Geoffrey Woo | Macronutrient Masterclass: Ketones As The “4th Macro” For Appetite Suppression, Fat Loss + Energy To Quit Caffeine

“You have to fast, do a lot of dietary interventions, or work out to make your body turn its own fat reserves into ketones. In ketogenesis, your liver has to convert fat stores, it takes a long time. You can get really good at it and get you natural ketones up in 18-24 hours. If you're a carb-eater, you're going to take multiple days, and you're going to get keto flu because your body has to readapt its enzymes and all of its metabolism to focus on being a fat burner.

But if you can have a drinkable ketone, you skip that conversion step. So you can have something that you directly consume that gives you ATP but it's not protein, fat, or carbohydrate.” – Geoffrey Woo

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 549

Geoffrey Woo, entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder and Executive Chairman of H.V.M.N., joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast episode 549 to teach you how to achieve ketosis without fasting or a keto diet, and how ketones can help you quit coffee for good.

Do you know the difference between endogenous and exogenous ketones?

In this episode, you will learn why exogenous ketones are the ultimate physical biohack, and how they can help you maximize your performance, quit drinking coffee, and replace fasting and keto diet.

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Listen To Episode 549 As Geoffrey Woo Uncovers:

[01:30] Biohacking with Ketones

[16:45] The Purpose of H.V.M.N. + Fasting Experiments

  • Why money was the driving force behind Geoffrey's business and why it switched to helping people.
  • How the H.V.M.N. team experimented with 72-hour fasting.
  • Jake Paul
  • The Truman Show
  • Why it's important to not give up when you fail and keep going.
  • How the body produces ketones naturally.
  • Why ketones help with brain injury recovery.

[35:05] Endogenous vs. Exogenous Ketones

[57:05] Ketone Stacking + How Ketones Work with Diabetes

  • Ketone synergy stacking with ayahuasca.
  • Why ketones don't require insulin to enter the system and work much faster than fat.
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Why people with diabetes should avoid ketones.
  • H.V.M.N on Shark Tank
  • How Geoffrey deals with negative outcomes and situations.

[01:13:00] Spiritual Journey: Why We Need Something to Die For

  • Identity struggles: why we need values and principles.
  • Why Geoffrey loves books.
  • Michael Pollan
  • Why finding a core mission and building relationships with other people are two compounds of living well.
  • 23andMe
  • Why we owe it to our ancestors to heal.

Power Quotes From The Show

Exogenous Ketones

“You hear about people bonking out when they're doing marathons or bike rides. You're eating sugar but at a certain point, your body doesn't digest the sugar quickly enough so you bonk out, and your muscles freak out. The way I look at exogenous ketones is that we want this specific signal to happen at this specific time that would not normally be achievable by a diet. It's a metabolism tool to turn fasting or keto diet on for you now while having other substrates.” – Geoffrey Woo

Glucose, Ketones + Ancestral Wisdom

“A lot of early research saw that ketones were looking like a very good replacement for glucose. We don't just go brain-dead when we run out of stored glucose for glycogen. It's very clear that when we were hunter-gatherers, we were not just constantly having sugar bombs in our pockets. These people would do multi-day endurance hunts. In some sense, we almost forgot that ancestral wisdom.” – Geoffrey Woo

Plant Medicine Ceremony with Ketone Supplements

“I've heard a very interesting combination synergy with ayahuasca plant medicine with ketones. There's fasting, purging, and a very clean diet. You're essentially getting the ketogenic state. In a plant ceremony, all these neurons are firing, you need energy, and you need substrate to fuel all that neurotransmitter release. Ketones are very efficient to fuel the power of all of those synapse firing.” – Geoffrey Woo

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About Geoffrey Woo

Geoffrey Woo | Macronutrient Masterclass: Ketones As The "4th Macro" For Appetite Suppression, Fat Loss + Energy To Quit Caffeine

Geoffrey Woo is an entrepreneur and investor. He is co-founder and Executive Chairman of H.V.M.N. and Archive. He is also a co-founder of Anti Fund.

He has co-authored 5 US patents and 3 peer-reviewed scientific articles. He earned a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Ketones + Fasting: What Is The PRE-DIABETIC Impact? Exploring Ancient Fuel That Reverses Aging


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