Darryl Edwards Primal PlayDarryl Edwards, Founder of HEALTH Unplugged and owner of Fitness Explorer Training, is an international speaker, coach, nutritionist and author of “Paleo Fitness“ and the recently published award winning book Paleo From A to Z.

After almost two decades working as a technologist in investment banking, Darryl transformed his health after adopting an ancestral model to well-being.

Darryl now advises people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle – amidst the epidemic of obesity and other chronic lifestyle diseases. He has also been published in titles such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men's Fitness and featured on the BBC.

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As the founder of the PRIMAL PLAY methodology, he makes activity fun, effective and engaging while getting individuals healthier, fitter and stronger in the process. He specialises in working with children from 4 to 94 – fitness for those who hate to exercise – as well as for those who love it but relish a new challenge.

Listen As Darryl Uncovers:

  • How to plugin healthy movement throughout the day
  • How to make movement fun and sustainable
  • How to begin a more primal or paleo lifestyle

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Win a FREE copy of Paleo From A To Z

Click Here To Enter **Three winners selected on 8/31/15

Paleo A to Z By Darryl Edwards

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  • Holistic Nutritionist! July 2, 2015 by Shanna Mota from United States:
    I recently heard about the Wellness Force podcast from a close friend and am so glad it was recommended to me! As a nutritionist I am always looking for ways to grow and learn within our industry and ways to improve my client experience and that is exactly what this podcast has provided me. I am beyond impressed with Josh's knowledge of the industry and I love his holistic approach. It is clear that what he has created is not just about technology, but overall health and wellness and improving the lives of others. His passion for what he does shines through each episode which makes him an excellent host. I am excited for the future of the Wellness Force movement as I know it brings so much value and education to our industry. I look forward to listening to future episodes and learning from the experts Josh brings on the air!

Transform Your Workouts Into Play With Primal Fitness Expert Darryl Edwards