Luminous Awareness: Andrew DeGregorio

Andrew DeGregorio_Luminous Awareness WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 218

Luminous Awareness: Andrew DeGregorio

“If you check your body, you're going to find this fear and tension there. If you can find it and not judge it but begin to experience it, that fear will somehow dissolve. Stop fighting fear and instead embrace it with love and experience it. You'll then realize that it's just tension, energy, or stuck emotion in the body that can start to be dissolved and released.” –  Andrew DeGregorio

Is it possible to actually be able to love and accept your fears? What different types of therapy and inner work can positively impact your outside environment?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 218, transformational speaker, intuitive counselor, and healer, Andrew DeGregorio, teaches you how energy medicine can be used to heal from past traumas, how to apply the awareness areas of the 7 Chakras to your life, and the different attachment styles you have with yourself, family, and significant other.

Discover the real truth about doing the inner work and why it's almost impossible unless you do it with someone who can guide you through the process.

Heal With Andrew

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Intuitive Counselor & Healer, Andrew DeGregorio offers both in person, online, or by phone one-on-one sessions. Together, he will work with you to explore any issues or support needs that are arising for you.

What others say about working with Andrew:

“Andrew says it best when he says that his sessions are 10 years of psychotherapy packed into one visit. As someone who has been in psychotherapy for 10 years, I can absolutely vouch for this. Andrew is intelligent, insightful and truly a gift to this earth. I always leave his sessions with multiple “a-ha!” moments. Working with Andrew has been a truly life-changing experience…I have never felt more alive and at peace in my own skin, more attuned to my truest self, more on the mark with forging my life's path; and I owe a vital part of that to Andrew and his invaluable work.” – Diana T., Psychotherapist


“His practice is not only about healing, but it is also about teaching oneself to go beyond your own comfort zone…I recommend if you are a person who is ready to progress to the next stage in your life or feel something has shifted, you should consider a consultation with Andrew.” – Christina Cha, Producer & TV Personality/Actor


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Listen To Episode 218 As Andrew DeGregorio Uncovers:

  • How he made the decision to go from comedian to transformational coach.
  • EMDR Therapy – what it is and how it's a beneficial method to desensitize trauma in the body.
  • The power of radical therapy and assisted inner work.
  • His traumatic brain injury and what he learned about it from that experience.
  • Luminous training – how it helped him take his emotional intelligence and somatic awareness to the next level.
  • What's actually going on if you find yourself yawning during energy work.
  • Why we're all extraordinary; we just have to tap into ourselves to discover that.
  • Energy medicine – what it is and he uses it as part of his work.
  • How you can become more grounded in reality.
  • How to recognize your negative behavior patterns and start reshaping them.
  • Why doing the inner work is almost impossible unless you do it with someone else who can guide you through the process.
  • How to create new pathways while still loving and respecting the old pathways you used to follow every day.
  • Steps you can take to love and accept your fear.
  • Your different attachment styles – secure and insecure stypes as well as how we relate and attach to ourselves, family, and even spouses.
  • What you can do to begin shifting your attachment style from insecure to secure without forcing it.
  • Awareness areas of the chakras and how to apply them to your life.
  • Practices you can do to clear out the Root Chakra.
  • What happens when you meet someone amazing but they haven't done the work yet.
  • Strategies that help you meet and connect with your human needs in a healthy way.
  • The 3 different relationships and which ones are acceptable and which are not.

Power Quotes From The Show

“With EMDR Therapy, I began to realize that doing inner work was drastically changing my outer world including giving me things that I've always wanted. It helped me have deeper relationships with my mom, friends, and connect more and more with the people in my life but I wasn't doing anything else except for inner work. Before the inner work, I had been taught that I need to work hard, fight through fear, and get out there to just do what I can but none of that ever worked for me. Therapy really changed my life.” –  Andrew DeGregorio

“As you do the inner work, you'll start to find that we all have these gifts that we didn't know were in there. We are superheroes; we have these powers and gifts that are absolutely amazing; they're just not in the mental field. You have to get out of the mind and into the body to be able to access the different levels and layers of this field of energy. We all have it; we're just not aware of it.” –  Andrew DeGregorio

“You don't have to do this inner work alone. That's one of the biggest lessons I've learned while on this healing journey. You don't have to do this alone and it actually takes longer to create new pathways if you're by yourself. If you have multiple people and sources helping you, then you can create these pathways at a much faster rate.” –  Andrew DeGregorio

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About Andrew DeGregorio

Andrew DeGregorioAt the age of 32, a surfboard bashed into Andrew’s head when he was out surfing one day. He was left unconscious in the ocean until a complete stranger pulled him out and saved his life. Andrew was never the same again. Andrew began to question his identity and purpose. He became incredibly present to the world in a way he never experienced before. Andrew took it upon himself to dive deep into a spiritual practice and that was where he discovered many of his gifts.

He graduated from a 2-year program at the Luminous Awareness institute where he trained to become a guide in awakening and healing. Since then, he's worked with hundreds of clients (with 5-star ratings on Yelp) that have come for reasons that vary from physical pain, trauma, life struggles, business challenges, deepening their spiritual practice, developing their psychic gifts, relationship/family support and too many other topics to name.

As a stand-up comedian, transformational speaker, intuitive counselor, and healer, Andrew brings together a unique blend of modalities that allows him to share his gifts with compassion and humor. In addition to offering healing and leading workshops, Andrew has trained with renowned teachers such as Lorraine DeLear, Dustin Diperna, Kyle Cease, Anna-Lisa Adelberg, John Churchill, Peter Cummings and many more.

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