The Immune System Recovery Plan – Dr. Susan Blum


Heal Your Immune System In Four Steps

Antibiotics are supposed to help our immune system recover from viruses, diseases, and other illnesses, but what if they leave us feeling fatigued, unwell, or even worse over time?

With long-term use, can antibiotics actually hinder, not heal our immune systems?

Besides antibiotics, pesticides and processed food ingredients are also all too common in our modern society. Unfortunately, these three can be the culprits behind health, mind, and autoimmune disease.

If we've developed an autoimmune disease over time, how can we fight back to regain our vibrant health, clarity, and strength?

On this episode of Wellness + Wisdom, Preventive Medicine and Chronic Disease Specialist, Founder and Director of The Blum Center for Health, and author of both The Immune System Recovery Plan and the upcoming bookHealing ArthritisDr. Susan Blum helps us discover how we can get to the root of our autoimmune disease and recover our immune system in four steps:

  1. Using Food As Medicine
  2. Understanding Our Stress Connection
  3. Improving Our Gut health 
  4. Supporting and Detoxifying the Liver 

Listen to Episode 109 as Dr. Susan Blum Uncovers

  • How we can live a healthier life with the Four Fundamental Steps in her Immune System Recovery Plan.
  • The importance of discovering the root causes of modern autoimmune disease.
  • What is a healthy immune system? How does the gut, stress, food, toxins, and other factors come into play?
  • The power of functional medicine to heal the mind and body.
  • How is it possible that the number of people with an autoimmune disease has grown from 9 million to 24 million people since 1997?
  • The constant amount of stress that we are facing as a society and how it's affecting our bodies and minds.
  • Dr. Blum's experience with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and what she's doing to help other people discover and treat their autoimmune disease.
  • The danger of eating fish from the sea especially after Fukushima.
  • How to know if your thyroid and overall health is actually helping your mind and body..
  • How can long usage of medications or antibiotics affect the body?
  • What can food do to improve our health after taking antibiotics for so many years?
  • Why are plant-based diets and cultured foods so great to help gut health?
  • How can dairy affect our bodies? What can we eat if we're unable to digest dairy products?
  • How probiotics can help the inflammation throughout your entire body.
  • The connection between having both an autoimmune disease and a leaky gut.
  • What is dysbiosis and how does it affect the stomach?
  • What is glyphosate in products such as Roundup pesticide and how does it affect our gut's health?
  • Wheat Sensitivity vs Gluten Sensitivity
  • How an Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) test can help you discover if you have a general systematic autoimmune disease.
  • How stress can really take a toll on our bodies and how it can lead to autoimmune diseases.
  • The two stress systems: Hormonal stress and Acute stress
  • How we can we detox our liver to live a healthier life.

Dr. Susan Blum – Introduction to the Immune System Recovery Plan

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • We've all had moments when we say “I'm too stressed” or “I'm so busy with everything.” Fortunately, we have the power to recognize that stress and turn our feelings around. We don't have to allow stress to take control of our lives. Instead, we can find productive ways to use it and handle it.
  • Regularly check in with your mind and body to see how you're doing. Taking a couple of moments each do to be mindful can help you recognize what your emotions or literal gut feelings are telling you. Meditate, walk, or journaling can help you get in touch with yourself and discover what you need.
  • Following the Four Fundamental Steps in the Immune System Recovery Plan, be conscious about what you eat and drink as well as your stress levels. Treating our bodies naturally is possible without taking so many antibiotics for long periods of time.

Power Quotes From Dr. Blum

“Autoimmune disease is a malfunction in our immune system. Functional medicine treats & repairs it.” – Susan Blum MD

