Brett Kaufman: Mental Health Life Lessons From A Millionaire Investor

Brett Kaufman

“When it comes to finding your purpose, what you're really after is this life of fulfillment. Service to other people and this world is actually a really important part of that self-fulfillment factor.” – Brett Kaufman

How can serving others fulfill your wellbeing, personal expression, and impact on this world?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 313

Both Founder and CEO of Kaufman Development which is the mind behind the latest community in Columbus Ohio, Gravity, Brett Kaufman, shares his wellpreneur journey, how to create purpose and vision, and why he and his team designed Gravity for individuals who seek something more.
Discover how you can live your life well, achieve financial abundance, and cultivate love. 

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Click here to learn more about the community, GRAVITY

Brett KaufmanGravity is a force for the creation of unique communities that bring like-minded people, programs and physical spaces together. The result is a collective consciousness that positively impacts the world at large.

Gravity is a catalyst for joy, enlightenment, and personal evolution, a community that transcends expectations. This is intentional, purpose-filled living. Gravity merges people, places, and passions into something very new. A home to dreamers and artists and educators and entrepreneurs and musicians and craftspeople and anyone else who infuses our community with energy and insight and wonder. At its best, the community creates a sense of meaning, identity, fulfillment, and belonging. Gravity is rooted in these values.

Brett Kaufman

A Look Inside Gravity

Listen To Episode 313 As Brett Kaufman Uncovers:

[2:00] The Value Of The Plan & Preparation

[8:30] The Three Principles Of Gravity

  • Three principles of Gravity: wellbeing, expression, and impact.
  • Why he developed Gravity with these specific three principles in mind.
  • What makes Gravity unlike any other developed complex out there in the US. (10:00)
  • How the name, Gravity, was gifted to name by his friend, Christopher Celeste, with the concept of belonging in a community.

[13:00] From Banking To Gravity: A Journey To Higher Consciousness

  • This New Wellness Community Was Built With Mental Health In Mind
  • The unconscious time of his life during which he worked as a banker.
  • His personal awakening and looking at life in-depth with a higher consciousness.
  • The mission he has to help support and guide people through his work.
  • Why he initially started a career in banking but then shifted away from it. (16:20)
  • The programming he downloaded as a child and young adult about success, failure, and career.
  • His interest in pursuing a career in either real estate development and architecture or psychology. (18:00)
  • The shallow mindset he had at 22-years old and the love and compassion he now has for that younger self.
  • Gratitude he now has for the education he received as a banker and what bankers do for his mission today. (21:00)

[22:00] Money's Impact On His Family Members' Lives

  • How he viewed money at a young age and what vital programming it had on his consciousness and within his family.
  • His mindset on money and how he came to realize that it is not a source for happiness.
  • The moment he realized that developing communities like Gravity in the real estate development sector was his purpose.
  • What the happiness divide is when it comes to uncovering our purpose.
  • How the Summit Series, Landmark Forum, and a personal coach in 2010 helped him shift and launch Kaufman Development with renewed purpose.
  • Why Kaufman Development is focusing now more than ever on developing communities and spaces for people to thrive in life. (29:40)

[31:40] Clearing Out The Attached Rackets Around Money

  • The rackets or attached stories that he had created about business and how he let them go.
  • New landmark language we created for himself when he cleared out the beliefs he had been holding onto for so long.
  • Rackets that came from his childhood and specifically from his father. (36:00)
  • How his father's strong beliefs in ethics, manners as well as men acting and looking the part impacted him even before the age of 10.
  • The demons that his own father faced with his thoughts, emotions, and fear.
  • The Shadow sides that drive and serve many entrepreneurs especially in the health and wellness industries.
  • How we can create amazing things without the dark shadow looming behind us. (39:00)
  • Creating an attraction to money and wealth from a place of shadow or love. (42:00)
  • Lessons from the Successes of Steve Jobs: Focus, Focus Focus

[44:40] Becoming Aligned With Your Soul's Purpose

  • The moment his soul tugged and navigated him to his purpose.
  • Two reasons why people launch their own businesses according to his business coach.
  • The Four Cs for launching your own business – Commitment, Courage, Capabilities, and Confidence. (45:30)
  • How your body can let you know if you're on the right path and how to tune into its message.
  • Exercise as a platform to help you get into a deep meditative state and connect to your body.
  • The brain-gut connection and how that impacts our alignment with our intuition. (49:50)
  • How movement has become a vital part of his personal emotional health and thinking process.
  • The master ability we have to decide at the moment that we are enough and are loved. (57:00)

