Iana Lahi | BE The Humanity Blueprint: How Cellular Coded Emotions & DNA Create Reality

“DNA is shifted and changed through bringing light which is an expression of love which is positive, masculine energy. As we work to bring in a new design of light into our present paradigm, it's about bringing the light inwards. Spirit Gateways is a higher octave divine work to bring who you are from the coded emotions, DNA, and trauma into your true self so you can live the life that you really are here to live.” – Iana Lahi

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 399

Visionary Spiritual Leader, Global Evolutionary Empowerment Teacher, and Creator of BE: The Humanity Blueprint and Founder of Spirit Gateways, Iana Lahi, explores the spiritual courage it takes to live freely, how being connected to your true self helps you make better decisions, and her Abandon, Betray, Reject (ABR) Formula to help people achieve their deepest healing.

Are you ready to BE ONE with your True Self and create your destiny?

Discover Iana's BE: The Humanity Blueprint and how it helps people move through their existing body and mind patterns to reach liberation.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘The big ‘T' trauma makes us feel like we don't exist. When we get caught in the dark of our own psyche, we have to spend the time shining the light of our highest octave.' – Iana Lahi” quote=”‘The big ‘T' trauma makes us feel like we don't exist. When we get caught in the dark of our own psyche, we have to spend the time shining the light of our highest octave.' – Iana Lahi”]

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Listen To Episode 399 As Iana Lahi Uncovers:


[1:30] Discovering Your True Self

  • BE: The Humanity Blueprint
  • Her journey and how she has grown since the age of 14 when she began to seek truth in life.
  • Exploring the Humanity Blueprint she has created and how it helps people move through their existing body and mind patterns to reach liberation.
  • Why some of our decisions aren’t always 100% ours and we must be ready to receive our own true self.
  • What the False Self is and how we get trapped in an energy struggle between it and our True Self.
  • Why we feel so much self-doubt, poor self-worth, and feel like we don’t matter when we’re not connected with the True Self.
  • What the BE Work is at Spirit Gateways and how it will help you reconnect to the truth and power that’s already inside of yourself.

[6:30] The Spiritual Courage To Live Freely

  • How being connected to your True Self will help you make clear decisions instead of being pulled by the False Self.
  • Her teachings on the brain intelligence when it comes to the unintegrated and unprocessed emotional trauma we all experience.
  • Why the subconscious mind is actually in both the brain and the body.
  • How the body mind is literally one and thus full intelligence is a 360 degree perspective.
  • Why we also disconnect from our brain intelligence when we disconnect from our True Selves.
  • How we can tap into the existing power centers and life force energies in our body.
  • Exploring how to heal trauma and looping thoughts that we all experience.
  • The power point core center we all have located in the navel and how we received information both from our mothers and fathers while in the womb.
  • Words and energy parents can use to welcome and bring their child into this world.

[14:30] Truth & Trauma: What Is Blocking You?

  • Why it’s impossible to feel our own truth when we’re being traumatized.
  • The challenge we face with our own existence when we face trauma.
  • Exploring the power of the solar plexus or as she calls it, our “true brain.”
  • The practice of becoming whole by opening your heart and looking for the light within.
  • Josh’s experience working with Iana and how she has helped him heal.
  • Uncovering what is blocking you from healing and being with your True Self.
  • Why a man’s relationship with his father is crucial to work with and find who you are instead of your father being in the body.
  • How men will embody their father’s and mother’s psyche in their body.
  • Why the first step for a man or a woman to heal their trauma is to go deep within to find their inner child and see them with love.
  • How you will meet the parts of your spiritual power that you had to leave behind to survive during the BE work.

[24:00] Shift Your DNA: Create Your Destiny

  • Why we shouldn’t be asking, “How do we get more peace on earth?” but “How do I free myself from the parts of me that I haven’t processed yet so that I can have peace within me.”
  • Unpacking why pain is such a vital source to help people ask the right questions.
  • Her experience being trained in over 20 different modalities yet felt like she herself didn’t feel healed yet.
  • How her work combines science and spirit meeting in the body in a really practical way.
  • Why we have to face our pain in order to heal our separation from the True Self.
  • The fact that women avoid their pain just as much as men.
  • How a woman can make real conscious use of their moon time to go through their emotions and find their peace.
  • Why you shouldn't just ask yourself, “Who am I?” but “Who am I not?”
  • Exploring our cellular encoded emotions that have been passed down to us from our parents’ DNA.
  • How we can look at our ancestry and choose what we want to bring forward by first focusing on bringing love into each moment.

[34:30] The Two Kinds Of Dark That Exist

  • Exploring the capital ‘T’ and lower case ‘t’ trauma that we all experience, epigenetic expression, and spiritual science.
  • What happens at a cellular level for the nervous system when the body experiences trauma.
  • Light Mastery Academy
  • How people can become addicted to their pain that they feel like only someone else can truly heal it.
  • Breaking down the science side of spiritual exploration and how we can naturally heal ourselves.
  • How the cells do change and rejuvenate when they release the toxins.
  • The process that Spirit Gateways will take you on to help you open your third eye and be in alignment with your soul.
  • Exploring both the masculine and the feminine components of ourselves that make up our souls.
  • The two kinds of dark that exist: the dark that happens when we turn away from the light and the feminine dark that is pure creation.
  • The responsibility that women have to enlighten their feminine self by bringing up their own anger, grief, and fear.
  • How men must make use of the feminine energy which is the light and core of the earth.

