Greg Anderson | Health Freedom: A Brave Police Officer’s Truth On COVID-19

“When at any time in American history can a cop tell you what you have to put around your face? 100% of my co-workers are in absolute agreement with me and they cannot believe the stuff we're seeing officers do nationwide. That is why I was compelled to talk about it in my video. I said, ‘I understand that you've got a mortgage; I do too. I understand you have babies to feed; I do too. It doesn't matter what your financial situation is or your personal financial commitment, none of that is relevant because this is simply a matter of law and simply a matter of right and wrong. We do not have the option to go and enforce these executive orders and destroy people's livelihoods.' ” – Greg Anderson

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 350

Former Port of Seattle Law Enforcement Officer and Wellness Advocate for our health freedom, Greg Anderson, shares his mission to change the way officers across the USA are enforcing unconstitutional laws, how COVID19 lockdowns are directly benefiting our government's pockets, and why what the mass media is telling us about the coronavirus is not lining up with what's really happening at the hospitals.

What constitutional rights have been taken away from you during the COVID19 lockdown?
Look at the facts and ask yourself: Does this feel right? Does this feel right in my heart? What is my truth

Discover what it means to have true health freedom and how to make it yours for life.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘When at any time in American history can a cop tell you what you have to put around your face? We do not have the option to go and enforce these executive orders and destroy people's livelihoods with lockdowns.' – Greg Anderson” quote=”‘When at any time in American history can a cop tell you what you have to put around your face? We do not have the option to go and enforce these executive orders and destroy people's livelihoods with lockdowns.' – Greg Anderson”]

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Listen To Episode 350 As Greg Anderson Uncovers:


[1:30]  Americans' Rights To The First Amendment

  • Greg Anderson
  • The Viral Video – Are you doing the right thing?
  • Follow up video to Are you doing the right thing? – A Hill I'll Die On
  • Cured Nutrition
  • Greg's background in the military and being deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq before becoming a law enforcement officer.
  • The mindset mentality he had to develop while being in the military and leaving the USA for combat abroad and coming to terms that it might be the last time he sees home.
  • Why he joined the military gain some direction in life and set the bar high for himself by taking on challenging roles and experiences with the 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • His spiritual journey over the last year and how it has drastically changed his life.
  • The national disbelief from himself and other officers that the government is commanding them to forcibly shut down businesses and arrest people for things like going to church, surfing, or mailing product orders during COVID19.
  • Why it's the duty of military and law enforcement officers to police their own if they're putting themselves and others at risk or behaving unethically.
  • What inspired him to go create and post his viral video about his thoughts on how officers have been acting during COVID19.

[13:50] What Changes Need To Happen Now In Our Country

  • Breaking down why it's not up to the government to impose these tyrannical orders on people under the guise of safety.
  • The danger we're seeing in the USA of allowing one person to dictate how everybody else acts and how its impact could increase from one leader to the next if we just sit back and allow it to happen.
  • Why he believes that the majority of bad press that police officers have been receiving for the last 10 years are blown out of proportion.
  • His own experience seeing the gap of trust between police and citizens become wider over the years especially the moment he puts on his uniform.
  • His next steps moving forward after being fired for sharing his thoughts via video online by continuing to do rallies, post videos, and share his message on other podcasts.
  • How the news media continues to pin him and the governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, against each other on the topic of locking down during COVID19.
  • Unpacking what people in power are most afraid of: People like Greg speaking out against mandatory rules that are actually hurting the country.


[23:30] How The COVID-19 Lockdown Is Benefiting the Government

  • Breaking down what actually gives politicians any real power while sitting behind a desk.
  • How politicians are setting up police officers to take the fall and be blamed when many are not even supporting the COVID19 lockdowns.
  • The great amount of violence that can be caused if officers are continued to be told to shut down businesses and be given the command to enter anyone's home.
  • Unpacking what Martial Law is and when it's been enforced in the past in extreme cases such as Pearl Harbor and why it shouldn't be used during COVID19.
  • The incredible support he has received for speaking his truth and being terminated from his job for it.
  • His plea to other people to avoid violence by coming together now and stand up for their rights.
  • Explaining some of the many rights that people do have such as not allowing police officers to search their car if they haven't done anything wrong.

[37:00] Finding Comfort In The Discomfort

  • Why he made the move to close down both his jiu-jitsu academy and CrossFit gym to protect his members from the coronavirus before the government made the official lockdown announcement.
  • Looking closely at what was deemed essential by the government to stay open during the lockdown in Washington state: WA State Licensing (DOL), the lottery, construction sites contracted by the government (none private businesses), marijuana stores, liquor shops, and anything that pads the wallet of the government.
  • What his friend, a physician in Queens New York with 200 COVID19 patients is saying compared to the mass media and they are not matching up.
  • His statement to the world: Look at the facts and ask yourself, does this feel right? Does this feel right in your heart? What is your truth? Does this seem like the right thing to do?
  • Why the government doesn't have to nor should be telling us what to do during COVID19; it's our right to make our own terms and decisions.
  • Steps you can take to analyze and take action during difficult situations like COVID19 with the process he has used in the military, “War Gaming.”
  • How we can find and build on resilience in everyday life such as with exercise by learning to find comfort in discomfort.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘I don't want my message to be your truth about COVID19. I'm just a person just like you're a person but what I'm imploring people to do is simply look at the facts and ask themselves, ‘What feels right?” – Greg Anderson” quote=”‘I don't want my message to be your truth about COVID19. I'm just a person just like you're a person but what I'm imploring people to do is simply look at the facts and ask themselves, ‘What feels right?” – Greg Anderson”]

What Feels Right In Your Heart?

“I don't want my message to be your truth. I'm just a person just like you're a person but what I'm imploring people to do is simply look at the facts and ask themselves,' Does this feel right? Does this feel right in my heart? Does this seem like the right thing to do? What is my truth?' Because there's a reason that there is international outrage when we see that young woman dogpiled by six cops in the New York City subway for not wearing a face mask. There's a reason for that and that's because we know fundamentally in our hearts that that's incorrect.” – Greg Anderson


Your Right To Health Freedom

“I almost find it offensive that the government feels like they need to protect us with the COVID19 lockdowns because I'd like to think of the American people as emotionally intelligent enough to find out, look inward, and decide what's going to work best for them. If people do that and they ask themselves, ‘What do I feel comfortable doing? Where's my line in the sand? Where am I not going to get pushed any farther?' If people start to come to terms with these things, then when they find themselves in those situations, they're already going to have their answers because it's already something that they've ramped through in their minds and in their hearts.” – Greg Anderson


Simply A Matter Of Right And Wrong

“We don't have the authority to tell people what they have to put around their face; there are no laws on the books or anything that exists that has been legislated that allows us to do that. That's why I'm saying – ‘Hey! As a cop, not only should we not do that because that's infringing on people's liberties, we don't have the ability to do that'. Our authority doesn't grant us that and there's some disconnect between how law enforcement officers are supposed to and how we're legally authorized to enforce the law and these governors and mayors that just get this idea that ‘This is what I'm going to do now and I'm going to have my officers enforce it for me.' ” – Greg Anderson 

Links From Today's Show 

Greg Anderson's Viral Video – Are you doing the right thing?



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