The Truth About Circumcision: Ending Male Genital Mutilation + Protecting Infant Innocence | Eric Clopper

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 628

Why is circumcision leaving an imprint on boys for the rest of their lives?

Eric Clopper | The Truth About Circumcision: Ending Male Genital Mutilation + Reclaiming Fetal InnocenceEric Clopper, Leading Attorney and Activist in the movement to protect children from genital mutilation, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, episode 628, to explain why male circumcision is genital mutilation and should be considered child abuse, why the U.S. must expand the laws to protect both male and female children from genital mutilation, and how his law firm, CLOPPER LAW, is planning to launch historic constitutional challenges to ensure that ALL children are protected.

“The first sexual experience of most American and Jewish men is that they are sexually stimulated and then they feel the worst pain that they will probably feel in their entire life, as the most erogenous part of their body is crushed and amputated. It is not only an active mutilation of the penis, but it also causes an incredible myriad of complications which can include the loss of the entire penis or the death of the child.” – Eric Clopper

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In This Episode, Eric Clopper Uncovers:

[01:30] Circumcision Is Genital Mutilation

[09:45] Do Babies NOT Have Human Rights?

  • The new law will mandate consent laws for circumcision.
  • How the word circumcision is a shield for mutilation.
  • Religious rites are not the same as human rights.
  • Parents have to push aside their impulse to protect their children when they're being mutilated.
  • How Jewish people's profound trauma causes them to perceive radical change as a threat to their existence.

[16:10] The Collective Lie

  • The dark side of fathers wanting their sons to look like them.
  • Circumcision is a collective lie America bought into.
  • It's uncomfortable for men to address the problem because it was done to them.

[20:25] Genital Mutilation = Sexual Violence

  • Why circumcision is an unconscious addiction to shame.
  • American Circumcision (2017)
  • Those who have been abused are more likely to abuse their children to justify what happened to them.
  • Men are traumatized right at the beginning of their lives.
  • If you cannot handle seeing a baby get circumcised, it should be a sign that it's wrong.
  • Why it's difficult for men to deal with the emotions around genital mutilation.

[28:10] Denial of The Truth

  • Why Josh decided not to circumcise his son.
  • How Eric's father dismissed what he learned about circumcision.
  • Why he stopped talking to his father after he found out his father didn't want to accept the truth.
  • Many people don't want to address the truth.

[32:35] Circumcision Is An Evil Religious Tradition

[37:35] Healing The Trauma from Genital Mutilation

  • 120 million people have been mutilated without their consent when they were children.
  • The first stage of healing trauma is awareness.
  • The correlation between the nations that support circumcision and war.

[42:50] Circumcision in the United States

  • Why genital mutilation is accepted in men in Western culture.
  • The reason why there's not enough empathy for men.
  • How Eric and his law firm are aiming to make circumcision illegal.
  • The way he processed his emotions around male mutilation.
  • How the head of the penis is similar to the eye.
  • 50% of men get circumcised in the United States.

[50:40] Expansion of Consciousness

  • You need courage to allow yourself to become aware.
  • Individual VS societal healing.
  • How Eric felt dark energy around circumcision since he was a young kid.
  • People don't want to deal with the mutilation trauma.

[57:45] Some Traditions Need to Die

  • How traditions are passed onto new generations even though they don't have a valid reason to exist.
  • Why Jewish men place a lot of importance on genital mutilation.
  • Mutilation is a psychological delusion.
  • How the law discriminated against genital mutilation based on gender.
  • How informed consent is abused.
  • What Eric's law firm is trying to achieve.

[01:06:55] How Circumcision is Monetized

[01:14:15] Don't Stay in The Victim Mindset

  • Why people get stuck in the sadness so they can't move on to the anger.
  • How playing a victim provides people with a feeling of justification.
  • Why the Jewish tradition of genital mutilation is supported by people.

[01:17:55] It's All About The Money

  • Why Eric has been getting censored by large institutions.
  • If you want to maintain a status quo, you can't offend anybody.
  • Why people sacrifice their principles for money.

