SOLOCAST | Feminism Unwrapped: How The PSYOP of a Century Brainwashed Modern Women (and Men)

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 533

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares how feminism has evolved and the consequences it has for men, women, and children.

In this solocast, you will learn:

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Listen To Episode 533 As Josh Trent Uncovers How Modern Feminism Is Brainwashing Men and Women Around The World

What's up it's Josh Trent, and this is the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast where you get all you need to know about how to live your life well: the mental physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial ways that you and I can thrive in this modern world.
This is where we go deep into both the science and the story to flush out the truth from fiction so that we can live from a place of peace + power.
From over 20+ years in this industry, I know and teach this awareness that I call the wellness pentagon: the (5) sides we all must wisely nourish if we want to live a loving and exceptionally purposeful existence.
We're gonna get right into this solocast today because it is a good one and a deep one, and it's something I have been wanting to explore for quite some time.
If this is your very first time listening to Wellness + Wisdom, this may or may not be the best place for you to start. If you're looking for a full-length guest episode, that's every Tuesday. On Thursday's Solocasts, I pick one topic (today's topic is feminism) and go deep.
All the resources from today are found at including the scientific research, and all of the appropriate links and everything is organized for you, as always it's over on the podcast page on

The deleterious impact of modern 5th-wave feminism

In this episode, we'll explore the deleterious impact of modern 5th-wave feminism, the core components of how 5th-wave feminism came to be seen as normal, and the negative impacts that the feminism psychology operation (PSYOP) has perpetrated on unknowing female and male victims.
We'll also explore the way that dark-matter 5th-wave feminism has (through media and woke schooling) poisoned the minds of young women and the dangers it poses to the future of the nuclear family.
This podcast was inspired by the past 5+ years of my own life experience interviewing behavioral psychologists and men and women at the top of their perspective fields in medicine and from an upcoming interview with the one and only Dr. Kelly Brogan MD on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast releasing LIVE on April 11th, 2023.
Dr. Kelly Brogan MD spoke in depth about this topic, including her own recapitulation and misunderstandings in her past when it came to her previously held staunch stance of being a feminist, and how she now recognizes modern feminism as one of the greatest PSYOPs of our time.
I deeply applaud Dr. Kelly Brogan MD and the topics she explores on her authentic vulnerable podcast “Reclamation Radio” with episodes “Ending The War With Men,” “The Trap of Feminism,” and “Om Rupani: Make Every Man Bigger.”

The strain and drain of “fighting against” anything

I think we all can feel the strain between the disillusioned MSM woke feminism narrative of modern women and men being “the same” and even how much this has played into gender dysphoria.
With a result of a complete dissolving of sexual polarity and nature-based bifurcation between the sexes.
So it is clear that when we pour our energy into hating or resisting something we actually become drained ourselves, and paradoxically, we fuel the very thing that we are most bothered by. I'll explain more as we move forward…

Standing for something or fighting against it?

So again, at an energetic level, any time all energy is focused on fighting against something it paradoxically feeds the very thing that you are fighting, so I will be very clear here about why I am going public with this podcast topic:
This podcast is meant to be for nature, not against nature. I desire for my children to grow up in a world where men and women are seen as unique and different and where those differences are honored sacredly.
I respect ALL women, mothers, grandmothers, and all female sovereignty while also, I choose to honor and cherish the differences between men and women.
So I want that to be very clear with my intention here: it's to suss out and bring light to the dark about the uncomfortable truth about 5th-wave feminism.
A lot of beliefs that you may have held for decades will be shattered in this new exploration of consciousness.
Not only by the science and the research I'm going to present but also if you search within the deepest part of your heart, you and I both know that something has gone terribly wrong with modern feminism and the way that men and women are being coerced through propaganda to relate to each other.

Feminism = Follow the money

The uncomfortable truth is that much like black history, pride, BLM, Latino, Asian, Indian, all cultures, and Native American cultures… feminism has been bastardized and appropriated by unconscious capitalism.
Specifically, the leadership at Blackrock, Vanguard, and Comcast are all in the name of clicks on the web and the dollar, to deceive you and make money off of your emotions.
If you ever want to question why social movements are appropriated, do a search online… and follow the money, you will find the truth every time as long as you're open to seeing it.

