Evolutionary Wholeness: Stefanos Sifandos

Evolutionary Wholeness: Stefanos Sifandos“When we realize that we are not our thoughts or actions, we can begin to become less attached to what we were and create a new version of ourselves.” – Stefanos SifandosDo you wake up in the morning being pulled by life or do you have to push and trudge every day? Are you living a life of truth? If not, then let's explore it together.

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 260, Relational Alchemist, International Speaker and Author, Stefanos Sifandos, shares why we have so much more to do as a society as far as evolutionary wholeness, what men's work means to him and how it can help a man who is struggling with himself, and the evolution of masculinity and femininity in this modern world.

Listen and discover how shifting his mindset through breath, sound and movement transformed how Stefanos sees himself, others, and how others see him.

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Reclaim your kingdom – a warrior’s code is predicated on the uniquely put together 12 principles, which form the conscious warrior model. This ethos is about reframing the manner in which men behave, become and move through the world. The manner in which we ‘see’ ourselves and the manner in which we learn to forgive, create, release and evolve.

This program is a pragmatic and practical way to evolve our ways leveraging ancient wisdom and modern techniques (such as neuroscience, modern psychology, eastern mysticism and evolutionary psychology to mention a few) to allow us to be more connected, intelligent, adaptive, strong, inclusive and lovingly open men – to ultimately revere women and children and to learn to step humbly into our authentic power and of course revere ourselves.

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[click_to_tweet tweet=”When we realize that we are not our thoughts or actions, we can begin to become less attached to what we were and create a new version of ourselves. – @StefSifandos” quote=”When we realize that we are not our thoughts or actions, we can begin to become less attached to what we were and create a new version of ourselves. – @StefSifandos”]

Listen To Episode 260 As Stefanos Sifandos Uncovers:

  • What evolutionary wholeness is and why it's his mission to teach more people about it.
  • What compensatory strategies are that we cultivate during our youth and bring into our adult lives and relationships.
  • The importance of taking regular inventory of our experiences, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Why stress is the high-achiever's word for fear and how to cope with that emotion.
  • Why hypocrisy is such a natural part of life and it's necessary for growth to happen.
  • Various tools from journaling and group work to shamanic healing and counseling to help you unpack your thoughts and emotions.
  • The emotional roller coaster he went through as an adolescent and the aggressive behavior he learned from his father.
  • How he began his own deep dive into a wellness journey to free himself of his negative habits, invest in himself, and heal from past trauma.
  • How suicidal thoughts are a by-product of not living in our truth and being in a haze of pain when we think there's no alternative.
  • The plunge he took to really feel his emotions and move beyond his pain by giving himself permission to fully feel and live by intention.
  • The meaning behind the powerful question we can ask ourselves during tense moments, “What would love do now?”
  • Changing the brain physiology via neural empowerment and mapping through breathwork, journaling, and counseling.
  • How to change your attitude, behavior, and focus in 3-seconds.
  • How breathwork literally saved his life and the various techniques he practices for trauma.
  • How the experiences we have from ages 0-7 impact and affect our adult relationships.
  • Various types of relationships from polyamory to monogamy and which one he resonates with the most.
  • Why people consciousnessly put themselves through pain instead of allowing nature to take the lead.
  • Some qualities men can learn to master in order to go from being good to great.
  • The natural segregation that happens in society and how it's come to an extreme point in our modern world.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Stress' is the high-achiever's word for ‘fear.' – @StefSifandos” quote=”‘Stress' is the high-achiever's word for ‘fear.' – @StefSifandos”]

“Compensatory strategies are developed and cultivated when we're very young and we bring them into our adult lives and relationships. However, they don't really have a place. We don't need to behave in that extreme yet we do anyway because we're coming from a set of unconscious feelings or fears. So, when we begin to do a self-inventory, it's normal that we don't really know where to look, it's really difficult to do on our own, and we feel stuck in our trauma.” – Stefanos Sifandos

“Instead of justifying our trauma, pain, and fear as being normal parts of our lives, we need an inventory. Something that we could be taught as young people is to take regular inventory of our lives. Whether or not you think something is “wrong” with you, at the end of every day, take inventory of your life. How did you behave and think? Were you happy with your thoughts and interactions? How did you relate to others? How did you give and receive love? Did you experience pain, fear, or discomfort? What was the cause of discomfort? Have you noticed those patterns of discomfort before? We're not taught to be self-reflective or self-critical in our culture often enough.” – Stefanos Sifandos

“I don't like to say, ‘I'm stressed,' because it makes me feel weak. I'd rather say, ‘I'm scared' of something. I don't have a healthy fear with stress and underpinning that is a fear as well. To me, saying, ‘I'm stressed,' is like saying, ‘I'm not good enough to cope with what I'm producing, doing, or facing,' and I don't like that.” – Stefanos Sifandos

“What does it mean to have a yearning to actually grow and be better than you were yesterday? I don't know what it means for you; that's something you have to answer on your own. When we start paying attention to ourselves through conscious awareness, we get to learn more about ourselves but we also have to be okay with being uncomfortable. If we unpack something that's painful, there are several tools available to us that we can use: journaling, support groups, psychologists, spiritual work, or anything that resonates with you that can help. That will help you cultivate resilience in the body and in the mind.” – Stefanos Sifandos

“The desire to be self-reflective requires work and effort. Today, in contemporary times without the application of effort, we're losing the essence of who we are as men. As we've evolutionarily grown, we have become accustomed to being in involatile environments. Our bodies are made to work and the more physical work the body does, the healthier the body is.”  – Stefanos Sifandos

“Too many men live in lies and we come across either shady, confused, manipulative, or untrustworthy. Why do we do that? It's because we're valuing values like status, accumulation of material goods, or how others see us over being just genuine and living in our truth. We don't even realize we're doing it and if you want to be attractive to a woman, you have to be the truth.” – Stefanos Sifandos 

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About Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos SifandosStefanos

is a Relational Alchemist, International Speaker and Author who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual praxis and western psychology to improve, evolve and enhance the quality of your relationships.

By integrating the best of eastern and western methodologies and philosophies and using integrative techniques methods Stefanos has created programs and systems to enhance the quality of your life, your relationship and in essence, bring them closer to their potential.



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