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Say Goodbye To Scatter-Brain And Hello To Clear, Organized Thoughts




UNLOCK YOUR BRAIN'S Maximum Focus, Concentration + Creativity

• Boost your cognitive performance

• Think through more tasks without burnout

• Manage more projects without raising stress

• Handle more mental stress without bending or breaking

• Increase your capacity to learn new things quickly and effortlessly

• Articulate things better in a more meaningful way

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Power Solution

• All-day energy without jittery crashes

• Maximum mental clarity & concentration

• Elevated mood & positivity

• Insane mental stamina that feels limitless

Nootopia Brain Flow

Brain Flow

• Increase mental endurance so you can dive into the deep work all day long

• Gives you focus, without making you wired

• Enhance your memory & boost mental performance

• Helps regulate your mood

collagenius nootopia


Collagen + Mushrooms

• Restorative Anti-Aging Collagen

• Improved Memory and Cognitive Function

• Rich Vitamin Profile For Hair, Skin and Nails

nootopia zamner juice

Zamner Juice

“Zamner” Means “Going Beyond the Beyond”

• Designed to Sustainably Stimulate Dopamine, Serotonin, and GABA Production – Essential Neurotransmitters for a Positive Mood

• Feel Almost Immediate Raise of Mental Well-Being and Outright Euphoria

• Be More Outgoing, Confident, and Better with Words in Social Situations

• Powerful at Boosting Good Mood

Nootopia Upbeat

Nootopia Upbeat

• Blend of 7 of the Most Notable Nootropics (Brain Nutrients) Available

• Capsules Contain Natural Nootropics, Herbal Mood Enhancers, and Mental “Accelerators”

• Feel More Positive, Optimistic, and Motivated

• Take 1 Capsule First Thing in the Morning for Improved Energy, Clarity, and Focus

Nootropics Masterclass: How To Be Healthy, Fit + Wealthy With New Brain/Body Science (At Any Age)Mark Effinger | Brain + Mood Optimization: Become Unstoppable With Nootropics

Listen to Josh Trent + Mark Effinger discuss how Nootropics contribute to healing anxiety and depression, and how they optimize your brain for improved focus, memory, and motivation HERE.


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