How 5th-wave feminism has been corrupted by victim vibration

Modern woke feminism, despite its narrative of “fighting for the betterment of the female gender” has now become a destructive movement that has swayed far far far away from the original intentions of feminism.
It has essentially become a media hyperbole term that no one actually understands yet everyone (especially people who consider themselves to be leftists, which I don't believe left and right exist at all, I think that is another PSYOP) anyhow… the left passionately supports, without actually understanding what feminism is or what it has become.
I'm going to do my best to explore how the feminist psychological operation has brainwashed not just modern women but also modern men, and what we all can do about it. So to start, it's best first to explore the history and roots of where feminism came from.

Feminism in the late 19 Century

As with most movements, feminism has radically evolved since beginning in the late 19th century. It was 1st-wave feminism that had a simple and justice-driven goal: to recognize women as equal human beings as opposed to women being property.
With 2nd-wave feminism, they challenged the role of women in society, and with 3rd-wave feminism, there was a reclamation of individuality and autonomy.
These waves were absolutely necessary, because there was a previous shadow of patriarchy that treated women like property, so I do believe these were absolutely valid, and that the pain of growth was well worth the reward of the quality of life for women.
Then we get to the 4th-wave feminism which began around 2012 and is characterized by a focus on the empowerment of women, the use of internet tools, and intersectionality.
This wave sought out greater gender equality by focusing on the marginalization of women in society.

5th-wave feminism has been corrupted

And now this is where we get to the most harmful wave of feminism and its most bastardized and appropriated energy that has been harnessed towards division unfortunately, instead of inclusion.
The core tenet of 5th-wave feminism is that there is no difference between men and women, either in gender, mentally, behaviorally, or societally.
Fifth-wave feminism feeds itself upon the fuel of hatred that nature is the way nature is, and resides in a groove of victim vibration that keeps fulfilling its own prophecy of women being victims and marginalized by men.
In other words, this is the fuel for the tension existentially that is propagated with men and women, even though the objective reality is that there is absolutely no war of the sexes and it does not exist, it's the leaders of 5th-wave feminism that with a clenched fist in the air, screams that it does and always will.
There has also been psychological and scientific research performed that found many of the leaders who are most outspoken about 5th-wave feminism have an underlying unconscious hatred or aggression towards the male gender caused from early life trauma.

The correlation of feminism to gender dysphoria

You can see the 5th-wave feminism playing out with massive gender dysphoria across the country. Where male athletes are now openly expressing their mental health issues of gender dysphoria and claiming “they are now identifying as a woman.”
The University of Pennsylvania has not only condoned male athletes changing in locker rooms with women, they are praising it.
The psychological operation of 5th-wave feminism has gone so deep into the minds of education administrators that even when women athletes are voicing (many times with tears) that they are uncomfortable that a man is changing in the locker room with them, the woke school leadership is choosing to turn the cheek.
This is a horrible casualty of 5th-wave feminism: when women are being harmed more by it's existence than if it dies.
Going against the very essence of nature (herself) ironically, and for this very fact we I do believe we will see the death of 5th-wave feminism in our lifetimes.

The fruits and roots of feminism

The fruits of feminism such as the birth control pill, medicalized birth, women in the workplace, paying taxes, and climbing the corporate ladder have been touted as the rewards of feminism, but at what cost and what actual value have these “fruits” actually yielded good and sustainability for families?
On the horizon is feminism's real threat to traditional nature-based values, the love and wholeness cultivated in the nuclear family, and even the fabric of society itself.
I do believe feminism started out pure, and much like the “MeToo” movement, became poisoned by economic and media appropriation.
No matter what you believe or what side of an illusory fence you may find yourself on, it is safe to say that in the modern world today:
Feminism defined is far different than feminism lived out in nature.
Some might say feminism is “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”
Yet, there is a growing body of evidence to now show that feminism is a PSYOP started by the United States Government in the early and mid-20th century alongside the largest banking families globally in order to break up the nuclear family, to have women pay trillions in tax revenue, and to increase the number of children in the world who are mentally/emotionally scarred from being away from their maternal caregiver.
This is something we will cover in more depth, and it is heartbreaking for the people who have believed that feminism has always been about equality – far from it.
Since the “new media” narrative for feminism in the 1970s, feminism's primary goal was supposedly to eliminate discrimination based on gender and create a more equal society.
However, in 2023 there is a dark side of feminism that's taken 50 years to rise from the shadows, and I believe it started in some very sinister roots that many people do not know.

