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Live From Rythmia: Candice-Marie Fox & Christian Minson

“When you merge with plant medicine, you are making a soul contract. This is a deep level of transformation that returns you to your true essence, which has always been love.” – Candice-Marie Fox

“Breathwork and plant medicine are tools that open the doors to higher consciousness. The difference is that breathwork opens the door gently and invites you in, while plant medicine opens the door, pulls you in, and won’t let go until it chooses.” – Christian Minson

Is it possible to respect, love, and become friends with your fear?

In Wellness Force Radio episode 270, Founder of Breathflow Wellness and Leader of the Breathwork Program at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Christian Minson, returns along with his colleague, Yoga & Meditation Teacher as well as Breathwork and Plant Medicine Assistant, Candice-Marie Fox, to discuss what brought both of them to Rythmia, how to detach yourself from the constant fear loop in your mind, and why Ayahuasca is next level health for our bodies and minds.

Discover why you're so much more than the labeled box you've put yourself in and how plant medicine can teach you that.

Discover Rythmia Today

Candice-Marie FoxThe Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a medically licensed life transformation center situated in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Their areas of focus are drug and alcohol addiction, general health and wellness and spiritual development.


Altogether, your experience at Rythmia will include:

  • Nights Luxury Resort Accommodations
  • 21 Farm-to-table Organic Meals
  • “The Answer Is You” Classes Designed by Michael Beckwith
  • 1 About Your Miracle Class by Gerard Powell
  • Yoga Classes
  • Hydrocolonic Cleanses
  • 1 Swedish Massage
  • 3 Transformational Breathwork Classes
  • 1 Rythmia Way Program
  • 2 Medical Evaluations Performed by Staff Physicians

Candice-Marie Fox – Rythmia Testimonial

'Plant-medicine brings us back to our true essence which is pure love by rewiring the mind.' - Candice-Marie Fox on Wellness Force Radio episode 270Click To Tweet

Listen To Episode 270 As Candice-Marie Fox & Christian Minson Uncover:

  • The lives they used to live before making these massive life transformations at Rythmia.
  • Candice's thyroid cancer and her wellness journey to healing it by getting rid of everything toxic in her life including unhealthy food, products, and relationships.
  • The negative feedback and even death threats that Candice received for publicly sharing the lifestyle changes she made to cure her cancer.
  • Why Rythmia is unlike any other wellness resort in the world for those seeking personal growth and change.
  • The varying degrees of transformations and miracles that happen at Rythmia depending on each visitor's background.
  • The high esteem that Rythmia holds not only for plant medicine but breathwork as well.
  • What steps we can take to bring more places like Rythmia to people all over the world.
  • Where we are as human beings in the ecosystem of the universe.
  • Examples of how dark entities can be released in plant medicine experiences for people.
  • The threats that holistic health practitioners and even Candice have received for sharing their views, research, and experiences.
  • How you can let go of materialistic wants that are holding you back on your wellness journey.
  • Why the ego and feelings of fear might be telling you to stop when you should continue growing.
  • How they're able to hold space for others as well as themselves in order to do their own inner work.
  • The awakening people experience at Rythmia compared to the mastery they work on at home.
  • Their personal stories of participating in plant medicine ceremonies and helping others.
  • Lessons they're still focusing on learning through the inner work, breathwork, and plant medicine.
  • What steps you can take to begin to love your fear and get out of negative feedback loops.
  • Candice's experience with needing to heal an ancestral lineage channel.
  • How you can detach yourself from the thoughts that come into your mind and see them in a totally new light.

Power Quotes From The Show

'Plant medicine and breathwork are the top two methods that we use at Rythmia. The plant medicine is inherently the earth's way to usher in transformation and a new level of consciousness.' - @BreathFlow on Wellness Force Radio 270Click To Tweet

“Taking plant medicine is truly a soul contract. You are changing the neurological pathways in your brain. Yes, you can do that on a certain level by detoxing or attending motivational seminars and receive the essence of it but plant medicine is the deepest level of transformation and it sticks because you are rewiring your brain and making a soul contract. There is nothing else in the world that I have experienced, seen, or heard of that can do that.” – Candice-Marie Fox

“People have a concept of who they are in a labeled box. So, when they come to Rythmia and that box gets blow open and they finally have an awakening and see that they're so much more than that box they've put themselves in. The mastery is then going home and applying that awakening. However, once they go home, the real work starts as they have to apply that awakening to their thoughts, actions, and lifestyles in order to maintain and grow this realized awakening of who they are.” – Christian Minson

“Not every thought that comes into your head is necessarily yours. They could be guidance, intuition, or awareness for you to take the next step in your life.” – Candice-Marie Fox

“If you're dissatisfied with something in your life, it's because you're either thinking in the future or dwelling in the past. Breathwork will bring you back to the present because the only place where you can breathe is the present.” – Christian Minson

“We're all trying to get to a higher state of consciousness and getting involved in other people's energy will just lower our vibration. Don't take life too seriously; none of us get out of this alive and this is not the end. Our true home is that energy in heaven and it's so beautiful beyond belief. Sometimes we just get lost but once you drink the plant medicine, you're reminded to just be present, be a good person, and act from love. Literally let your thoughts, speech, and actions be in true alignment and the universe will act in your favor.” – Candice-Marie Fox

“Fear is the compass needle pointing north. Whatever you're the most afraid of, go in that direction. It's an uncomfortable sensation but it'll become easier to face that discomfort once you see the results. ” – Christian Minson

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“I Got My Miracle At Rythmia!!” (23rd March 2019)

Links From Today's Show

About Candice-Marie Fox

Candice-Marie FoxAs a Ceremony Angel, Meditation/Yoga teacher, and public speaker at Rythmia, Candice-Marie Fox has finally found her true calling in life and a place to call home. An enthusiast in raising consciousness with a soul mission to educate and inspire, Candice wants nothing more than to help people heal themselves, and she’s found the perfect platform to do so at Rythmia.

Her eyes have not always seen their best days, as a cancer thriver, Candice was given just 5 years to live in her twenties. Thankfully this British native and Global citizen overcame her death sentence and turned it into strength and motivation, which she now shares with the world. Thanks to her life experience, studies in various healing modalities, travels and public speaking she is educating and empowering people to take control of their own lives.

About Christian Minson

Christian MinsonChristian Minson is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Coach, and Founder of Breathflow Wellness, a transformational holistic health business.

A former Monk for 10 years, now he helps others achieve greater spiritual and emotional intelligence by integrating trauma, releasing limiting habits, managing emotions, and teaching others to find meaning in their own lives and work.
Christian delivers inspiration and practical real-world tools that result in lower levels of stress, greater emotional awareness, and higher levels of fulfillment and performance.
He shares his message and techniques through speaking engagements, 1-on-1 sessions, group workshops, and public seminars. Christian has reached thousands of people across the globe, including Europe, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Kuwait, and all over the USA.
He has presented at conferences, universities, churches, retreat centers, and the Chopra Center. Currently through 2018, Christian is the leader of the breathwork program at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.

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