Codie Sanchez | Freedom From Financial Slavery: How To Use “Contrarian Thinking” To Rewire Your Mind For Wealth

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 561

What motivates you to work on your dreams?

codie sanchezIn this episode, Codie Sanchez, founder + CEO of Contrarian Thinking, joins Josh Trent to explain why money is freedom, why you need to think for yourself, how creating a villain in your life can push you forward, what it takes to be a contrarian, what steps you can take to achieve financial freedom, and what makes successful people different from others.

“If you look at the amount of people that capitalism has pulled out of poverty, as measured by countries that have actually instituted it as opposed to taken it away, the numbers don't lie. There are huge issues with it but it is the only one that we can categorically say continues to lift people out of poverty. I think what we actually need to do, we need to export more people into ownership.”Codie Sanchez

In This Episode, Codie Sanchez Uncovers:

[01:30] Money = Power + Freedom

[14:10] Your Curiosity Will Get You The Answers You Need

  • Codie's upbringing and how her father raised her to empower her.
  • Curiosity is where you find the answers.
  • Money is not evil.
  • Her experience working at Vanguard.

[25:30] Think for Yourself

[33:05] Extrinsic + Intrinsic Motivation

[43:05] Overcoming The Struggle Phase

  • Why her finance background was coming from masculine energy.
  • How not having sun exposure made her move from Chicago.
  • Why the struggle phase separates successful people from others.
  • The criteria for choosing the people in your life.

[53:30] Creating a Villain + Path of Least Resistance

[01:03:20] Financial Intelligence

[01:09:30] From Scarcity to Generosity

[01:17:05] Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Power Quotes From The Show

Skin in The Game

“A lot of humans are acting without skin in the game because they don't have equity, upside in their job, or don't own any assets. They don't have things to lose so that becomes the tragedy of the commons which is when everybody's responsible for somebody and nobody takes care of it.” – Codie Sanchez

Put On an Armor

“In order for us to succeed through life, we need to put on armor. And the armor in my case is often the exact opposite of what people think it is. It's a reminder of all the things that I've been able to overcome over the years. When difficult things happen to you, if you can alter them, you can really move forward in a way that nothing really hurts anymore.” – Codie Sanchez

Contrarian Thinking

“If you were to go out to a group of 100 people and ask them: “Do you think that you think well?” The answer of most people would be “Of course, yes.” And that's why we're crazy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because we don't actually question our ability to frame our own individual thoughts which is a huge mistake. The smartest, richest, happiest people I know question everything, including themselves. They question most themselves.” – Codie Sanchez

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About Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez | Freedom From Financial Slavery: How "Contrarian Thinking" Transcends Maslow's HierarchyCodie Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Contrarian Thinking, a critical thinking and financial media company with over 3 million subscribers and 100 million views a month.

She also runs Contrarian Capital, a small business holding company that does $50 million in annual reviews and a venture fund focused on infrastructure for main street businesses.

Codie is a former private equity investor across Latin America, Cannabis, and micro-private equity deals. She started as a journalist and now sits on the boards of the Permian Capital Hedge Fund, Magma Partners Chilean Venture Fund, and E-commerce Fuel Investment Fund.

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