Emasculation: how it begins with a wounded mother/son dynamic

Especially over the past 50 years, men and women have been in a large experiment: make men more feminine, and make women more masculine.
All in the name of “feminism,” yet what does the data show about this experiment?
  • Women now file over 85% of all divorces.
  • 70% or more of all marriage engagements are called off by women.
  • Men and women are less polarized sexually and more unhappy than at any time in human history.
  • Fertility rates are among the lowest they have ever been.
  • There are more broken homes in America than ever before.
  • Children raised by single mothers are more likely to be on ADHD medication and more likely to need professional treatment for emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Children of single parents (4 out of 5 of which are women) are much more likely to grow up in abject poverty and have the lowest rates of upward mobility than children of married parents.
  • One of the longest-running studies on adult development (Harvard Grant Study) found that men who had warm childhoods — those who had close relationships with their parents who were married and at least one sibling — made 50 percent more money than their peers who grew up with separated parents or in hostile households.
It is safe to say that the narrative of women not needing men, and men not needing women all under the veil of feminism, has not just destroyed the nuclear family but as you can see, by the data I have presented:
Dark feminism has caused a poisonous seed to be planted in the garden of sexuality, sacred union, and in the expression of nature itself.
It is time for a reevaluation of feminism and choosing where we draw healthy guidelines in man-woman relating again. The way that men and women are relating to each other, fueled by dark matter 5th-wave feminism is just simply not working. If it was working, we could continue, but it absolutely is not working.

Feminism = More Taxes for the IRS + broken families

Research is now showing that the core rationale behind media spending and advertising for feminism had an economic intention of cultivating trillions more dollars in tax revenue from women.
Also, its goal is to instill a “factory worker mindset” in children K-12 while also simultaneously separating mothers from daughters and sons.
When you fragment the family and have the mother working all day and the father working all day, your children are raised by essentially strangers.
This then removes the influential protective parenting layer from the psyche of the child which then creates children who feel alone and or more susceptible to propaganda.
The unconscious capitalistic monetization of children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults (who essentially have never had any solid parental influence or rite of passage into adulthood) becomes easy.
In other words, when you split up the nuclear family, and you have a mother and father working all day away from the children, this creates lack and scarcity in the subconscious mind of these children which then opens up their subconscious to the clutches of modernity's consumption.
In a true paradox, the shadow element of feminism is that it perpetuates mothers raising sons who were not a fan of their father or even of their current or past husbands, who then subconsciously manifest an unhealthy attachment to their sons through what Carl Jung spoke about as the “devouring mother archetype.”
“The Devouring Mother “consumes” her children psychologically and emotionally and often instills in their feelings of guilt at leaving her or becoming independent.”
This creates a deep wound inside of sons, who grow up to be men and carry that wound into their next relationship with a subversive tone of language that sounds something like:
“…Fuck the evil patriarchy.”
Again I have already mentioned – the very fuel that feeds the patriarchy's shadow is the vehement fight against it.
A great resource to educate yourself for this unraveling narrative of “fuck the evil patriarchy” and the damage it does to men and women is the episode with Vylana Marcus – you can find that at

Undermining masculinity

One argument for feminism is that it does not in any way undermine masculinity and simply wants equality for all.
Feminism claims:
“Rather than promoting a narrow and restrictive definition of masculinity based on dominance and aggression, we promote a more inclusive and diverse view of masculinity that embraces emotional vulnerability, empathy, and respect for women.”
While I am 100% in favor of men being emotionally intelligent, this inclusiveness does not always leave space for a man who is responsibly dangerous.
And when I say dangerous, I mean a man who is physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially capable of protecting a woman.
I will say that again: a man who is capable of truly protecting a woman.
This is what is missing with Little Nas giving the devil a lap-dance, Harry Styles on the cover of a magazine wearing a dress, and men on Tik-Tok (owned and operated by the CCP) carrying around pink purses and wearing lipstick?
Are these men responsibly dangerous? And by the way… I'm not against fringe expression, you do YOU!
It just does not need to be touted as “the normal” in magazines because little boys and girls are taking this in unconsciously and growing up to wear dresses and think men are weak by nature.
Again, I'm not against expression, so if people want to do that, then go for it! Just don't put it on the cover of a magazine and blast it out as a PSYOP.
True masculinity rests from a spaciousness of the capacity to protect by lethal force if necessary.
When you strive for equality and inclusivity among men and women viewed as completely the same with no gender differentiation, you do not only lose masculinity, but then you start to degrade the entire male and female genders.
There are no more good men to look up to and no strong men to be modeled from.
As a byproduct, men STOP becoming dangerous and capable, and they START becoming gushy, effeminate expressions of the shadow inside the true divine masculine.

