Bizzie Gold: Break Method | Why Instinct And Intuition Are Not The Same (Rewiring The Subconscious)

“When your intuition is actually at odds with or goes against your current belief system, that's a really great checkpoint. Intuition should be completely free and removed from any of your beliefs, patterns, and perception of what you're even seeing. Instinct is more aligned with that emotional response with survival. Going with your gut is that survival instinct. Instinct, to me, has a much more specific architecture than intuition which doesn't really follow any set structure.”  – Bizzie Gold

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 375

Founder of The Break Method, Author of The Self Study workbook, and Host of The Modern Good Podcast, Bizzie Gold, explains how to break free from the puppet masters, the real root of rewiring the subconscious mind, how we can build the world we want to live in, and how to work with your triggers so that you come from a place of love and not fear.

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How can you tell when it's time to tap into your intuition or instinct?

Discover why intuition and instinct are not the same, how to not get stuck in your thought loops, and the permission slip you can give yourself to let go of that war.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘When your intuition is actually at odds with or goes against your current belief system, that's a really great checkpoint. Intuition should be completely free. Instinct is more aligned with your survival response.' – @BizzieGold ” quote=”‘When your intuition is actually at odds with or goes against your current belief system, that's a really great checkpoint. Intuition should be completely free. Instinct is more aligned with your survival response.' – @BizzieGold “]

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Listen To Episode 375 As Bizzie Gold Uncovers:


[1:30] We Are Spiritual Technology

  • The Break Method
  • The Modern Good Podcast
  • The Self Study workbook
  • Unpacking what The Break Method is and her journey from over the last decade.
  • The obstacles she has faced as the CEO and Founder of several companies as they grew more and more.
  • Her team's goal to draw in more men to The Break Method to help them along their journey towards self-discovery.
  • Why she considers humans to be spiritual technology or an organic computer.
  • What's really going on as our minds are under attack with the mainstream media creating chaos and confusion in 2020.
  • Why fear during the COVID-19 pandemic isn't just about the virus but also about life and if things will ever go back to being normal.
  • How the brain functions to keep us safe including rewiring our thought patterns.
  • What happens to us when we're constantly safe or at peace and don't explore what we're afraid of or try new things.

[18:30] Welcoming In The Triggered Experience To Break Patterns

  • Inside Out trailer
  • What steps you can take if you're feeling triggered by fear or the unknown.
  • The Break Method's process of actually putting you through triggering environments to rewire your brain's response in the exact moment.
  • How to cut out the bullshit from your own story and start to realize that the way our brain's pattern wants us to perceive information is not only extremely objectively but incredibly subjective.
  • What steps people in power have taken to groom and prime people to make them believe they have ‘perceived' freedom and choice.
  • How the people in power have, over time, had to ability to control the metanarrative and make us believe that we have a choice when it's actually a perceived choice.
  • Questions we can start asking ourselves to gain back control of our thoughts, beliefs, and choices.
  • Why she loves being triggered and exploring different opinions to help her grow and be more conscious.

[27:00] Breaking Free From The Puppet Masters

  • How she's able to hear different opinions without getting upset about them by having so much compassion and empathy for how mind controlled they have been.
  • What steps we can take to discuss different opinions without triggering the other person by being kind to them, fully listening to their side, and being open with positive body language.
  • Unpacking ow we can perceive the same story from different perceptions but they can change if we hear another version of it over and over again.
  • How different people and organizations from our family to the school system and religious organizations shape us in their form and we follow along because we want to be loved and accepted.
  • Projections of physical, mental, and emotional health and behaviors that have been brought unto us by our families.
  • The projection society tells us from how to act, look, and what to do in order to be accepted by all.
  • How we can pivot our mindset, behaviors, and beliefs once we're aware of our puppet masters.
  • Childhood patterns that she has inherited and developed from her family.

[43:00] Letting Go Of Outside Narratives To Create Your Truth

  • The trauma she went through as she almost died and her daughter, Sarai. died during a home childbirth before being resuscitated 20 minutes later and now having cerebral palsy.
  • How she pushed back to live her own reality and help her daughter do all of these incredible things despite what doctors would say about her cerebral palsy.
  • The deep depression that followed Bizzie's partner and Sarai's biological father which then led to his suicide.
  • The blame that Bizzie's partner put on her for wanting to have a home childbirth and the impact that had on her health.
  • How those past experiences helped Bizzie grow to where she is today.
  • How to cognitively hold your own, hold your own truth, and fight back against those who tell you otherwise.

