Mark Effinger | Brain + Mood Optimization: Become Unstoppable With Nootropics

“When you have more intellectual bandwidth and mental capacity, it reflects in every area of your body. Instead of having this radical hormone flood, fight or flight, during a perceived negative event, you can look at the event without all of that emotional overhead.

Because instead of your head thinking: “Oh crap, this event’s happening, it’s going to wipe me out, and I’m not going to be effective…”, you can look at it, almost laugh about it: “Ok, bring it… Let’s do this thing.” – Mark Effinger

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 497

Mark Effinger, Founder of BiOptimizers and Nootopia, joins the host, Josh Trent, to discuss the real-life “Limitless pill.” And although all of us have unique brain chemistry, Mark and his team managed to create a personalized product for the most efficient brain and mood optimization yet developed.

Are you looking for an effective way to enhance your mood and brain function? Learn how Nootropics positively affect the neurotransmitters in our body with Mark Effinger and Josh Trent.

By the end of this episode, you will understand what inspired Mark to create Nootopia, how Nootropics contribute to healing anxiety and depression, and how they optimize your brain for improved focus, memory, and motivation.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I wasn’t thinking of it as a company. I just wanted to create something that would make a difference to people that were dealing with addiction and people that were dealing with cognitive decline. – @markeffinger” quote=”I wasn’t thinking of it as a company. I just wanted to create something that would make a difference to people that were dealing with addiction and people that were dealing with cognitive decline. – @markeffinger”]



Nootopia: UNLOCK YOUR BRAIN'S Maximum Focus, Concentration, And Creativity

  • Boost your cognitive performance
  • Think through more tasks without burnout
  • Manage more projects without rising stress
  • Handle more mental stress without bending or breaking
  • Increase your capacity to learn new things quickly and effortlessly
  • Articulate things better in a more meaningful way


Listen To Episode 497 As Mark Effinger Uncovers:

[1:30] Nootropics 101

[15:00] Striving For Health In A Toxic World

[21:30] From Addictions to Nootopia

[27:00] Orchestrating Neurochemicals

  • Neurochemical research: Getting feedback on his prototypes from his clients.
  • Mark explains what Pyroglutamic acid is and why he tested it together with Acetylcholine on himself to discover the effects.
  • Creating Nootopia to make a change and help people with addiction and cognitive decline.
  • 123 Aubrey Marcus – Own The Day
  • How he discovered his prototypes made him sleepy and started looking at new components: Anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and B vitamins.
  • Why it’s important to use precursors and signaling molecules.
  • How he understood and put together all ingredients that serve different purposes: Get rid of inflammation, and boost brain function, memory and motivation.
  • How creating the perfect formula compares to conducting an orchestra.
  • Limitless (2011)

[34:00] How Zamner Juice Helps Regulate Your Mood

  • How you can make your performance a predictable part of your day.
  • Key things to know about stack development and what they have done with it at Nootopia specifically with the Zamner Juice.
  • The component that they have in every single one of their stacks and how it helps the brain improve mood, neurochemicals, and neurogenesis.
  • How Nootopia designs their stacks to keep you focused and alert but not overstimulated like you might experience with caffeine.
  • Why Zamner Juice is safe for expecting mothers to help them with mood regulation.
  • What is specifically in Zamner Juice that helps people calm down.

[34:30] Business + A Spiritual Journey

[41:30] Toxicity, Road Rage, And The Nootropics Solution

  • The biochemical reactions in our body in the morning and why it’s important to set an intention for the day.
  • How serotonin helps us connect with others and speak without fear.
  • Neurochemical balance: Preventing our flow from being blocked.
  • How chronic emotional distress is slowly breaking us down without us noticing.
  • Why Mark was always expecting bad things to happen to him.
  • How our mind and soul are connected to each other, and how our environment has become toxic to us.
  • Road rage: The story of developing the Zamner Juice to calm people down in traffic.
  • The connection between our bad eating habits and our energy deficit.
  • Why he carefully selects music with positive lyrics and the words he uses to create conversations with other people.