Anti-male, anti-man?

One argument against unhealthy feminism is that it is anti-male. Some people believe that 5th-wave feminists seek to elevate women at the expense of men and that they view men as the enemy.
This can be no more clearly viewed then in the Piers Morgan uncensored interview titled “Men SHOULD Be Frightened!” Ava debates Panel on MeToo Movement’s Effect On Men” where the data shows young men are terrified of approaching young women because the idea of it being construed as sexual assault scares them from even attempting.
As the pendulum of the “MeToo” movement has swung so hard to the left, we are now seeing the detrimental effects of this pendulum where it is impacting birth and fertility rates due to the seed of fear of societal castration that has been planted in the minds of young men.
Sadly, because of unhealthy 5th-wave feminism, many men are so afraid to approach a woman that they would rather just go play video games and get soft, both mentally and physically. And for every woman listening right now, I want you to feel this and answer this:
Do you really want a man who grows up like this and becomes a man who doesn't pursue you, is afraid of you and plays video games all day?
Or would you like a man that has the courage to approach you, to let you know with his energy and words that he is an emotionally regulated and safe provider, who pursues you, who wants to date you, and who is mentally and physically capable of protecting you?
Which one do you resonate more with? We all know the answer. Because when a woman feels that a man is afraid of her, it will elicit the emotion of disgust – not of trust and attraction.

Victim mentality + Marxism

Another argument against feminism is that it promotes a victim mentality and has always been a core teaching of Marxism; the main goal of Marxism is to achieve a classless society throughout the world and also has an ideology in modernity that there is no gender difference between men and women.
A few key points about Marxism + feminism:
• Marxism and feminism are ideological perspectives of power in society.
• They seek to level natural differences in competence, skill, ambition, ability, and economic or genetic inheritance.
• Women were hoodwinked by feminism to believe they have no power and are victims of men.
Victim mentality in 5th-wave feminism is a type of thinking that can occur when an individual believes they are constantly subjected to unfair treatment, leading them to feel powerless and unable to take action.
Many times someone stuck in this vibration will then seek out permanent victimhood, which can justify their eventual anger, outburst, violence, and malevolence towards their perceived aggressor.
This type of mentality can have damaging effects on an individual’s mental health, as well as their ability to make positive changes in their life.
It may also lead individuals to become overly dependent on external validation from others or lack the resilience necessary for dealing with difficult situations.
In order for the collective unconscious to overcome the 5th-wave feminism victim mentality, it is important for an individual to recognize this type of thinking and identify its root causes.
The root cause is Wetiko, with the Native American translation: Mind Virus. You can learn more about this Wetiko concept and start protecting yourself from this mind virus by heading over to

Was feminism a PSYOP to get women to pay more taxes to the government?

“The nuclear family must be destroyed…whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process,” hailed Feminist Linda Gordon.
By ushering women out of the home to make a living alongside their husbands in offices and in the labor force, this labor force effectively doubled – keeping the wages down for employers and raising the numbers of human beings that the state and the federal government can tax.
This truth is BIG and I really want you to pause and take it in when it comes to feminism:
  • Started out pure, and it has become poisoned and appropriated by the clutches of the largest banking families and the US government in the name of taxes.
  • Dramatically increases the wealth of those already most wealthy and increases the reliance of Americans on the state where they live.
  • Paradoxically makes the single-income household, the final frontier of liberty for families.
If you are triggered by this idea, I offer you this question to consider:
What is a more than a perfect way for children to grow up to be monetized by propaganda then if both of their parents are out of the home and working, which offers children no protection against the clutches of unconscious capitalism's narratives?
I will say that again, in different words:
When a mother and a father do not have direct access throughout the entire day to what their children are being fed mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, how are they protected from the wetiko of wokeness?
This type of upbringing places the shaping of the mind and body of children into the hands of the federal government and the state, and out of the hands of protection from a loving, nuclear family.

