Patrick Haize | Practical Spirituality: The 3 Energy Bodies

“The three energy bodies are the physical, etheric, and astral; all three of these come together to create the consciousness that we experience as we go throughout our day and as we dream at night. This point of coming into awareness of yourself is very much the key to unlocking the blockages that we have in life in general. A lot of the dysfunctions that you may feel in life are not who you are and you can rewire those patterns. As you repattern yourself, you can learn how to get back that original inspiration that is your true nature and you can wire yourself to be in alignment with your true expression.” – Patrick Haize

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 347

Musician, Teacher, and New Earth Pioneer, Patrick Haize, unpacks the three energy bodies: astral, etheric, and physical; how to heal generational pain, how to stay grounded and centered amongst the chaos, and how we can begin to trust ourselves again through practical tools of breathwork, exercise, nutrition, and meditation.

How can you transcend your anxiety, depression, and negative emotions?

How do the three energy bodies: astral, etheric, and physical shape and color the fabric of life?
Discover how to heal your emotional triggers and get to the root of why they exist in the first place. 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘This point of coming into awareness of yourself through the three energy bodies: physical, etheric, and astral is the key to unlocking the blockages that you have in life.' -@PatrickHaize ” quote=”‘This point of coming into awareness of yourself through the three energy bodies: physical, etheric, and astral is the key to unlocking the blockages that you have in life.' -@PatrickHaize “]

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Listen To Episode 347 As Patrick Haize Uncovers:


[1:30] How To Trust Ourselves Again

  • Patrick Haize
  • One on One Coaching Sessions with Patrick Haize
  • Cured Nutrition
  • Try our revolutionary new breathwork & wellness program, BREATHE, and get 75% off with the code TRIBE
  • 346 James Sol Radina
  • What he is doing right now to help him stay centered amongst the chaos.
  • How we can begin to trust ourselves again through practical tools of breathwork, exercise, nutrition, and meditation.
  • All about his new wellness tribe, Anchoring In The Light, and how they're supporting one another during this difficult time.
  • How he helps people gain healthy sense-making, balancing, and processing skills within his Anchoring The Light community.
  • Unpacking what esoteric psychology is and how it applies to all of the different roles he plays in the lives of other people.

[19:20] Unpacking The 3 Energy Bodies: Astral, Etheric, And Physical

  • What happened to him in 2008 and 2009 that truly changed his life forever.
  • Why he felt that he was in the wrong environment of being caught up in mainstream thought patterns and how he switched over to a different one that has allowed him to follow his heart more freely.
  • What participating in plant medicine ceremonies has taught him about himself and life.
  • The difference between knowing and doing plus what embodiment means to him.
  • Unpacking the three energy bodies humans have: astral, etheric, and physical.
  • Exploring the 12 meridians, qigong, and 7 chakras and how they apply to our three energy bodies and consciousness.
  • What the astral realm is and how we can connect with other dimensions and activate our other sense organs.
  • His childlike wound around his anxious attachment style and how Josh is also still trying to heal his own past.

[31:00] Healing Past Generational Pain

  • Where we access past generational pain and how we can begin to fix those wounds in the three energy bodies.
  • How to process thoughts, beliefs, or feelings that are not your own but come from other sources such as your family.
  • Why sometimes we attract partners to ‘correct' the misalignment in our own lives.
  • The Real Purpose Of Relationships with Bridget Nielsen
  • How he and his past partner, Bridget, were able to navigate their break up and share that with the rest of the world on YouTube.
  • What lessons he learned from his relationship with Bridget including letting go and the importance of having more fun.
  • New findings Josh has discovered in his relationship with Carrie Michelle including being more aware of his unconscious habits.