[52:00] Creating Indomitable Human Beings

  • How cognitive enhancement became a byproduct of Nootopia’s products.
  • Neurogenesis: New neurons that we can program to states of positivity, faster thinking, and love to become indomitable human beings.
  • Mark’s journey to meditation: Starting transcendental meditation at the age of 8 at school.
  • The difference between “having to do things” and “getting to do things.”

[57:30] Mark’s Journey and The Game of Life

[1:02:00] Optimizing The Brain To Make Conscious Decisions

[1:09:30] Expectations VS Reality of Nootropics

  • The reason Mark created 3,000 prototypes before he created the current Nootopia products.
  • Why he started customizing the products and how it helped with the efficiency of the products.
  • Josh’s sensitivity to caffeine and the fact that he loves how Nootopia customized it to have little to zero caffeine in his products.
  • Nootopia Apex
  • People’s expectations VS reality: Can you get the Limitless effect?
  • Why some people function better in GABA and Serotonin, entering the flow state.
  • Mark’s negative experience using Adderall, and how he managed to create a natural supplement for the drug.
  • Apex: Keeping people aware but not vigilant, and energized but not on edge.

[1:17:00] The Long-Term Effects of Nootropics

[1:24:00] The Journey to Wellness

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”We all get into this where life is accelerating so fast that we just feel like we’re the tail wag in the dog situation. At one point you have to stop and say: “I need to own my life. I need to be in charge of this consequence going on. – @MarkEffinger” quote=”We all get into this where life is accelerating so fast that we just feel like we’re the tail wag in the dog situation. At one point you have to stop and say: “I need to own my life. I need to be in charge of this consequence going on. – @MarkEffinger”]

Chemically Processed Supplements

“We’re buying our vitamins, not understanding which ones are chemically processed and which ones are naturally derived… In an attempt to become healthy, we are often times toxifying ourselves. So it’s really important that we take a little bit of extra time to understand the difference between those two.” – Mark Effinger

Changing Every Life You Touch

“I was called to make a monumental contribution to every life I touch. And the way to do that seems to be this vehicle of meeting people like you (Josh), that have a heart for changing every life they touch.” – Mark Effinger

Effective Vitamins

“To make something that was really going to be effective, and put it into either a powder form or a capsule form, we needed to address the main things that kept people from performing.

Number one was the inflammatory response; anti-inflammatories and antioxidants…The next was B-vitamin. Most people have a deficiency of B-vitamin… And then the Acetylcholine precursor layer so that your brain can create this thinking molecule.” – Mark Effinger

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About Mark Effinger

Mark Effinger | Brain + Mood Optimization: Become Unstoppable With NootropicsMark is a seasoned entrepreneur and intrapreneur with specialties in biochemistry and hormone and brain optimization. He is successful in industries from marketing to lasers to software. Companies turn to him for his clear grasp of the startup-to-sellout process.

The death of Mark's former wife from a painkiller overdose put him on the path to creating high-performance nutritional supplements. After 4 years of development, he released a product called “Limitless NZT-48,” as in the movie Limitless, with 3,500% growth over the first year (now 5,100% over 29 months).

Mark considers the biggest challenge with nootropics to be that everyone’s brain chemistry is unique. For the first time ever, Nootopia has solved this with a personalized process and product.

They use your information to evaluate your goals and brain chemistry, then customize their nine core blends. Whether you want to say goodbye to afternoon energy crashes, increase your verbal fluency, boost your emotional intelligence, or reach other optimization goals, Nootopia gets you 100% personal help every single day.

The system even comes with an app that guides you every step of the journey and allows you to give feedback to customize your blends even further.

Mark's vision is for the resources from the company to move the needle in terms of making a difference while they make healthy profits. He firmly believes that Nootopia can add value both locally and globally.

Mark “Mr. Noots” Effinger: Boost Your Brain Power



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Josh Trent lives in Austin, Texas with his love Carrie Michelle, son Novah, daughter Nayah + a cat named Cleo. He is the host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast and the creator of the BREATHE: Breath + Wellness Program. Josh has spent the past 20+ years as a trainer, researcher + facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. Helping humans LIBERATE their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual + financial self through podcasts, programs + global community that believe in optimizing our potential to live life well.

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