Scott Donnell | Beyond Big Pharma: Digitizing Drugs & Choosing How You Feel With Wellness Technology

Going Beyond Pharma's Destruction

Beyond Big Pharma? “With Hapbee, we're literally able to give you the digital imprint of a drug. We can give you the effect of caffeine or CBD or melatonin without any drug, pill, or substance in your body that might hurt you at the click of the button.” – Scott Donnell

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 415

CEO of Hapbee, Scott Donnell, shares how their wellness technology goes way beyond Big Pharma, how they are essentially digitizing drugs without the side effects, the additional benefits for pets and children, and how to quantify emotional intelligence.

How can you consciously choose the feelings that you want to experience rather than be victim to the monkey mind thoughts or emotions that are pulling you down?

Discover how Hapbee has been designed to naturally help you boost your energy, calm down, focus, sleep better, and more without the use of Big Pharma.

'We're literally able to give you the digital imprint of a drug. We can give you the effect of caffeine or CBD or melatonin without any drug or substance in your body that might hurt you at the click of the button.' - Scott Donnell of @BeHapbeeClick To Tweet

Feel HAPBEE Today!

Choose how you feel. Meet Hapbee, the technology that lets you choose your mental state.

Scott Donnell | Beyond Big Pharma: Digitizing Drugs & Choosing How You Feel With Wellness TechnologyDrop in to whatever mood you choose. Experience coffee without the shakes. Alcohol without the hangover. Sleeping aids without the grogginess. When the band is playing, your body is vibing. When it turns off, it’s back to normal. And new Blends are being added all the time!

Hapbee uses groundbreaking patented technology that captures the energy of a compound, and play its frequency back to you – giving your body the experience of it, without actually processing it.

Get focused. Put on your thinking cap, block out distractions, and start getting things done.

Conquer stress. Shrug off stress with signals that melt away mental and physical tension, allowing you to finally and fully enjoy the moment.

Rest & recover. Keep your batteries topped up by promoting mental and physical recovery.

It's game over for Big Pharma!

Listen To Episode 415 as Scott Donnell Uncovers:

[1:30] How to Age Well with Hapbee

[14:00] How To Digitize A Drug: Game Over for Big Pharma

  • The various emotional vibrations from the lowest at shame and the highest at enlightenment and love.
  • How Scott's team formulated the Hapbee technology to quantify emotional intelligence.
  • Which 8 current frequencies are available with the Hapbee device to boost your vibration.
  • How Hapbee has been designed to be very safe especially when you consider all of the radiation our cell phones emit and disadvantages of pharma.
  • The benefits of digitizing a drug compared to taking a physical drug and all of the issues that come along with it from side effects to high costs.
  • 401 Jerry Ross
  • Why people like Dr. Kenneth Ferguson who invented Cialis are now exploring how digitizing drugs can benefit the human body.
  • How they used magnetometers to hear magnetic waves starting to come off of the molecules of a drug.
  • What studies are currently being done to see how digitizing chemotherapy can help cancer patients but it could take a decade or more with all of the studies that need to be done.
  • Which drugs they have begun digitizing and completing safety tests for including caffeine, nicotine, and even stimulants found in dark chocolate.
  • 312 Kevin Kelly

[27:30] Hapbee for Children & Pets

  • Who Hapbee is for and how it can help them on their wellness journey.
  • Dr. Steven Gundry
  • The attention Hapbee is getting in the functional and holistic medicine world right now.
  • Who should be careful with Hapbee including people that have a pacemaker or are pregnant yet Scott and his team have not seen any issues in their studies so far.
  • The fact that many parents are having their children use Hapbee if they have ADHD, trouble sleeping, or do not want them to use pharmaceuticals.
  • Positive behavior pet owners are experiencing when they wear the device and their pet comes and curls up next to them.