  • “Autoimmune disease is a malfunction in our immune system and there have been studies done to prove that certain factors disrupt our gut, stress and overall health. Functional medicine is an approach to treating and repairing the body. With functional medicine, we can heal the gut, get the toxins out of the body, and manage and measure stress levels.” – Dr. Susan Blum on the power of Functional Medicine to heal our bodies. 
  • “Today, babies aren't developing the healthy microbiome that they need to support their bodies. According to the Hygiene Hypothesis, babies don't need to be so clean because it tones their immune system. They should get an exposure to dirt to help their microbiome be strong. Kids should be playing outside. It's okay for them to eat dirt and parents don't have to make everything so clean.” – Dr. Susan Blum on how a healthy microbiome and gut system can develop when we're young. 
  •  “You're eating what the animal ate.” – Michael Pollan on how what animals we consume, such as fish our poultry, can affect us because of the mercury in the ocean or pesticides in the animal feed.
  • “We don't have medicine for viruses, except for herpes. How can we recover from a virus? Our immune system naturally puts the virus into remission and that virus continues to live hidden inside our bodies. However, sometimes those viruses don't stay quiet and they can come back. That's when we have a problem with the immune system, but these four steps can treat that. By treating the immune system, you can also treat the virus.” – Dr. Susan Blum on how viruses can be treated the same way we'd treat an autoimmune disease. 
  • “The number one most important influence on your gut microbiome is food. Vegetables and foods with fiber and vital nutrients feed the good bacteria and help it flourish. Think of your gut like a garden and what you feed it will determine what will grow in it. So you can either grow flowers with good food or weeds with bad food.” – Dr. Susan Blum on how food influences our gut microbiome. 
  • “A plant-based diet and cultured foods are still king for encouraging the growth of good bacteria. If you eat cultured foods or take probiotics, you have a better chance at recovering the gut.” – Dr. Susan Blum on how a plant-based diet and cultured foods or probiotics can really help our gut thrive. 
  • “We all know that stress has this great control over us, but the fact is that we really have to take it to heart. We really have to believe that it's having an affect on us so that we can take steps to change what's happening. Try to think of it as if we have these ‘stress auras' around us, but stress is actually the way our bodies are responding to them and we do have control over that.” – Dr Susan Blum on the importance of recognizing how stress is affecting us and that we have the ability to take control. 
  • “Keep practicing your self-care and keep it a priority. Check in with yourself to make sure that you're being true to who you are. We all have a North Star that's within ourselves that's there to guide us and that's also our intuition.”  – Dr. Susan Blum on the best piece of advice she received to keep her health strong while working hard at her career.
  • “Wellness is really about balancing our mind, body, and spirit. It's learning about who you are and finding happiness. Wellness is charting a path towards health with a positive outlook. It's about living your life to the fullest.” – Dr. Susan Blum on what wellness means to her.

About Dr. Susan Blum

A true pioneer in Functional Medicine, Dr. Susan Blum has been treating, healing and preventing chronic diseases for nearly two decades. She has a voluntary faculty appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her passion and dedication for identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through the groundbreaking whole body approach known as Functional Medicine, is helping to transform our healthcare system.

As the Founder and Director of Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook, New York, Dr. Blum’s crusade for personalized medicine is paramount for treatment and prevention. A Preventive Medicine and Chronic Disease Specialist, Dr. Blum is a member of the Medical Advisory Board for The Dr. Oz Show. She has appeared on Fox 5 News, ABC Eyewitness News, and is regularly quoted in Real Simple, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook. Dr. Blum’s mission for Blum Center for Health is to facilitate a personalized healing experience by creating a partnership with her patients while providing cutting-edge Functional Medicine and teaching self-care skills for changing health habits.

Through Dr. Blum’s medical practice, education efforts, writing, research, and advocacy, she empowers her patients to stop covering up symptoms in order to actually treat the underlying causes of illness, thereby combating—and most often curing—the chronic-disease epidemic.

Stress and Gut Health with Dr. Susan Blum

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Lauren’s wellness journey began at a young age when she joined her local YMCA swim team, The Wave, of La Crosse, WI. One of the most profound views on wellness that anyone has said to her was when she was an assistant swim coach for that same YMCA swim team.

One day during a practice, former head swim coach, Jon Brenner, shared with her that the most important thing about coaching the swimmers was that “It doesn’t matter if they become the best athletes in the world. What’s important is that we give them the tools and guidance they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.”

Since hearing those words, she has taken it to heart to not only focus on continuously living her own healthy lifestyle, but to help others pursue their wellness goals as well.

Lauren’s not only an avid swimmer, but a fan of running, yoga, cooking, and doing any activity outside that involves being surrounded by nature. In the Fall of 2014, she completed a long-awaited goal of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

According to Lauren, wellness is about finding gratitude and joy in doing any type of physical or self-care activity that we love. Wellness means providing ourselves with self-love, good nutrition, and the inner peace that our individual minds and bodies need.


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