Greg Schmaus | Healing Your Core Archetypes: Living free From Self Sabotage + Reclaiming Your Power (NOW)

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 571

Are you aware of the archetypes that are stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Greg SchmausGreg Schmaus, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 571, to share how core archetypes represent your relationship with your own power, why you should heal your inner child, and what it takes to break generational patterns and become at peace with your life.

“Ego is a collection of archetypes that protect the safety and security of your inner child. You're not really able to ascend into higher states of consciousness that 30,000 foot vantage point until you've healed your inner child. Because the vulnerability of your inner child will always keep pulling you back down.” – Greg Schmaus

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Our core archetypes represent our relationship with our own power. We often give away our power to ensure safety and security. On this journey together, we will reclaim our personal power and move towards greater freedom and empowerment.

healing your core archetypes

Understand The Root Cause: What is the true root cause of my illness? Why do some people heal and others do not? When we understand our core survival archetypes, we unpack the true origins of our current health challenges.

Unpack Your Soul Contracts: Once we have explored our core archetypes, we begin to see the contracts that we have come into this lifetime to work through. We heal our core wounds and reclaim the medicine within.

Unlock Your Potential: As we explore our core archetypes and review our old contracts, we begin to reclaim our personal power and align with our highest potential. We access the unique gift that we are here to share with the world.

  • Heal your inner child.
  • Rewrite your victim story.
  • Overcome self-sabotage.
  • Reclaim your self-worth.
  • Heal your mother and father lineage.
  • Access your own divinity.

In This Episode, Greg Schmaus Uncovers:

[01:30] Healing Your Core Archetypes

[05:10] The World Is Your Mirror

  • How archetypes help us understand collective patterns.
  • Unpacking how external patterns show us our own internal patterns.
  • Why you should use what's happening in the world as a reflection of your psyche to help you heal.
  • The contracts that Greg healed in himself using archetypes.
  • Why our initial contracts give us security but don't work long-term.

[10:50] Why You Need to Heal Your Inner Child

[16:35] The Four Archetypes of Survival

  • The seven core archetypes.
  • Caroline Myss
  • Why the four survival archetypes are the foundation of the other three archetypes.
  • Describing each of the four archetypes of survival.
  • How Greg created his own victim contract to get his emotional needs met.
  • Why we unconsciously self-sabotage our success and power.
  • How the prostitute archetypes seek guarantee over taking risks.
  • Why we shouldn't get our needs met through pain.

[24:50] Generational Patterns: Break The Cycle

  • Why knowing about the archetypes is not enough to heal old wounds.
  • The patterns that parents pass on to their children.
  • Why Greg added three more archetypes as an expression of repeated patterns.
  • If we don't heal our wounds, we'll project them onto our children.
  • How trauma is passed from generation to generation.

[30:00] Don't Get Stuck in Time

  • Why Josh believes everything is happening for us, not to us.
  • How trauma leaves us stuck in time to protect our core wounds.
  • Why life puts situations in your way that are helping us heal.
  • Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday
  • Why the soul doesn't have an enemy, only the ego has it.

[35:00] Letting Go + Becoming at Peace with Life

[40:00] Dream A New Dream

[45:35] The Healing Spiral + Collective Patterns

[52:40] Healing Parental Wounds + The Sacred Masculine

  • How the relationship with our mother and father defines how we receive ourselves and how we think others receive us.
  • Why the sacred masculine is a container for the feminine.
  • The emptiness of compassion.
  • How inner healing allows the masculine to become a strong container.

[59:45] Expressing Your Needs to Your Partner

  • Why we need to communicate our needs.
  • The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz
  • How the survival archetypes interfere with conscious communication.
  • The four parts of Greg's archetype healing method:
    • Part 1: What the archetype is.
    • Part 2: Meditation to connect with the archetype inside you.
    • Part 3: EFT practice + speaking + energetic clearing.
    • Part 4: Journaling + integration.

[01:05:55] The Imago Dei Archetype: The Image of God

  • Why the Imago Dei is the original archetype.
  • How our beliefs around God and death trigger the other archetypes.
  • Why our relationship with God is directly related to our intuition.
  • How life can do the healing work on you by just participating in life.
  • The difference between danger and discomfort.

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Power Quotes From The Show

The Ego Protects You

“Our ego is always trying to protect what life is always trying to annihilate. Life has a target on your core wounds because the universe knows that until you heal those core wounds, you're always going to be brought back down to that level of development. You're going to attract situations in life that are going to give you an opportunity to heal core wounds that you experienced as a child.” – Greg Schmaus

Collective Wounds

“A lot of times we have this illusion that if we keep revisiting things or the same things keep coming up, it means we haven't healed that in ourselves. Which maybe that's true but I think there's a possibility that that's not true. A lot of the things that we're healing within ourselves are not actually ours personally. They're collective patterns that we're voluntarily working through as a way of transmuting that energy out of the collective.”Greg Schmaus

Intuition = Relationship with God

“Your relationship with God directly connects to your relationship with your intuition. Your intuition is an expression of the higher self that's guiding you towards your potential which a lot of times goes against what feels safe and familiar. If you're still in your survival archetype, always needing to go to self-preservation, you're going to override intuition to always go into that self-preservation because the two are in conflict. Once you heal these survival archetypes, you're in a different relationship with truth. And when you're in a different relationship with truth, now it can come in without as much interference from all of these survival parts telling you why it is not a good idea.”Greg Schmaus

Your Power Is Your Energy

“Where you give your power away is where you give your energy away. Where you give your energy away is where you give your vitality away.” – Greg Schmaus

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About Greg Schmaus

greg schmausGreg Schmaus is the CEO of Healing 4D, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Massage Therapist. He is the creator of “Healing The Mind” and “Healing Your Core Archetypes” programs.

With a fully integrated approach to physical and mental health, Greg supports students across the world in gaining understanding and meaning to their healing journey.

Through his online programs and personal client coaching, Greg guides students and clients towards higher awareness, empowerment, and freedom in their lives through authentic lifestyle practices.

Over the past decade, Greg has coached countless clients with various physical and mental health challenges; integrating the lessons of many of his great teachers and mentors, including Paul Chek and Alberto Villoldo.

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