SOLOCAST | Palestine + Israel: Navigating The Depths of Humanity’s Shadow For Self Love Lessons + Collective Healing

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 594

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares how the Palestine and Israel war is an expression of the collective consciousness and what each of us can do to change the world.

In this solocast about Palestine + Israel, you will learn:

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This is Josh Trent welcome to the Wellness + Wisdom podcast.

This is a special solo cast where every Thursday I speak from the heart about a topic that I and we can all learn from that is both timeless and timely when it comes to our own journey of a life well lived.

If you're brand new to the podcast, this may or may not be a perfect place for you to start.

On Thursdays, I share an additional bonus episode, either with myself or myself being interviewed that I believe is of true value to one or all of the five sides of what we here at the Wellness + Wisdom podcast call the Wellness Pentagon…

These are the five sides of the house we live in – they make up the quality of our life, so starting at the floor with our physical, then moving to the walls of our mental and emotional, and building the roof of our spiritual and financial within ourselves so that essentially we can show up and love our life and love others.

I've definitely learned by becoming a father and producing this podcast in almost 10 years and with over 600 episodes that the true embodiment of intelligence only comes with time, compassion, and the work of integration.

This is the only way I know it occurs and this is a topic that deserves exploration today.

Specifically our spiritual development side of the Wellness Pentagon, now I am not a political activist.

I do not choose a side.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican so none of this that you were going to hear today on the podcast has anything to do with my political opinion, I'm simply a witness as you are of the shadow of humanity that is playing out right now with Palestine and Israel.

Again, I want to remind you that this is not my opinion of which side is right or which side needs more resources, that is not important, what is important is that we all learn individually, and as a collective, as to why war exists specifically wars about religion or politics, which essentially always happen from a place of greed or control or power.

The Intention of This Solocast

My intention with this is to explore my own personal, and our collective wounding around the shadow of humanity that allows war to continue in the first place so let's begin.

War is such a challenging thing, because it is found as a natural organic unfolding process in nature when we see bears at war or animals at war, or a shark eating a seal.

Although grotesque and horrific beyond what many can tolerate, war is a continuation of modernity's shadow expression of greed, power, and control.

War, in essence, has been called a continuation of politics by other means.

In the heart of the Middle East, amidst the complex tapestry of history and conflict, lies a region that has become synonymous with strife and struggle – Palestine and Israel.

For decades, these two entities have been entwined in a bitter and seemingly intractable dispute, leaving scars that run deep.

However, beneath the surface of geopolitical tensions and historical grievances, there emerge profound lessons in self-love and self-healing that resonate not only within the borders of these nations but reverberate across the collective consciousness of humanity.

Understanding the Context

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a mosaic of historical complexities, territorial disputes, and clashing national identities.

Rooted in a history that spans centuries, the struggle for land and recognition has given rise to a cycle of violence that has left both Palestinians and Israelis grappling with the weight of their shared past.

Yet, within this crucible of conflict, there lies an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, individually and collectively.

Self-Love Amidst Adversity

One of the most poignant lessons that emanate from the heart of this conflict is the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Palestinians, despite enduring decades of displacement and hardship, are exemplifying a self-determined and profound form of self-love.

In the persistent pursuit of justice and recognition, they find strength within themselves, cultivating a deep-seated belief in the validity of their existence and the right to self-determination.

Similarly, Israelis navigating a complex socio-political landscape marked by constant security concerns and historical trauma must confront their own journey towards self-love.

The recognition of the need for security is intertwined with the acknowledgment that true peace is born out of understanding and empathy, both for oneself and the “other.”

The Power of Forgiveness

In the quest for self-healing, forgiveness becomes a powerful tool for individuals and nations alike.

The wounds inflicted by decades of conflict can only begin to heal when both Palestinians and Israelis acknowledge the pain of the past and extend empathy to one another.

The olive branch must be extended, and I am not here to say that I know how it would be especially if I was a family member, who lost a brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, son, grandparent, or close relative.

I can't even begin to imagine what that might feel like, and that deserves a deep breath and the deepest depth of compassion.

The ability to forgive, while not forgetting, is an act of self-love that liberates individuals from the shackles of hatred and resentment.

While this journey towards forgiveness is fraught with challenges, it offers an invaluable lesson for humanity at large.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict teaches us that the path to healing begins with acknowledging our own wounds and finding the strength to let go of the burden of hatred.

What is happening right now in the Middle East deserves a global deep breath and there are really no words that I can say to assuage the pain that both sides are feeling and experiencing with levels of loss that most people cannot even comprehend or contend with here in North America for the most part.

But it is the truth that the only way out is through what I believe is really happening right now in the Middle East, and really anywhere where there is bloodshed and children being killed, and families being separated, is the darkest part of our collective shadow that we are not willing to take an honest look at.

The Darkest Part of our Shadow

That dark part of our Shadow is the thing that makes me control, others, where I don't feel safe and myself, so I project that lack of safety onto other people, and then I start telling myself a story that the only way I can be safe is if I attack the person who I perceive may attack me.

And so on and so forth, you can see how the spiral feeds itself how war leads to more war which leads to war, and the only way out is through.

I remember we were talking about this on multiple podcasts, but one of them hit me the hardest when I was speaking with Scott Jackson in episode number 481 which you can find by going over to, where we were discussing neural linguistic programming, and this critical factor, which is essentially the barrier between our conscious and unconscious integration of self.

It made me reflect on so many times in my life when I have harmed others, even when I didn't want to or when I was young, and I had a lack of awareness around my behaviors, which is essentially a microcosm that is playing out in a microcosm of this conflict in the Middle East, and also conflict across the planet.

One thing I was reminded of by this podcast was how young we are as humanity. When you look at how old the world is and how old animals and different species are that have lived here on the planet.

