is a direct reflection of how you show up in the world.' - @aaronhinde of @DrinkLIFEAIDClick To Tweet


Click here to learn more about LIFEAID and where to find it at a store near you!

Aaron HindeAt LIFEAID, we fuel your passion with our clean and refreshing nutritional blends.  Can you say the same about those other one-dimensional products whose “blend” is a bunch of additives, sugar, and added caffeine?  Our products are tailored for your active lifestyle – without all the junk.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, LIFEAID is an independent brand – not a subsidiary of a large beverage conglomerate.  That spirit of independence is reflected in our company culture, the products we offer and the communities we serve. Join us as we show the world there is a better

LIFEAID Beverage Company | Our Purpose


Power Quotes From The Show

'When you're present, all of the weight of the world is lifted away because it cannot co-exist with the past.'- @aaronhinde of @DrinkLIFEAIDClick To Tweet

Being a Wellness Warrior For Our Children

“Kids are strictly in download mode from ages 0 to 7. They're not even making rational decisions; they're just absorbing everything. So, everything that they see us do, hear us say, and what we teach them as parents will affect them either positively or negatively for the rest of their lives. Everything that they have to deal with is a result of us as parents and that responsibility is heavy. So, do I speak to them in scarcity mode? Do I eat McDonald's every day or do I eat clean? That programming can affect these kids in perpetuity.” – Aaron Hinde

Leading Your Brand With The Golden Rule

“There is no ‘work' and there is no ‘personal' life, it's just life. So, we have to approach it like that and when personal things come up, let's figure it out together. We can overcome all obstacles but we have to treat people like human beings and treat them as we or they want to be treated. It all comes back to the super basic, Gold Rule we all should follow.” – Aaron Hinde

Attracting Your True Tribe

“It's okay that you're not friends with everybody. It's okay that not everybody is in your tribe because the great thing about a tribe is that you attract who you're going to attract and you're also going to repel who you're supposed to repel. If you're authentic, then you'll attract people who are also authentic and on that same wavelength and have a true tribe.” – Aaron Hinde

LIFEAID Founder Aaron Hinde and his Bottomless ATM

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About LifeEAID

Aaron HindeLIFEAID founders Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde first met in a Crossfit Box in Santa Cruz, California, in 2009. Melehan was a Certified Financial Planner and Hinde was a sports chiropractor who worked with many local athletes. A friendship was quickly struck, which later evolved into a business partnership. The two were convinced that conscious consumers would start to demand alternatives to high sugar, high caffeine, and artificial mass market drinks.

The Launch of LifeAID

They were equally convinced that consumers were looking for more functionality than the caffeine found in energy drinks or isotonic sports drinks.  After months of brainstorming and collaboration, they created their vision for LIFEAID and funded it with a mere $30,000 apiece. Melehan’s financial expertise helped craft the business plan.  Hinde’s background in nutrition and chiropractic care proved essential when developing LIFEAID products as he worked with their team of a biochemist and beverage scientists. LIFEAID now makes six specially-formulated blends, plus a protein/carb food pouch  Fast forward to today and the company’s products can be found in hundreds of golf courses, thousands of gyms, and nationwide in fine retailers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Vitamin Shoppe.  FITAID is the official recovery drink of the 2017 CrossFit Games LIFEAID remains an independent brand run by its founders – not a subsidiary of a large beverage conglomerate.  That spirit of independence is reflected in their company culture, the products they offer and the communities they serve.

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