Subconscious Emasculation: the hidden subversion of PSYOP language

Let's shift gears and talk about subconscious emasculation via feminism.
One of the primary reasons why men are becoming emasculated and feminized by modern culture is the portrayal of men in popular media. In movies, TV shows, and advertisements, men are often depicted as bumbling, incompetent, and in need of a woman's help.
Listen to the podcast with Jon Vroman on Wellness + Wisdom titled “Dumbing Down Dad? Why Media Demonstrates Fathers As Useless + Why We Need Conscious Front Row Dads Now More Than Ever” by going to to learn more about this onslaught.
This portrayal of men in media reinforces the stereotype that men are weak and that women are the superior gender.
Additionally, men are being taught that traditional masculine traits such as assertiveness, competitiveness, and aggression are negative qualities.
Men are now encouraged to be more emotional, compassionate, and nurturing, which are traditionally feminine traits.
While there is nothing inherently wrong with these traits, men are being taught to suppress their natural masculine tendencies and replace them with feminine ones.

The education system is also playing a role in the emasculation of men

Boys are falling behind in schools, and the curriculum is often geared towards girls' strengths. Boys are not encouraged to be physically active or competitive, which are traits that are essential to masculine development. Instead, boys are encouraged to sit still, listen, and be obedient.
This type of education system is not conducive to masculine development, and it is causing boys to fall behind and lose their sense of masculinity.
Many jobs that were once dominated by men are now being filled by women.
Another factor contributing to the feminization of men is the changing dynamics of the workplace.
Men are being told that they need to be more like women to succeed in the workplace, which reinforces the stereotype that femininity is superior to masculinity.
This shift in the workplace is leading to men feeling emasculated and unsure of their role in society. Media and the education systems are not the only factors contributing to the feminization of men. The rise of social media has also had an impact on how men view themselves.
Social media has created an environment where people are constantly comparing themselves to others. Men are being bombarded with images of other men who are more attractive, more successful, and more masculine. This constant comparison is leading to many men feeling inadequate and emasculated.

Where do we go from here, how do we lovingly find a solution?

In conclusion, men are becoming emasculated and feminized by modern 5th-wave feminism culture due to a combination of various factors.
The portrayal of men in popular media, the changing dynamics of the workplace, and the education system are all contributing to the feminization of men.
While there is nothing inherently wrong with men embracing feminine traits, it is essential to recognize the importance of traditional masculine traits such as assertiveness, competitiveness, and aggression.
It is essential to strike a balance between the two and recognize that both energies of masculine and feminine are essential for a healthy, well-rounded individual.
British author G. K. Chesterton has said, “Feminism is a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”
For over a 100 years, women (and even men) have bought and sold the idea that joining the workforce and paying income tax would be a path to their liberation, independence, and freedom.
So perhaps you get to ask yourself today: who is it really that has benefitted the most from this fundamental restructuring of families and society with the illusion of “the war of the sexes?”
It hasn't been families, men, or women – it's been corporations and the government. I want to congratulate you for sticking with me to the end as I know this is a challenging subject.
If you breathe deeply and take home into your heart and mind what I have shared today, I believe that this will help us find a loving solution to this wounding from 5th-wave feminism.
At the end of the day, we all must honor and love our differences as men and women.
We must stop spotlighting mental health conditions like gender dysphoria as normal and babbling on inside of conversations of division and separation between men and women.

The insanity must stop: please share this podcast with your friends and family.

We must take a deep breath and a deep emotional inventory about how we can (with love) rebuild the sacred sexual polarity between men and women.
Starting with the way that we think about ourselves as sexual, sovereign, sacred human beings. And how we project that belief of love and of worthiness onto our intimate partners, friends, and families.
Learn more about how to positively rebuild the sacred sexual polarity with men and women again:
Get Dr. Kelly Brogan MD's course “Sovereignty Series” and save 20% off the course. Use code: “JOSH20” here.
It's a personal living library of curated sovereignty resources you won't find anywhere else.
Until I see you again on another podcast I'm wishing you love and wellness.

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