Ashleigh Di Lello | How To Break LIMITING Beliefs: Becoming The Master of YOUR Mind + Purpose

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 604

How can bio-emotional healing help you break free from trauma and limiting beliefs?

Ashleigh Di Lello | How To Break LIMITING Beliefs: Becoming The Master of YOUR Mind + PurposeAshleigh Di Lello, Founder and Creator of Bio Emotional Healing, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 604, to share why you need to believe everything in life is possible, how the brain protects you from pain, and why most people need time to heal their wounds.

“No changes can happen in your brain and in your life, until you take radical responsibility, stewardship, and dominion over your own mind and body every single day.”Ashleigh Di Lello

In This Episode, Ashleigh Di Lello Uncovers:

[01:30] Fighting for Life

[09:00] Turning Pain into Purpose

  • Creating meaning from difficult situations.
  • What happens when we get out of fight or flight mode.
  • How Ashleigh felt a greater meaning behind all the pain she was going through.
  • Why she had a hard time breathing deeply.
  • How not being perfect meant felt like death to her.

[14:20] Your Body Does Everything to Keep You Safe

[20:55] Believe That It's Possible

  • What it means to have the will to live.
  • How Ashleigh learned to take action through failure and discipline.
  • Why people have the emotional intelligence of a child.
  • How we can bridge the gap between our beliefs and failure.
  • Failure doesn't exist.

[25:50] Can You Trick The Brain?

[30:40] Condition Your Mind to Get Your Life Back

  • Why we need to understand our conditioning.
  • We can use our brain as our biggest asset if we learn how it works.
  • How Ashleigh conditioned her brain to focus on living instead of not dying.
  • Humor can help take us out of fight or flight.
  • Why we need to condition our mind to change our patterns.
  • We can take ownership of other people's fears and beliefs.

[38:00] Think for Yourself to Empower Yourself

[47:00] Gender Dysphoria

  • The demonic energy that's taking over the children.
  • Our brain isn't fully developed until we're 25.
  • The imbalance in feminine and masculine energy is normal, especially in young people who are figuring out who they are.
  • Children's brains can't grasp the entire human experience.

[55:20] How to Feel Safe Again

  • Parents have the power to program their children.
  • Why we can't let small children decide who they are.
  • How to help our children feel safe in the world.
  • If we don't feel safe, we can't make rational decisions.
  • Why children can't grasp the bigger picture and act emotionally and irrationally.

[01:04:25] Traumatic Experiences Alter You

  • Why some abuse victims become homosexual to protect themselves.
  • 288 Greg Woodhill: What Porn Does To The Brain & Heart
  • Understanding how our trauma changes us.
  • Unpredictable events alter the brain more profoundly.
  • How the brain is trying to get our attention.
  • Ashleigh's experience with unsuccessful hip surgery.
  • How to turn pain into purpose.

[01:19:30] Let Your Pain Empower You

  • Our broken side allows us to become who we are today.
  • The functionality of the brain is the same for all of us.
  • Everyone has the power to change.
  • How we're conditioned for immediate results.
  • We can be healing and living at the same time.

[01:26:25] Bio-Emotional Healing

  • How Ashleigh made her struggles into her power.
  • Remembering who we are.
  • Why the brain is the greatest gift we were given.
  • How she discovered bio-emotional healing.
  • Why we need to partner with our system to heal and rewire our brain.

[01:34:00] Life is All About Contrasts

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Power Quotes From The Show

You Need Time to Heal

“You need time when you've gone through wounds and trauma to make big decisions again because your brain isn't ready to do that and your body's still holding all that trauma inside itself.”Ashleigh Di Lello

You Can Change Your Symptoms

“Symptoms are not who you are. They're not something you can't change. When you go through something, there's some protective guards that come up that tell you “this will not break me.” But the truth is as humans, because we're not robots, challenges always break us a little.” – Ashleigh Di Lello

Is Protecting Our Children Too Much Harming Them?

“We are programming children to no longer think. They don't think they have the capacity to do so because we're telling them “we must protect you.” That's not empowering them. That's telling them they must need to be protected because they can't handle the harshness, the reality, the different opinions of life that has always been the human condition, because we're all so different.”Ashleigh Di Lello

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About Ashleigh Di Lello

Ashleigh Di Lello | How To Break LIMITING Beliefs: Becoming The Master of YOUR Mind + PurposeAshleigh Di Lello is the founder and creator of Bio Emotional Healing®, a revolutionary method based in neuroscience that helps her clients around the world finally break free from emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and chronic pain to thrive in their lives!

Despite being told by doctors she wouldn't live past her teenage years, she refused to give up and discovered the secret to rewiring the brain and nervous system.

She became an elite athlete, TV & Broadway star, entrepreneur, Mind Coach, and Keynote Speaker.

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