[40:00] Getting To The Root Of Our Triggers

  • How Josh feels if he's off with his sleep, movement, nutrition, connection with Spirit, or general self-care.
  • Why a conscious relationship is an ultimate crucible for growth.
  • What actions we can take if we find ourselves in a state of paralysis, triggered, or being unconscious of our behavior in everyday life.
  • How to get to know your triggers and prepare yourself if you're about to be in an environment that could set you off.
  • The key sign to getting to know your triggers: body awareness of how you physically feel.
  • His tools to help him when he's feeling triggered including self-narrating all of the physical sensations he's feeling to help him process the negative energy as it moves through him.
  • Some of his own major insecurities including not being listened to and heard by other people.
  • How to understand where your insecurities and triggers are coming from so that you can reprocess and reframe them.

[49:30] Why Growth Comes At The Point Of Resistance

  • The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin
  • Unpacking the point of resistance: why we let it pull us down instead of being curious about it.
  • How we can truly embody curiosity when we're in the space of resistance or being triggered.
  • What steps we can take to replace condemnation with interest for not just others but for ourselves too.
  • Why a lot of our triggers come from the judgment that we have for ourselves.
  • How we can choose to cultivate curiosity in a moment where we're emotionally charged and triggered with judgment and negative feelings.
  • Esoteric Meditation Course
  • The esoteric meditation guide he offers on his website which has many teaching points including helping people find the still point in between their thoughts and emotions.

[1:00:00] Alchemizing Our Energy Bodies & Consciousness

  • Unpacking our natural alchemy and how we start to autocorrect ourselves once we realize what the dysfunction is within us.
  • How to alchemize our energy bodies and consciousness by first bringing forth a greater awareness for the present moment but also physical, psychological, and emotional transformation.
  • The power of storytelling in relation to what a human is and our purpose on this planet.
  • Exploring the universal principle that delivers wellbeing, empowerment, beauty, and upliftment that we should look out for to determine how true a story is.
  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek
  • How he helps people organize their experiences to better understand them.
  • The power of sharing your gifts and speaking your truth according to whatever inspires you.
  • One on One Coaching Sessions with Patrick Haize
  • How to tell when something; a new opportunity, relationship, program, process, etc. is right for you because you have no resistance against it.
  • Why coming into awareness of yourself is the key to unlocking the blockages we have in life.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Wellness has something to do with opening up your vibration; it's like a sensation of being free, dynamic, and have the ability to let that inspiration inside of you move you without and inhibitions.' -@PatrickHaize ” quote=”‘Wellness has something to do with opening up your vibration; it's like a sensation of being free, dynamic, and have the ability to let that inspiration inside of you move you without and inhibitions.' -@PatrickHaize “]

Embodying The Three Energies

“Embodiment from one perspective is a more mainstream one when theory turns into practice. However, in terms of the development of a human soul, from a more esoteric perspective, embodiment to me is literally the true activation of your subtle, spiritual body and physical body by doing different things such as movement, breathwork, and meditation that turn on your energetic body ecosystem.” – Patrick Haize


Wellness From A Vibrational Perspective

“If you're looking at it from a vibrational perspective, wellness has something to do with opening up your vibration; it's like a sensation of being free, dynamic, and have the ability to let that inspiration inside of you move you without and inhibitions to express yourself in the way that feels most right to you. I think wellness is having a good relationship with what you know to be right in the holistic sense your being. What feels right, what you know intellectually and emotionally to be right, what your body knows to be right which translates as health.” – Patrick Haize


How To Be With Your Trigger

“When we have a trigger, it's like we're being literally puppeted by a negative force and you're responding in a way that you wouldn't choose to respond if you had control. So, the first step to let go of that is to notice what kinds of things tend to trigger you and get to the bottom of the underlining wound that's creating those emotions and actions. Then, you can be aware and give yourself a forewarning when you're about to walk into an environment with a high trigger probability. This has so much to do with body awareness because it's telling you everything and giving you permission to hone in, be more conscious of what you're experiencing, and not let your triggers create an emotional spiral.” – Patrick Haize

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About Patrick Haize

Patrick Haize | Practical Spirituality: The 3 Energy BodiesPatrick Haize is a Musician, Teacher, and New Earth Pioneer that specializes in personal transformation and addiction counseling. He loves creating new and innovative ways to help people awaken their greatest potential and unify to create a new Harmonious Earth.


The Real Purpose Of Relationships with Bridget Nielsen



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