[1:00:00] The Current Awakening for Mankind

  • Our society's problem with its performance culture and sending the wrong message in schools and the workplace.
  • Their mission to launch their own fund to better serve our world.
  • This new awakening that is unfolding for mankind with all of the tools and resources that are available to us.
  • Can Our Environment Dictate Our Mental Health?
  • How we can drop our walls to be more vulnerable, authentic, and access what is true. (1:05:00)
  • The importance of not staying in one area for too long and instead allowing yourself to grow with new challenges.
  • Why balance is always within reach if we allow ourselves to create space for it.
  • How to honor a balanced life by focusing on what is most important for you and acknowledging that you can't be at all places at once. (1:10:00)

[1:13:00] Love: What It Is And How To Embody It

[1:22:00] The Impact Of Plant Medicine on Humanity

  • The fact that we could've healed so many people within the last 50 years if we know about the benefits of plant medicine that we know of today.
  • What he would change about plant medicine if he had a magic wand
  • How plant medicine can open a door to so many people who have done the work and have already used the necessary tools and resources to help them grow already.
  • What cautions to take before considering plant medicine.
  • Various lessons you can learn from plant medicine and what lessons Brett himself has learned in ceremonies. (1:31:30)

[1:34:00] How to Create Financial Abundance

  • The importance of developing this skill of going inwards to let go of thoughts that no longer serve you for the chances of a better financial outcome.
  • His visualization practice based on what he has learned from Strategic Coach.
  • The fact that you will move forward if you're constantly in action.
  • When to be in action or not in action for the type of results that you seek. (1:38:00)
  • How to know when it's time to just let go and listen to your intuition.
  • What wellness means to him now at this point in his life. (1:46:00)
  • Steps to take now to go after what you really want: this life of fulfillment. (1:48:00)

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”When it comes to finding your purpose, what you're really after is this life of fulfillment. Service to other people and this world is actually a really important part of that self-fulfillment factor. – @bkaufman125 of @LiveKaufman” quote=”When it comes to finding your purpose, what you're really after is this life of fulfillment. Service to other people and this world is actually a really important part of that self-fulfillment factor. – @bkaufman125 of @LiveKaufman”]

Uncovering Your Purpose

“A lot of people that are out there struggling say, ‘What's my purpose? I don't know,' and that's when the action comes into place. Because really what you what don't know about is fear, doubt, worry, or programming. In comparison, the abundant thinker will say, ‘Well, I don't know what I don't know but I know enough and it feels right and I'm just going to do it. If it doesn't work out, that's okay.' Trusting that is really the key to purpose; it's about letting go of thinking that you have it all figured out and that it has to be perfect or it has to be right. That's the programming.” – Brett Kaufman

Reframing The Mind For Love

“If I just knew then what I know now about being a parent, a husband, and an entrepreneur, I wish I would have really just focused on love as the most elevated, most important key ingredient in life. That means you love your kids, your wife, yourself, and just all of it with no exception. When you make love the most important factor in your life, it shifts you into this profound, embodiment way of being. When you focus on love, you can enter into a deep mindset so that when you're in a difficult situation, you can reframe what is happening.” – Brett Kaufman

A Life Of Fulfillment Through Service To Others

“When it comes to finding your purpose, what you're really after is this life of fulfillment. Service to other people and this world is actually a really important part of that self-fulfillment factor. Giving and serving others is what the world needs. We need more people, organizations, and companies both for-profit and not that are aiming at trying to make a difference in the world.” – Brett Kaufman

Live Kaufman

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About Brett Kaufman

Brett KaufmanAfter starting in the banking industry, Brett Kaufman entered the world of real estate, working with large developers in Central Ohio. After taking on a few smaller projects of his own, he discovered that specific, subtle changes in design could dramatically enhance the rental experience.
Brett learned that people loved the idea of residences with elevated style, smart finishes, and a distinctive vision. By pushing the creativity, Kaufman’s identity as a developer emerged: a champion of innovative, curated communities filled with purpose. Brett continues to pursue his vision for communities centered on wellbeing, expression, and impact, and the remarkable impact they have on the lives of residents.

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