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Health tracking wrapped around your finger — track your sleep, activity, recovery in style.


The most accurate smart ring. A true engineering breakthrough.

The Oura Ring may be small, but it is mighty. The most stylish wearable on the market is jam-packed with features, accuracy, and innovation.

Research-Grade Sensors

Monitoring your sleep, activity, recovery, temperature trends, heart rate, stress, and more — with precise accuracy.

More Accurate From the Finger

The finger is the ideal source of accurate heart rate data, more sensitive to movement, and more accurate across all skin tones.

Award-Winning Design

24/7 comfort, ultra-lightweight, water resistant, and durable. The timeless design of Oura Ring works for any occasion, for work out to night out.

Long Battery Life

Up to 7 days battery life. Fast charging gives you a full charge in just 20-80 minutes.*


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