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How To Heal A Human: Dr. Dan Engle

241 How To Heal A Human_ Dr. Dan Engle

How To Heal A Human: Dr. Dan Engle“Plant medicines aren't designed to fix us. They help us recognize our truth and lead us towards the next steps we have to take to heal. This is our work to do. When we become clear with who we are, we can bring our shadow into the light.” – Dr. Dan Engle The true goal of medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind…and thus support you to become whole, happy and free.

On Wellness Force Radio episode 241, Medical Director for The Revive Treatment Centers of America, Medical Consultant for Onnit, Founder of Full Spectrum Medicine, and Author of The Concussion Repair Manual, Dr. Dan Engle, unpacks the loneliness epidemic the majority of people are experiencing and why it's happening,  what it means to have physical and psychic integrity in our modern world, and how The Satori Method is helping people heal and have long-term positive change – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Learn how he's helping design a new blueprint for psychiatric healing to help decrease addiction, depression, trauma, and PTSD. 

'Coming to truth is not a comfortable path. We don't do this work because it's easy; we do this because it's the path towards our liberation, fulfillment, expression, and authentic beauty being readily available.' - @drdanengleClick To Tweet

The Concussion Repair Manual

Click here to get your copy of The Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle

The Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan EngleConcussion — the biggest name in today's high-impact sports.

As more and more high-profile athletes come forward to share their stories of invisible suffering after head injuries, we as a culture are finally acknowledging this silent epidemic.

The Concussion Repair Manual is written as a user’s guide for those suffering after head traumas and those that support them. It is one-part “textbook,” packed with the leading research on medical technologies for healing the injured brain, and one-part “workbook,” offering a step-by-step method for making and tracking a personalized recovery regimen.

Dr. Dan Engle's background and passion for concussion repair stem from a three-decade investigation into the many modalities for healing his own traumas. When the usual medical treatments didn’t help, he explored what was possible, found what worked and put them into this manual – “the best of the best” in the medical arena for recovering from sports-related head injury.

Treating Psycho-Emotional Conditions with Ayahuasca – Dr. Dan Engle

Listen To Episode 241 As Dr. Dan Engle Uncovers:

  • His connection with human optimization and wellness leaders such as Paul Chek, Kyle Kingsbury, and Aubrey Marcus.
  • The current anxiety and depression we're currently going through as a society; especially for adolescents, geriatrics, and veterans.
  • Why social media and feeling urgent all the time is leading us to feel more lonely, anxious, and depressed than ever before.
  • What emotions we feel when we're being inauthentic and lying on social media.
  • Why time urgency is the number one cause of stress.
  • What revelation he had while healing from his injuries that he didn't want to live by other people's expectations and didn't want to be working in a hospital for the rest of his career.
  • His experience from the plant medicine, Ayahuasca, and what he learned about himself from it.
  • Why our society resorts to prescribing medication rather than looking at the core issue of a person's health problem.
  • Why psychedelics aren't for everyone and they should be respected rather than misused.
  • Benefits of psychedelics for those who are suitable candidates to use them to heal.
  • Proper and regulated screening, preparation, and integration that patients would receive during treatment with psychedelics such as Psilocybin.
  • Differences between levels 1, 2 and 3 plant medicine experiences and which ones are the most recommended for therapeutic use.
  • Why he believes plant medicine and psychedelics are part of a sacred path for people who are candidates to participate.
  • Why he contemplated suicide after diving so deep into plant medicine and thinking about all that was expected of him by other people.
  • How he was in this deep Bardo phase of being in between lives and worlds have his experience with Ayahuasca.
  • What The Satori Method is and how it helps with multi-level healing.
  • Sensory deprivation, Vipassana, and meditation – how they can be integrated into plant medicine preparation.
  • Why being able to practice sensory deprivation and meditation in a float tank is so beneficial and vital to being able to experience plant medicine.
  • Why mindfulness meditation can be harmful to those with active PTSD and trauma but external guidance is better.

Power Quotes From The Show

'We're more digitally connected than we've ever been but we're less socially connected than we've ever been. We, as social beings who bonded for connection, are fighting a loneliness epidemic.' - @drdanengleClick To Tweet

“If we can't talk it through at therapy, then we rely on pharmaceuticals to manage the symptoms. Our health care is a system that's built for acute care management but it's horrible at chronic care support and core issue resolution. Psychedelic medicines are good for the core issues where psychiatry is weak. Many of the psychedelics are good for one if not all of the five core primary archetypes of psychiatric symptoms: depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and pain.” – Dr. Dan Engle

“When we become clear with who we are and bring our shadow into the light, we will get to know it. This process helps us integrate our work with the healing. Plant medicines don't fix us and they're not designed to do that. This is our work to do. The medicines help us get clear with our truth and the direction of being able to actually actualize that truth via the next steps and orientation but they don't do the work for us.” – Dr. Dan Engle

“If we can solidify the foundation to be able to self-regulate better then when we do come up in close with our core issues and shadow material, we're more willing, ready, and able to process it, learn from it, heal it, integrate it, and become more whole.” – Dr. Dan Engle

Dr. Dan Engle, Founder of Full Spectrum Medicine

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About Dr. Dan Engle

Dr. Dan EngleDr. Dan Engle is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, with a clinical practice that combines functional medicine, integrative psychiatry, neuro-cognitive restoration, and peak performance methods.

Dr. Dan Engle lectures and consults globally and is the Medical Director of The Revive Treatment Centers of America, as well as a medical advisor to Onnit Labs, The True Rest Float Centers and several international treatment centers using indigenous plant medicines for healing and recovery. He published his first book, The Concussion Repair Manual, in October 2017, which has received praise from countless figures in the medical arena. His other programs include B.O.L.D., Freedom From Meds and Full Spectrum Medicine.

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How To Heal A Human: Dr. Dan Engle

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