[52:30] How We Fall Victim To The Mass Media

  • Caroline Myss
  • Why so many people like Bizzie and other healers such as Wim Hoff have gone through their own incredible thresholds to come to where they are today.
  • The power of serving from your wound, not your victim's story.
  • How mass media right now is created to make us see these stories from the victims' lenses.
  • The two sides of how mass media affects us and comparing one set of patterns where the person is less likely to fall for metanarratives and the other that is highly susceptible to fall into victimhood.
  • Facing Fear, Feeding Courage with Mark Divine

[58:00] Social Programming Of The Feminine And Masculine Selves

  • Breaking down why an emotional response is masculine and not feminine.
  • The difference between feminine and masculine energies and why she sees them as water and fire.
  • Why our body automatically responds the way it does with feelings of sadness, jealousy, and anger with no lag time between the stimulus and our response.
  • Examples of social programming including the forced idea that women are so emotional.
  • How to tap into your masculine and feminine energetics depending on what's going on in the background.
  • The key differences between instinct and intuition.
  • Why it's so important to do the work to remove your fear patterns to trust that the intuition you're feeling is true intuition.
  • How the masculine and feminine selves play different roles with intuition and intention.

[1:07:30] Why Instinct And Intuition Are Not The Same

  • The fact that when your intuition goes against your beliefs, that's an excellent checkpoint.
  • What sensations and guidance we feel with instinct compared to intuition.
  • Why we don't want to demonize instinct because there's a lot that we can learn from it and it can have a positive ripple effect in the world.
  • How the brain taps into our instinct to help keep us safe every day of our lives.
  • Why instinct helps us create healthy boundaries to protect us from harm.
  • How we can apply logic to rewire the brain when we're not actually in dangerous situations.

[1:14:30] Unstick Yourself From Emotional Healing

  • What to avoid so that you do not get stuck in the process of healing.
  • Her message to people who are self-help junkies.
  • Why people find themselves in perpetual cycles of healing instead of becoming healed.
  • How to allow yourself to move on from awareness and begin to the embodiment process of healing during your wellness journey.
  • Their process of teaching people not only to address conscious decision making but to actually tangibly rewire their subconscious along the way.
  • What self-trust actually is and how you can cultivate that in your life.
  • Why the real work happens when you do it yourself without any codependency.
  • How you can change the world by changing the way you react to people that you don't even know in day to day situations.
  • The importance of being responsible and 100% committed to reparenting yourself.
  • How The Break Method will help guide you along your journey to self-mastery.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘When you learn how to essentially cut out the bullshit from your own story, you start to realize that the way your brain pattern wants you to perceive information is not only not objectively true but very subjective.' – @BizzieGold ” quote=”‘When you learn how to essentially cut out the bullshit from your own story, you start to realize that the way your brain pattern wants you to perceive information is not only not objectively true but very subjective.' – @BizzieGold “]

The Right Approach To Rewiring The Brain

“So, what's important to remember is no. 1 – your brain is there to keep you safe. When we look out at the macro vs. micro-scale, the macro scale is really capitalizing on our brain's survival instinct right now. Our brain is going to learn all of its pattern of survival really in early childhood and we're then going to see the world, experience, and consume information really only from that pattern until we've done something to intentionally rewire the pattern. Even for the people who feel like they've done a lot of “work,” that work doesn't follow a structure or actually navigate from awareness all the way through to action and then rewiring. They find awareness of certain things but there isn't actually a strategy to biologically repair those patterns. I know healing for a lot of people wants to feel like this fluid, timeless very yin type of energy but that's not actually how the brain needs to be rewired.” – Bizzie Gold

Breaking False Beliefs & Patterns

“When you learn how to essentially cut out the bullshit from your own story, you start to realize that the way your brain pattern wants you to perceive information is not only not objectively true but it's incredibly subjective and it is completely tainted and co-mingled with every pattern that you've ever carried with you in life. If you can peel away these layers, you can actually start to see what the truth is without being primed toward a specific opinion or viewpoint.” – Bizzie Gold

Cultivating Self-Trust

“Oftentimes we see that when a child has the ability to authentically be themselves and if that is somehow perceived to be at odds with how “we do things in the family” or how your religion is supposed to make you be, that child often gets negative feedback or feeling rejection for things that just feel inherently to be themselves. So, then the child learns to shut that down because they think that being themselves is not safe and they reflexively become a people pleaser or try to hide. There is so much of that prevalent in our society and then again is capitalized by these larger structures.” – Bizzie Gold

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About Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold: Break Method | Why Instinct And Intuition Are Not The Same (Rewiring The Subconscious)Dubbed “the millennial voice of personal development,” Bizzie Gold infuses her teaching and speaking engagements with the core belief that we should build the world we want to live in – not just complain about it.
INDUSTRY DISRUPTIVE SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR With 5 global brands held be her successful Buti Inc. parent company, this mom of 2 knows how to shake up an industry and carve an innovative path with laser-focus.


A testament to the millennial mindset, Gold grew 5 global brands by bootstrapping, staying to true to her vision and not allowing the fear of disrupting a 9 Billion dollar industry get in her head. This multifaceted-mama travels the world speaking, teaching and inspiring the masses to BUILD the world they want to live in – not just complain about it. When Gold isn't speaking in front of a packed house or appearing on TV, she can be found in the kitchen cooking up paleo-friendly meals for her family or helping her 7 year old daughter Sarai achieve her goal to be the world's first special needs supermodel.

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