Dr. Dan Engle & Dr. Josh Flowers: Neuro-Optimization & Healing Brain Injuries

Dr. Dan Engle Dr. Josh Flowers

“It takes more than just medicine for the body to heal; it takes an entire shift in awareness.” – Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Josh Flowers

What are the latest developments in healing traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and depression?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 325

Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Josh Flowers of The Revive Treatment Centers of America join host, Josh Trent, in Wellness + Wisdom episode 325 to explain how to overcome the idea that you are your injury, explore how psychedelics and ketamine can optimize brain health post-injury, and why everyone heals differently.

Discover how brain injuries, PTSD, and depression can be healed with the tools that Dr. Engle and Dr. Flowers are skilled in facilitating at Revive Treatment Centers of America.


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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘It takes more than just medicine for the body to heal; it takes an entire shift in awareness.' – @ReviveCenters ” quote=”‘It takes more than just medicine for the body to heal; it takes an entire shift in awareness.' – @ReviveCenters “]

Revive Treatment Centers

Listen To Episode 325 As Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Josh Flowers Uncover:

[1:30] Shifting From Illness & Trauma To Health & Happiness

  • Dr. Josh Flowers
  • The Revive Treatment Centers of America
  • Cured Nutrition
  • Why it takes not just medicine but an entire shift in awareness for the body to heal.
  • The origin story of Revive Treatment Centers of America and how the name was chosen. (8:30)
  • Their approach to helping patients from both a physiological and psychosomatic approach.
  • How patients develop the mentality that they're never going to heal from their brain injury and how Revive is helping them breakthrough that idea. (10:30)
  • What steps they take to help patients see that change isn't a bad thing and come to grips that their health is improving and it can get even better.
  • Why we allow trauma to become our identity and how to let that idea go for good. (11:30)
  • The fact that you can't treat everyone with the same approach; each individual will need a different treatment plan and approach.

[13:50] Resiliency For The Heart, Body, Mind, And Soul

  • How to grow more resilient each day: heart, body, mind, and soul.
  • Why challenges can be the push we need to become more resilient, aware, and whole human beings.
  • How their programs are designed to help people shift from a victim mentality to a strong sense of empowerment.
  • The science behind constitutional wiring as a foundation of understanding how a person will react to trauma. (15:00)
  • How our personalities and whether we're more right or left-brained can impact our recovery from a brain injury. (19:00)
  • Why having a good balance between the right and left brain hemispheres is important for having a strong approach to healing.

[22:50] Unpacking The Concept Of Transformational Medicine

  • Foundational pillars of healing that have been around for thousands of years that are still just as important today for humanity.
  • Why being human and experiencing life is such a privilege.
  • What we can do today to be prepared and prevent any future injuries based on the foundations of good rest, nutrition, and exercise.
  • How we can unwind, heal, and create a stronger nervous system through meditation.
  • What we can do to uplevel our internal hardware and software systems of how we relate to ourselves, others, and life itself.
  • How you can use your challenges as opportunities to completely shift the game and stack it in your favor.

[28:00] Healing With Revive Treatment Centers

  • How to connect with Revive Treatment Centers and their approach to helping you.
  • What Revive looks at in each patient including genetics, social, mental, and gut health to determine the type of care they should receive.
  • Why Revive is pulling away from the traditional healthcare system due to differences in approach to learning, research, and insurance.
  • The fact that it can take up to 10 years for therapeutic modalities to be approved by the traditional healthcare and insurance system.
  • All about transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which is a great, low-invasive modality but it's only being treated in some cases and not all. (31:00)
  • Their number one focus on helping each patient improve their quality of life.

[34:00] The Biology & Science Of Ketamine For Healing

  • Why ketamine is so fascinating because not only does it support the healing of a lot of psychological issues but also neurological issues.
  • What we know now about how psychedelics are helping us at the cellular level and what we don't know yet. (36:00)
  • How healing with psychedelics and overcoming adversity can help a person improve their understanding of who they are as a person and get to states of both humility and maturity which ultimately accelerate consciousness. (37:00)
  • The fact that not many people realize that stress is one of the most complicated factors of all disease and they don't think that it's important to learn how to manage that.
  • You are ultimately in control of your stress and learning how to cope with it is vital towards your wellbeing.
  • Why breathwork and meditation are two of the best- at-home tools for controlling your thoughts, stress, and life.
  • How to care for and prevent acute altitude sickness. (44:15)

[47:40] Further Exploring Healing TBI

  • What you can do now to personally and responsibly continue exploring how to heal TBI.
  • Different types of concussions and why they don't just happen when you lose consciousness.
  • Why breathwork is the most efficient way for people to reset their nervous system.
  • Facts we should all know about concussions and their post symptoms.
  • Common symptoms people might experience that can look like other things.
  • How brain injuries as far back as 10 years and longer can impact you up until this very moment.
  • What other signs you should be paying attention to post brain injury to find out if there is something more going on with your health. (52:40)
  • Why knowledge and awareness are powerful tools to help you take action about your wellbeing rather than being stuck in a fog.
  • M21 Wellness Guide
  • Wellness Force Community

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Healing the brain is not about overcoming the traumas but integrating them into a more full experience of the whole human.' – @drdanengle ” quote=”‘Healing the brain is not about overcoming the traumas but integrating them into a more full experience of the whole human.' – @drdanengle “]

