Nootropics Masterclass: How To Be Healthy, Fit + Wealthy With New Brain/Body Science (At Any Age)

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 593

What are the best tools to optimize your brain and body?

mark effinger nootropics nootopiaMark Effinger, Biochemist and Founder of Nootopia, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 593, to discuss the powerful positive effects nootropics have on the human brain and body, how to balance Acetylcholine levels, why you need dopamine and drive to obtain the best possible results, and the benefits of taking GABA and glutamate supplements.

“The way that nootropics work is they affect neurochemicals that are available in your gut: serotonin, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine. They activate certain neurochemical processes in the brain and they also provide the raw products so that your brain can create the neurochemicals necessary. They also support neurogenesis which is the blooming and creation of new neurons.”Mark Effinger

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In This Episode, Mark Effinger Uncovers:

[01:30] Allow Hardship to Empower You

[10:10] The Power of Nootropics

  • Mark‘s journey of developing the first supplement.
  • How the first prototype caused a cognitive load.
  • Unpacking how nootropics work in the human body.
  • How nootropics support neurogenesis.
  • Why improving liver function can help prevent Alzheimer‘s.

[13:35] How to Improve Your Cognition

[16:10] Achieve Cognitive + Spiritual Surplus

  • Collagenius – 10% off with code “JOSH10”
  • Why we need to take care of our physiology before anything else.
  • We are not able to navigate different phases of our relationships.
  • The importance of having a purpose in life.
  • Why most people lack cognitive and spiritual surplus.

[22:30] Life-Changing Events + Decisions

  • Why Mark felt burnt out and what changed his life.
  • How his body expelled Accutane from the muscle fiber and fascia.
  • Elon Musk
  • Why we need to learn to master task switching.
  • My First Million Podcast

[29:00] Neurotransmitters

[35:50] How to Balance Acetylcholine Levels

  • What happens when we have too much Acetylcholine in the body.
  • How to keep the flow of Acetylcholine steady.
  • Josh‘s favorite Nootopia products.
  • Why carbon dioxide spending is the measurement of athlete‘s performance.
  • The reason why we need to remove carbon dioxide and oxidized fats from the body.

[43:40] Dopamine + Drive for Achieving Good Results

  • Bryan Johnson
  • How we become dependent on dopamine to feel accomplished.
  • Clean Fifteen
  • How we can find joy in doing the right thing instead of following our unhealthy drive.
  • Why dopamine can be both good and bad.

[51:00] Embrace The Pain of Getting to Your Goal

  • The benefits of cold plunging.
  • How Nootopia‘s Dopa Drops are designed for a three-stage dopamine release.
  • The importance of enjoying the pain of the process to getting to the reward.
  • David Goggins
  • How we can become limitless with Nootopia.
  • Unpacking how to avoid the spike and drop of dopamine.
  • How weightlifters deplete themselves of dopamine.

[01:02:40] GABA + Glutamate Neurotransmitters

  • How glutamate wakes you up and makes you hypervigilant.
  • Why Mark was motivated by helping people with addiction to create a revolutionary product.
  • How glutamate removes the delay between thought and action.
  • Why diet causes low or high glutamate levels.
  • The benefits of GABA for down-regulation of the nervous system and making decisions under stress.

[01:11:20] How to Avoid SSRI Mood Swings

  • How to recognize what we need to optimize for.
  • The tools for health optimization.
  • Why serotonin is not the “happy” molecule.
  • How selective serotonin recycles the re-uptake cycle.
  • Maria Bamford
  • How to avoid mood swings with SSRI.

[01:16:15] Recover from Addiction with Nootropics

  • How bipolar medications prevent Josh‘s mom from feeling the highs and lows.
  • Why Mark wants everyone to have access to biological optimization.
  • In Nootopia, people get a neurochemical analysis to understand where they‘re dominant and what they‘re lacking.
  • Why nootropics are anti-addictive.
  • Addiction is a byproduct of neurochemical processes and repeated systems.

[01:27:55] Biomarkers of Aging

  • Why pharmaceutical drugs are not a long-term solution to addiction.
  • The difference between plant-derived and lab-grown nootropics.
  • The peptides Mark is currently researching.
  • David Sinclair
  • How to modulate hormones to prevent aging and disease.
  • Why detoxication gets less efficient as we get older.

[01:39:55] The Essence of Nootopia

  • How Nootopia collaborates with scientists to deliver the best products.
  • The reason why Mark and his team meditate in their meetings.
  • Where Nootopia sources their ingredients.
  • The Last of Us

[01:48:20] Zamner Juice: A Solution for Entrepreneurs

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Power Quotes From The Show

Chronic Stress

“It's almost like we're carrying around IVs and every few seconds there's a little drip of stress. Our ancestors had stress but it wasn't like ours. We are in chronic stress all the time. And because it doesn't necessarily hit instantaneously, meaning the buildup of these toxins is happening but you don't notice when it starts happening. When it suddenly builds up to the point where you have massive brain fog.”Mark Effinger

Surplus in Life

“Once you start finding that extra 10, 20, 30, or 50% of available surplus in your life, the things that will start showing up that allow you to pause and reflect, and if you internalize them and say “what does that thing mean to me?” I guarantee you will find some event, person, possibility, or opportunity that will become the catalyst for the biggest future.”Mark Effinger

Nootropics: The Bridge to Greater Cognitive Capacity

“Nootropics can be a bridge to psychedelics. It isn't the euphoria necessarily.It isn't the out-of-body experience. It's not the loss of ego. But it is a bridge to more cognitive bandwidth, more capacity to deal with cognitive load, more opportunity to laterally think, to be creative, to explore some of the things instead of that shrinking in of ourself.”Mark Effinger

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About Mark Effinger

Nootropics Masterclass: How To Be Healthy, Fit + Wealthy With New Brain/Body Science (At Any Age)Mark Effinger is a seasoned entrepreneur and intrapreneur with specialties in biochemistry and hormone and brain optimization. He is successful in industries from marketing to lasers to software. Companies turn to him for his clear grasp of the startup-to-sellout process.

The death of Mark's former wife from a painkiller overdose put him on the path to creating high-performance nutritional supplements.

After 4 years of development, he released a product called “Limitless NZT-48,” as in the movie Limitless, with 3,500% growth over the first year (now 5,100% over 29 months).

Mark considers the biggest challenge with nootropics to be that everyone’s brain chemistry is unique. For the first time ever, Nootopia has solved this with a personalized process and product.

They use your information to evaluate your goals and brain chemistry, then customize their nine core blends. Whether you want to say goodbye to afternoon energy crashes, increase your verbal fluency, boost your emotional intelligence, or reach other optimization goals, Nootopia gets you 100% personal help every single day.

The system even comes with an app that guides you every step of the journey and allows you to give feedback to customize your blends even further.

Mark's vision is for the resources from the company to move the needle in terms of making a difference while they make healthy profits. He firmly believes that Nootopia can add value both locally and globally.

Real-life “Limitless” Pill? This Breakthrough Nootropics Stack Gives You The Winning Edge

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Real-life “Limitless” Pill? This Breakthrough Nootropics Stack Gives You The Winning Edge


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