[01:24:30] Being Driven By Rage

  • Why fighting against something feeds its power.
  • What motivated him to apply to law school.
  • It's not sustainable to be driven by rage.
  • How Eric's helping people to make better decisions for their children.

[01:30:45] The Theft of Innocence

  • Men are viewed as success objects and women as sex objects.
  • When men are treated better, they treat others better.
  • The importance of addressing how you enter the world.
  • Liberated Life Community

[01:37:35] Follow Your Dharma

  • How advocating for children's safety became Eric's dharma.
  • The personal struggles he had to face because of circumcision.
  • It's easier to raise healthy and strong children than to repair broken men.
  • How his work is a contribution to the collective consciousness.

[01:43:40] The Manifestation of Evil on Earth

  • How circumcision is connected to the patriarchy.
  • Why religions care about what is most profitable.
  • What makes people believe that rich people are evil.
  • Why Eric's trying to figure out how to make circumcision non-profitable.
  • It's not worth living in fear.

[01:51:10] Harming Boys As Sexual Oppression

[02:00:30] Religion + Censorship

  • Five censored facts about circumcision.
  • How elitism shows up in religion.
  • Why Eric thought being Jewish was a symbol of superiority when he was a teenager.
  • How he realized circumcision was an evil act.
  • How people label certain things as antisemitic.
  • Why you're not supposed to apply lotion to masturbate.

[02:09:10] Foreskin Is an Essential Part of The Male Body

  • How science tries to deny God.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are motivated by profits.
  • Many people who circumcise children are barbers.
  • Why foreskin is an important part of the penis.
  • How foreskin allows for more pleasure for both men and women.
  • The U.S. media continues to feed us the circumcision ideology.
  • Why Eric finds it offensive that our tax money is used to support circumcision.

[02:20:30] Male VS Female Circumcision + Sexuality

  • Male and female circumcision are identical.
  • How men are being told uncircumcised penis is abnormal.
  • The female and male genital tissue is the same.
  • How sexuality has been tainted by trauma.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Masturbation Prevention

“John Harvey Kellogg said we need to circumcise our kids to prevent self-abuse, aka masturbation, so the child forever associates sexual pleasure with pain.”Eric Clopper

Our Swords Are Unsheathed

“As men, our swords are unsheathed. We're always irritated and ready for war. If you look at the Middle East, that's almost an entire genital mutilating area and they're the ones in chronic wars. Because if you abuse or inflict violence on your men, you're going to damage these individuals and they will in turn be damaged and damage others, including women.”Eric Clopper

Metzitzah B'peh

“Before the 1800s, a mohel would use his sharpened fingernails to shred the foreskin off of a child and some of the babies would bleed out and die. So rabbis instituted a new practice called Metzitzah B'peh sucking, which is after they'd shred the infant's genitals, they would suck on the bleeding penis. The thought behind it was if you get a cut, you may suck on it to stop it bleeding. But it seems overtly sexual to me to perform bloody fellatio on an infant. It's horrific, it's disgusting, and it spreads diseases and kills infants.”Eric Clopper

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About Eric Clopper

Eric Clopper | The Truth About Circumcision: Ending Male Genital Mutilation + Reclaiming Fetal InnocenceEric Clopper is the Founder of Intact Global, Inc., and CLOPPER LAW, where he leads the legal movement to protect all children from genital mutilation.

On Episode 628 of Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, Eric Clopper joins Josh Trent to explain why circumcision of newborn infants constitutes male genital mutilation. This episode also covers Clopper’s legal strategy to get America to expand its existing laws that protect female infants from genital mutilation, expanding those laws to protect all children from genital mutilation, including boys.

Clopper and Josh also discuss Circumcision’s dark history, the physical and psychological effects of having large parts of your genital amputated at birth, and how the new generation will succeed in raising the collective consciousness to protect children from this type of child abuse.

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Is Male Child Mutilation Still Legal in the US?


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