The Launchpad Of Transformational Medicine

“We're moving from this allopathic medical arena from over the last hundred years now more and more into functional medicine which is an improvement for sure but it's still fairly reductionistic. Now we're growing into this launchpad of transformational medicine which is the combination of hardware and software technologies i.e. neurology and psychology. If you take the analogy of a computer, once you uplevel the hardware and the software together, then you have the best opportunity to completely accelerate the operating system and the performance of the engagement between us and our other world.” – Dr. Dan Engle

The Power Of Healing Psychologically

“For the best, long-term overall success, patients not only have to heal from the physical damage that's been done and get their body back into a really strong balance of homeostasis but they also have to come to grips with their traumas psychologically to help themselves fully heal from the traumatic event that may have happened to them.” – Dr. Josh Flowers

Healing The Individual Patient

“Healing the brain is not about overcoming the traumas but integrating them into a more full experience of the whole human. Our traumatic events are often times are things that significantly shape us, mature us, and quicken or consciousness. If we take a more whole-person perspective, a full-spectrum process of assessment, and appreciate the fact that everybody has their own unique constitutional wiring, then we can work people through and help them work through a process of recovering and healing.”  – Dr. Dan Engle

Starting To Understand How Your Mind Works

“You have to start becoming aware of yourself and your own internal landscaping to realize that things are off. Step into that role, know who you are, and become comfortable with yourself because a lot of times our society tells us to not pay attention to that background chatter and what's going on but the more you come in tune with it and in control of it, the more you start to sort things out. That's where mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork are the best tools that we have within ourselves. Start diving into your own mindset and psyche to see what comes up, understanding why the brain brings it up and looking at it from a non-judgemental standpoint.”  – Dr. Josh Flowers

Concussion Treatment – Savannah's Story

Links From Today's Show

About Dr. Dan Engle

Dr. Dan Engle Revive Treatment Centers

Dr. Dan Engle is a psychiatrist with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, psychedelic research, integrative spirituality, and peak performance.
His medical degree is from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His psychiatry residency degree is from the University of Colorado in Denver, and his child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship degree is from Oregon Health & Science University.

Dr. Engle is an international consultant to several global healing centers facilitating the use of long-standing indigenous plant medicines for healing and awakening. He is the Founder and Medical Director of Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine in Austin, Texas; Full Spectrum Medicine, a psychedelic integration and educational platform; and Thank You Life, a non-profit funding stream supporting access to psychedelic therapies.

Dr. Engle is the author of The Concussion Repair Manual: A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as his new book, A Dose of Hope: A Story of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Dr. Dan's Disclaimer:

The information provided in this podcast is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice. The content of this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical recommendation, diagnosis, or treatment. The use of information in this podcast is at one’s own discretion, and is not an endorsement of use given the complexity inherent in these medicines, and the current variable widespread illegality of their usage.

About Dr. Josh Flowers

Dr. Josh Flowers Revive Treatment Centers

Dr. Josh Flowers is the owner and founder of Revive Treatment Centers in Denver, CO, a neurological rehabilitation and optimization facility focusing on traumatic brain injuries, post-concussion syndrome, neurodegeneration, stroke, depression and PTSD. His facility is acclaimed as the most progressive in science-based applications for neurological recovery, utilizing the most robust suite of advanced neurological therapies in the world combined with a whole-body and mind approach to healing. Dr. Flowers’ vision is to provide patients with the most comprehensive, thorough investigation to inform targeted therapeutic interventions, developing lasting changes for optimization of brain function.

Dr. Flowers' Background

Dr. Flowers began his education in Chiropractic at Logan University where he simultaneously studied neurology. He graduated from Logan University with a doctorate in Chiropractic and shortly after graduation received diplomate in Functional Neurology. He then went on to study Childhood Development Disorders and became one of the most sought after clinicians for complicated pediatric cases. He furthered his studies in immunology, functional medicine and continues to study the most current science-based innovations in neurological recovery, metabolic disorders, and autoimmune dysfunction.

Due to his clinical skills and detailed perspective to approaching complex conditions, he is highly respected as a clinician, leader, and innovator in the field of Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine.

​About Revive Treatment Centers

The Revive Treatment Centers of America is a world-renowned neurological rehabilitation and optimization facility that transforms the lives of brain injury survivors, restoring function and quality of life for their patients. They also lead the way in optimizing brain function for healthy brains- including professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and dedicated individuals who wish to maximize their cognitive abilities, living a more full life and ensuring longevity as they age.

Revive's Unique Approach To Healing

Revive utilizes a multifaceted and integrated approach to treating patients, which sets them apart from other neurological recovery facilities. There are often multiple layers of issues which need to be uncovered and prioritized, including gut dysfunction, mental health, immune system, diet, and sleep, to name a few. Revive’s well-rounded, esteemed clinical team identifies all of the neurological, metabolic, and psychological components of a patient’s condition to get to the root of the dysfunction, rather than merely treating symptoms.

In addition to their vast array of neurological treatment modalities, Revive also utilizes their IV infusion suite for therapies such as NAD+ and FastVitamin to further boost the recovery process, as well as regenerative cell therapy coupled with exosomes for optimal recovery for more severe conditions. The Revive treatment process has been deemed “Transformational Medicine” by many patients.
Revive Treatment Centers

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