Drew Manning: Lessons Learned From Running 100 Miles To Save Children

Drew Manning

“This 100-mile run challenge for Operation Underground Railroad wasn't quite the same as Fit2Fat2Fit which was more of a long-term physical, traumatic experience but it was also emotional and mental which was my biggest takeaway from it. I've also done other smaller experiments here and there but this 100-mile run was 24 hours of suffering for the greater good. Sometimes that's what it takes to raise the human consciousness and realize that it's time to change. And that one thing is something crazy that catches their attention and creates greater awareness but also motivates them to take action.” – Drew Manning

How can you help bring awareness to an important cause that's close to your heart?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 291

Wellness Icon, Host of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast, Co-Host of the Single Daddy Daily Podcast, Author of the latest book, Complete Keto, and NY Times Best Selling Author of Fit2Fat2Fit , Drew Manning, returns to share why he ran 100 miles for Operation Underground Railroad and the lessons he learned along the way, how to live an authentic life for yourself instead of other people, the power of creating your own struggles in life by setting the bar high, and how to challenge yourself from a place of self-love rather than self-hate.

Listen and discover how you can make Operation Underground Railroad's mission known throughout the USA and beyond through the power of influence, attention, and action.

Operation Underground Railroad

Drew ManningSINCE BEING FOUNDED IN DECEMBER 2013, Operation Underground Railroad gathered the world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.'s Underground Jump Team consists of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help. It is our duty as free and blessed people.

Domestic Services
O.U.R. salutes our nation's law enforcement officers and prosecutors at the federal, state and local levels who protect our country's children. Law enforcement professionals skillfully investigate, arrest and prosecute those who violate children. Our nation's police efforts to protect children in the U.S. are light years ahead of many, if not all other countries. O.U.R. acknowledges the expertise and extraordinary work done by these dedicated men and women who bravely battle the scourge of child sexual exploitation.

We share the mission to save children and seek justice for those who victimize them, therefore O.U.R. is committed to enhancing law enforcement efforts by providing resources where budget shortfalls prohibit child pornography, child exploitation or human trafficking operation from going forward. O.U.R. will also provide or facilitate child exploitation investigative training in U.S. jurisdictions where a need exists. Collaborating with law enforcement will reduce duplication, promote best practices and avoid other potential issues which might arise without close coordination.

O.U.R. is privileged and honored to support our nation's heroes in this important cause to deter, disrupt and dismantle child exploitation and the trafficking of children in our nation's communities.

Why the name O.U.R.?

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Fit2Fat2Fit – Drew Manning | Complete Wellness

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Sometimes it takes doing something crazy to grab attention, raise the human consciousness, and help others realize that it's time to change and take action.' – @fit2fat2fit ” quote=”‘Sometimes it takes doing something crazy to grab attention, raise the human consciousness, and help others realize that it's time to change and take action.' – @fit2fat2fit “]

Listen To Episode 291 As Drew Manning Uncovers:

  • Why he attempted to run 100 miles with his brother to do a challenge for his 40th birthday and in support of Operation Underground Railroad.
  • The fact that sometimes it takes us to do something crazy or different to raise awareness in our society.
  • How he was misguided as a child to thinking that suffering was part of his self-worth and being a better person.
  • Living an authentic life for yourself rather than acting a certain way or enduring obstacles for others.
  • Why he puts himself through challenges like running 100 miles or Fit2Fat2Fat from a place of self-love rather than self-hate.
  • The benefit of creating your own struggles and challenges to work through so that you can be resistant when the unexpected comes your way.
  • Why doing the same types of workouts and routine actually leads him to experience burn out and go through the motions.
  • The challenge of losing weight, getting in shape, and loving when your body when you're unhappy in the first place.
  • How telling the public about his goal to run 100 miles actually helped motivate and hold himself accountable to his goal.
  • Why he specifically chose Operation Underground Railroad to help raise money for them with his 100-mile run.
  • How we can make Operation Underground Railroad's mission known throughout the USA and beyond through the power of influence and grabbing other people's attention through action.
  • The power of being empathetic, connecting, and relating to other people and their struggles.

The Benefit Of Creating Your Own Struggles

  • How being vulnerable and sharing his own story of divorce, the journey of Fit2Fat2Fit, and other struggles have empowered others to share their truth from an authentic place.
  • Why we so strongly believe that once we have an incredible physical body, we'll be set for life and everything will open up for us but that's so far from the truth.
  • The importance of really digging deep down to your darker side to be able to transform your physical, mental, and spiritual self.
  • Old ways of being when it comes to fitness and health compared to the new narrative of not only focusing on the physical but emotional, mental, and spiritual self as well.
  • The story behind his tattoo, “Vulnerability is strength,” and opening up about his divorce on his 100th podcast episode and live on stage at Powerful U.
  • His mission to help other people open up about their truth, difficult situations, and emotions by sharing his own with them.
  • Porn addiction in our society and the importance of starting conversations about it to normalize it and help others recover.
  • How culture, religion, and society shape our way of thinking about relationships, acceptance, and health from a very young age.
  • Connecting how we eat, move, and sleep with thoughts, feelings, and actions from a primal and biohacking approach.
  • The fact that it's okay to shut off your brain from time to time by doing something you enjoy because otherwise, you'll burn out.
  • How being brought up with 11 brothers and sisters impacted his relationship with his parents and the way he is now raising his daughters.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Instead of allowing life to create struggles for you and throw obstacles in your way, creating your own struggles allows you to great a step ahead of the game.' – @fit2fat2fit ” quote=”‘Instead of allowing life to create struggles for you and throw obstacles in your way, creating your own struggles allows you to great a step ahead of the game.' – @fit2fat2fit “]

Self-fulfillment From Within

“I want to bring empathy and a better understanding of the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation in the fitness industry which is obsessed with physical transformations. Being in great shape doesn't guarantee happiness. Yes, workout programs work for physical transformation but are they bring you self-fulfillment? I'd say, no.” – Drew Manning

Motivation Through Self-Love

“When I do an event like running 100 miles, it's coming from a place of self-love instead of self-hate. Coming from a place of self-love instead of self-hate is a different type of motivation that helps me complete these challenges. Instead of hating or punishing myself, self-love allows you to create a better relationship with your body.” – Drew Manning

What It Actually Means To Be Successful

“Yes, a person's body will change when they begin a new health program and they become less obsessed with that number going down the scale but they also become super happy with who they are, they feel better, and their perception on health, fitness, and success begins to shift. Success isn't based on that number on the scale going down; it's so much more than that. Success is about who you're becoming while you're taking that journey up the mountain.” – Drew Manning

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About Drew Manning

Drew ManningHealth and fitness expert, Drew Manning, is the New York Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose and has for years been a leading voice in the burgeoning Keto Diet movement.

Drew is also the creator of the A&E Show Fit to Fat to Fit and the host of The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience podcast. With over a million social media followers, Drew continues to transform people's lives all around the world.

Known for his straightforward and empathetic fitness and health coaching, Drew has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, The View, and MSNBC, among other media outlets.

He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his daughters, who remind him every day not to take things too seriously.

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