Healthspan Revolution: Game-Changing Biomarker Blood Testing (SiPhox) | Michael Dubrovsky

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 581

Is biomarker blood testing the future of real healthcare?

Michael Dubrovsky | Healthspan Revolution: Game-Changing Biomarker Blood Testing For Wellness + Longevity (SiPhox)Michael Dubrovsky, co-founder of SiPhox, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 581, to reveal how at-home biomarker blood testing is revolutionizing people's health journey, why the healthcare system should adopt a preventative approach, and how you can combine blood testing with wearables for best results.

“We went after at-home blood testing to put a device in every home in America and make it possible for people to have easy access to this rather than making blood testing reactive, where “I have terrible symptoms, now I'm going to get a bunch of blood work.” SiPhox is making it proactive so that people are getting much more blood tests and that's the cornerstone of the whole medical journey.” – Michael Dubrovsky

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In This Episode, Michael Dubrovsky Uncovers:

[01:30] SiPhox At-Home Biomarker Blood Testing

[08:40] Is Preventative Medicine The Solution to The Broken Healthcare System?

  • How the chip reads the blood sample.
  • Explaining how you can create a blood sample at home.
  • Josh's experience with SiPhox.
  • How people can take better care of their health with preventative medicine.
  • Why life expectancy is not increasing in the U.S. but it is increasing in other parts of the world.
  • How data helps healthcare evolve.

[18:45] The Modern Health + Healthcare Problems

  • 1/3 of Americans are going to suffer from diabetes in the future.
  • Why many doctors don't want to do a full comprehensive blood panel.
  • The healthcare system doesn't support the preventative approach.
  • Daniel Kahneman
  • How Josh heals his health issues with natural medicine.

[22:50] Is Technology Helping Us or Hurting Us?

  • Peter Diamandis
  • Why it takes over 17 years for a breakthrough to make it to the medical practice.
  • Is the answer to health going back to nature or modern technology?
  • SiPhox's mission and vision.
  • Why companies that raise a lot of money usually don't do the best.

[32:25] Genetic Testing VS Blood Testing

  • How Michael and the SiPhox team developed the device.
  • Why blood tests are more valuable than genetic tests.
  • The reason why food sensitivities at-home tests are the most effective.
  • 60% of Americans have a chronic disease.
  • How C-reactive proteins (CRP) influence lifespan.

[41:05] Chronic Disease Biomarker Testing

  • Why SiPhox decided to test more chronic diseases apart from high CRP.
  • Understanding different indicators of disease.
  • Why hormone testing is more accurate when you can control when you take the test.
  • What gets measured, gets managed.

[47:50] Plastics Leach Harmful Chemicals

[57:45] Striving to Achieve Health Abundance

  • Why Michael takes blood tests often.
  • How blood testing lets you know what you should work on.
  • Why abundance of health is most valuable to Josh.
  • The reason why Michael wants to improve his metabolic health.
  • What the genome sequence can show you.

[01:08:05] Silicon Photonic Biosensors

  • What went wrong with Theranos.
  • Why blood testing companies are more transparent about how everything works since Theranos.
  • LL Cool J
  • How SiPhox is aiming to deliver the same accuracy as central labs.
  • Why pharmaceutical drugs are more profitable than at-home blood tests.

[01:22:55] Address All Aspects of Your Health

[01:28:25] Optimize Your Health with Blood Tests

  • Gattaca
  • Michael's opinion on American food.
  • Why every person should get tested four times a year if they're trying to optimize their health.
  • What comes in the SiPhox at-home blood test kit.
  • How long-term thinking can help you get better results.
  • Why SiPhox can be a support to wellness practitioners.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Biomarker Blood Testing

“The way we view biomarker blood testing is like this panel is the base panel, you should be getting it frequently. We have add ons that allow you to look deeper at certain things. And that's how most engineers will debug a system. You do something broad and simple and you see what's going on there. And then we go deeper down a particular rabbit hole.”Michael Dubrovsky

Life Expectancy in the U.S.

“Life expectancy is not increasing while cost is increasing in the standard medical system and that is not true in Europe. If you look at all the European countries, everybody's life expectancy is increasing and the cost is not increasing that much. America is just obviously broken. We don't have a very strong opinion of how to fix it beside you need more data and you need more control over the situation.”Michael Dubrovsky

The Evolution of the Medical System

“Medicine is getting better but it's too expensive for most people to get that kind of scrutiny. Having more data makes it easier. If you give a doctor lots of data, such as 5 years of blood tests, the chances that they're going to give you an answer quickly is very high.”Michael Dubrovsky

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About Michael Dubrovsky

Michael Dubrovsky | Healthspan Revolution: Game-Changing Biomarker Blood Testing For Wellness + Longevity (SiPhox)

Michael Dubrovsky is a materials chemist and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded and serves as CPO of SiPhox Health, a Boston-based YC, Kholsa Ventures, and Intel Capital-backed startup with the mission of increasing human healthspan by putting a convenient chip-based blood testing device in every home.

Previously, while at Technion and later at MIT, Michael developed the world's first photonic computer on a chip for cryptocurrency mining.

Michael has been featured on various podcasts, discussing topics ranging from startups and deeptech to health and wellness.

He was instrumental in the design and launch of SiPhox's current offering (the broadest, lowest-cost home blood test kit on the market, currently used by thousands of people), and dabbles himself in biohacking and health optimization.

His hobbies include woodworking (mainly Chinese tea tables), song translation (typically Soviet bard music), and angel investing in deep-tech companies. Michael also sporadically interviews famous scientists as a co-host on the 632nm Podcast.

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