Humanity's Maturation

We are essentially a teenager, young teenager, who is finding their way of love and fear of scarcity and abundance of dark and light, and although painful this is all designed by the creator, otherwise, it would not be happening, and that is the meaning that I rest upon.

This meaning of mystery is that we don't know why the creator allows these things to occur, but we know that a part of ourselves is maturing, and it happens through thousands of generations just like it always has and always will.

So I can take solace in the fact that you and I are here in this compensation hearts connected from this podcast that I know will ripple out to the hearts and minds of people who need to hear this most.

But honestly what we need now is a different conversation of our micro behaviors because over time. Those micro behaviors are the very thing that will unravel the gauntlet of war.

It may not seem like that now, especially if you look at the history of all of the world wars we've had, and all of the conflicts on the planet but what I know to be true is that within myself there is a tyrant, a general, a king, a lover, a magician, a warrior, and all the things, and it is only where I place my attention, that archetype grows within me.

Where Do We Go From Here?

So what does all this truly mean, what is the solution to this war, and the death, and tragedy, and trauma that is happening in the Middle East?

I believe it is an awakening, an awakening of consciousness, and an awakening of a deeper awareness of self, and it is coming through violence and bloodshed, which, although incredibly sad beyond words, is playing out in the mysterious unfolding of life here on planet Earth.

So the solution right now is that there is no solution other than the behaviors that we take in every single city that we live in with every moment of our lives with our children with our brothers and sisters, with the food that we eat the water that we drink the products that we buy the things that we believe in shape the reality of our lives, literally, and figuratively.

What we need now is to start building schools and homes and families that return to a conservative nature and abide by and respect the laws of nature.

The source of so many of these wars is a fear that you believe something different than I believe, specifically, when it comes to religion. Holy wars and religious wars are so ironically blind to themselves into their motivations for war in the first place.

Because if you look at any religious text whether it's from China Israel Palestine, or even the depths of the Bible and Christianity at the core foundational teachings there is love acceptance and compassion.

So how ironic is it that in any holy war where people are being killed because they do not believe what the other side believes, that they themselves have forgotten the very core foundation of their own religions, and that is, God is love.

Building Bridges To The WE

The physical and metaphorical walls that have been erected between Israelis and Palestinians symbolize the deep-seated divisions that exist within their societies. Yet, the very existence of these barriers serves as a stark reminder of the need to dismantle the walls within ourselves.

The journey towards self-love and self-healing requires breaking down the walls of prejudice, bias, and fear that inhibits our ability to connect with others on a fundamental human level. As Palestinians and Israelis seek to build bridges of understanding, it prompts a global audience to reflect on their own internal barriers.

The notion that true peace is achieved not through separation but through connection is a profound lesson that transcends borders.

International Solidarity and Collective Healing

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not isolated from the broader context of global politics and human rights.

In supporting the quest for justice and peace in the region, the international community participates in a collective act of self-love—a recognition that our fates are intertwined, and the healing of one part of the world contributes to the healing of the whole.

The Crucible of Humanities Healing

Palestine and Israel serve as a crucible of humanity's capacity for both darkness and light.

The lessons in self-love and self-healing that emerge from this tumultuous region resonate with a universal call for introspection and transformation.

As Palestinians and Israelis navigate the arduous path towards reconciliation, they provide humanity with a mirror through which we can examine our own prejudices, fears, and capacity for forgiveness.

In embracing the profound lessons offered by this enduring conflict, we, as a global community, can move towards a future built on empathy, understanding, and the collective healing of wounds that transcend borders.

The journey towards self-love and self-healing is, ultimately, a shared odyssey that unites us in our common humanity.

I really hope this podcast allows your heart to expand and your mind to see things in a different way through a new set of eyes.

As I said, this is not a political podcast, and I am not here to choose sides, my goal and intention with this episode is simply to give, a resounding call to myself, and all of us to heal the tyrant inside of us and the warmonger inside of us the one that controls by domination and power when we know if we've done any spiritual work, that true power only comes from peace.

War of Self: The Journey Towards Forgiveness

Because the power that comes from peace can be trusted and power that is taken by force never can be trusted because down the road one day that power will eventually be taken back by the people it was taken from because that power did not come from peace.

So the way forward is, through the darkness, through this shadow of humanity through this incredibly what feels like insane time, the only way out is through so my wish is that all of us do our deep, spiritual work starting with ourselves our friends our families are community. Our cities are country, and that is what will shift the tide.

Maybe in our lifetime maybe not but everything that we do now ripples forward to our children who will teach their children and eventually I do believe that a beautiful world we all know is possible that still has challenges but that has much less bloodshed is absolutely possible, and it starts in our hearts today with this conversation. You are loved you are supported, and you are on the right path.

Even at times when it seems like, you are not, you are, and the deeper you can choose to connect with God, or higher power, or the universe, or whatever nomenclature you like to put on the very thing that created you, the very thing that when you hold your children or you hug your friends, or you put your hand on your own heart that feeling of love you have that awareness of love, that is God and God is love, and God has a plan for all of

and so let us meditate or pray or just take space right now for a deep breath, and a moment for all the loss and the tragedy in the Middle East, and know that we can begin the healing here many many miles away in our own hearts by asking ourselves this powerful question:

God, what do I need to learn and how can I be most humble to learn it?

From that question, we start to unravel the war in ourselves, and eventually over time with compassion, and effort, and love, and showing day after day, I do trust in my heart that the war will unravel when we choose to turn and look inside of ourselves.

That is my wish for both of us, for all of us, so take that with you as you're going into your life and make sure that you enjoy this podcast.

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Thank you for being here and I'm wishing you and Wellness.

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