[50:00] The Abandon Betray and Reject (ABR) Formula

  • The ABR Formula that Iana has created and how it’s taught to us at a young age.
  • Iana’s own healing journey and how she discovered that she had abandoned, betrayed, and rejected herself because of the way she was treated as a young child.
  • How her family structure was built in such a place that her ABR became more intense for her and she had decided to abandon her voice and her light to try and get love.
  • The fact that our culture and society is created to make us abandon, betray, and reject ourselves.
  • How to know if you are stuck in the cycle of ABR: you find yourself relating too much to the external and are afraid of what people are thinking about you or you are always seeking acceptance.
  • The benefits of finding just 5 minutes out of your day to be silent and allow ourselves to stop stimulation and distraction from social media.
  • Taking the time to recognize how you avoid yourself and examples of how she’s done it to herself.

[1:00:30] Exploring Societal ABR with Sex & Intimacy

  • Examples of societal ABR formulas such as with Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ compared to true sexual connection and intimacy.
  • How companies are taking advantage of people with this ABR Formula.
  • Why the core of distorted sexuality is self-hatred and self-remorse.
  • What steps we can take to come back to God, our sexual essence, and heart by honoring our feminine energy.
  • Exploring just how severe the damage of pornography really is for people.
  • Words of advice she would give to someone who is dealing with the dark energy of pornography.

[1:09:00] The Process Of Discovery, Awakening, and Integration

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Light is the fastest way to heal at the cellular level but first we have to bring forth what's in the dark recesses of ourselves up and go through that pain process.' – Iana Lahi” quote=”‘Light is the fastest way to heal at the cellular level but first we have to bring forth what's in the dark recesses of ourselves up and go through that pain process.' – Iana Lahi”]

Healing Your Trauma With Spirit Gateways

“The Big ‘T' trauma makes us feel like we don't exist. When we get caught in the dark of our own psyche, we have to spend the time shining the light of our highest octave, which is about 10-20 feet above our heads, down into the body where that trapped biological DNA and spiritual part of ourselves exist and literally rescue ourselves. We are ending all codependent behaviors because we are now in an interdependent relationship with ourselves as we literally bring what has been hiding, stuffed away up into the light within our heart. So, the only requirement to do the Spirit Gateways work is to be willing to feel your heart; even if it's for a moment.” – Iana Lahi

How To Open Your Third Eye

“When you cleanse your body and your mind, then you're able to release all of what you've received from your ancestors. Once you've continued to stay with the Spirit Gateways' work, then your third eye will open. When your third eye is connected with your heart center, you will come in alignment with your solar plexus in the navel lower belly root center. Once you are aligned and you stay in alignment, you're able to heal that deep DNA at the cellular level. Light is the fastest way to heal at the cellular level but first we have to bring forth what's in the dark recesses of ourselves up and go through that pain process.” – Iana Lahi

Why We Must Face Our Pain

“The work that I do is a combination of science and Spirit meeting in the body in a really practical way. We have to face what hurts; the pain inside of ourselves is created from the separation from our original self. In order to heal that gap, we have to face the pain. The pain causes the suffering and it could be thoughts; pain doesn't necessarily have to be physical but once it manifests on the physical level it's telling us that we have to go do the emotional and psychological awakening work of realizing who we are at our core.” – Iana Lahi

Links From Today's Show 

About Iana Lahi

Iana Lahi is a Visionary Spiritual Leader and Global Evolutionary Empowerment Teacher who teaches the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.

The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ assists men and women from all walks of life, all professions, and all cultures into the full illumination of their True Self through direct connection to Infinite Source.

As a Divine Messenger and Master Healer, Ms. Lahi guides each person through their deepest fragmentations into the Heart of Oneness™. and illumination. Iana initiates each person into the light and love within their body by teaching them how to unlock the original love and power within their mind, heart, and soul.

Iana's Work As A Spiritual Advisor

As a Spiritual Advisor and Seer for more than 45 years, Ms. Lahi guides men and women through the eye of the needle of their heart and soul to remember and implement their life blueprint that they came here to live.

As a Wayshower of the Soul, Iana masterfully guides individuals to reconstruct their life to realize and live their highest vision and soul purpose, fulfill the circle of their life, expand, evolve and enlighten their soul journey, and to initiate their relationship, career, life work, sexual, creative, financial and business potential to a higher octave through BEing their True Self.

As a Soul Initiator, Iana works directly with Infinite Source to birth the Divine Universal Intelligence found within one’s True Self to assist individuals to experience liberation from suffering and pain.

Original Way Teachings

Iana's gifts help men and women breakthrough into new levels of divine union, freedom, empowered expression, self-realization, and heightened success in business and financial endeavors, creative mastery, entrepreneurial endeavors, leadership, relationship fulfillment, artistic brilliance, parenting, career legacy, enlightened sexuality, health, and personal joy to live a liberated life.

The creator of the Original Way Teachings™, Ms. Lahi assists women and men from all backgrounds, races, and nationalities how to create an empowered, authentic and successful life while simultaneously healing soul level karmic, sanskaric, and ancestral-familial patterns that block full realization of BEing One with Source—while BEing their True Self in action.

Iana Lahi – Initiate Higher Will


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