[30:00] Quantifying Emotional Intelligence

  • Exploring the study they have done on covalent and non-covalent bonds in the body.
  • Breaking down the technology of Hapbee even further and how it's been designed to work with and aide your body compared to pharma.
  • Why the cannot use covalent bonds and only non-covalent bonds which is a free range electron exchange.
  • Fascinating patterns they're finding in their studies where someone either feels Hapbee working right away very strongly or it takes them a couple of tries including their CTO, Sid.
  • Why people who have done a lot of brain work like meditation and inner work for trauma usually feel the effects of Hapbee right away.
  • 310 Ariel Garten
  • If you have a trauma blockage and have not done anything before on your own or with someone to heal it, that can literally block Hapbee's sensations.
  • 385 Dr. David Rabin
  • How Hapbee's sensations have been designed to only give you a medium dosage; you cannot get drunk or high or caffeine stimulated from their device.

[37:30] Most Surprising Benefits of Hapbee

  • How products that directly stimulate the prefrontal cortex compare to Hapbee which focuses on creating whitespace and playing the quietest signal.
  • What plans Hapbee has for their products in the future including possibly plant medicine based modulations.
  • How Hapbee wants to keep expanding to help people with their physical and emotional wellbeing beyond just helping people feel safe to actually make your cells behave in a very specific way.
  • 130 Tom Bilyeu
  • The main benefits of using Hapbee in your day to day life including better sleep and focus.
  • 384 Shawn Stevenson
  • How Hapbee can help break poor habits and creative positive change like ending a caffeine or melatonin habit.
  • The advantage of using Hapbee for something like an energy boost over a cup of coffee and Big Pharma drugs.
  • 373 Matteo Franceschetti

[51:00] Building Your Personal Wellness Toolbox

Power Quotes From The Show

'If you can digitize a drug and remove any of the side effects, you can still give people the desired altered state that will help our lives move forward. If you can do that, it's game over for Big Pharma.' - Scott Donnell of @BeHapbeeClick To Tweet

Game Over for Big Pharma

“Everything from our cells to our neurons is connected through sound and frequency. So, we asked ourselves, ‘What if we could digitize a drug?' If you take drugs, there's a chemical bound and the potential for side effects, toxicology issues addiction problems, and it's very expensive. If you can digitize it and remove any of the side effects, you can still give people the desired altered state that will help our lives move forward, to engage with other people, to focus more, to sleep better, and more. There's so many practical reasons and if you can digitize a drug, it's game over for Big Pharma.” – Scott Donnell

An All-In-One Support Tool

“Hapbee is a tool and we're not going to fix everybody's problems but what we can do is be right there as a perfect assistant for you when you need it quickly. Think of it as an easier version of a sleeping pill and something that helps you with your energy levels in the middle of the day and can also give you that nice Happy Hour relaxed feel all in one. You don't have to go cold turkey from everything in your life, but this is at your side when you need it right away.” – Scott Donnell

Wellness Is Freedom

“Wellness to me is waking up every day and being able to do, think, believe, say what I want to that day and not be restricted. Whether it's going on a walk or hanging out with the people that I love, that's wellness at the end of the day – it's freedom.” – Scott Donnell

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About Scott Donnell

Scott Donnell | Beyond Big Pharma: Digitizing Drugs & Choosing How You Feel With Wellness Technology

Scott Donnell has 10 years of experience building over 80 consumer products. His first company, Apex Leadership Co, has 115 franchises and serves over 3 million customers. Now he’s devoted to developing his expertise in tech, web dev, product design, manufacturing, and marketing at Hapbee.

Hapbee imagines a world where every human can unleash the potential they're born with — the potential to be happy, present, productive, and connected by helping you take control of your mind and mood. Using proprietary ultra-low radiofrequency energy technology that emulates specific magnetic fields to produce desired feelings in the body (i.e. Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Calm, and Deep Sleep). The Hapbee AC100 generates these sensations by delivering precise low-power electromagnetic signals. Aligning your mind with your goals, it can assist in conquering stress, boosting your focus and rest, and recovery after a strenuous workout or taxing day.

Choose How You Feel


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