John Wineland: Your Guide To Masculine & Feminine Polarity

“What does it mean to lead from a place of healthy, sacred masculine energy? Men are hungry for that answer and there’s a momentum-shifting as we see more participation in men's groups. They naturally have this mechanism for delivering depth; they’re like a portal to the Divine.” – John Wineland

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 332

Speaker, Founder of The New Men’s Work Project, and Author of the upcoming books, The Art of Masculine Leadership and Love Sex Yoga, John Wineland, explains why the feminine can relax when the masculine leads in the relationship, how you can heal your family line now and for generations to come, and how you can honor both the beast and the spirit that are within you.

What does it mean to lead from a place of healthy, sacred masculine energy?

Discover the art of masculine leadership, why you don't have to wait to heal to serve humanity, and why karma provides an opportunity for us to express the Divine.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Men’s groups naturally have a mechanism for delivering depth; they’re like a portal to the divine.' – @john_wineland” quote=”‘Men’s groups naturally have a mechanism for delivering depth; they’re like a portal to the divine.' – @john_wineland”]


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Listen To Episode 332 As John Wineland Uncovers:


[1:30] What Is Emotional Intelligence?

[13:15] Acknowledging The Beast & Spirit That Live Within

  • How we can honor both the beast and the spirit that we are born with when we come to this planet.
  • Why our patterns are not our fault as they were installed in us when we were young.
  • How to become attuned in our internal body even if our minds and bodies are unwell to allow consciousness to come forth.
  • Separating the therapeutic approach to healing from the yogic approach to being with our environment or another human being to be more conscious. (17:00)
  • Why we are consciousness at the feminine energy of love at our core.
  • What it was like for him growing up without a healthy masculine figure in his life.
  • How his mother's interest in Buddhism led him to an early spiritual practice meeting his first true male role model.
  • Certain karmas we have and how we can see them through during this lifetime to transmute them into goodness. (21:00)
  • Why the karma that we're dealt provides us an opportunity to express the divine.

[22:00] You Don't Have To Heal To Serve Humanity

  • Why you don't have to wait until you're healed to serve humanity.
  • Unpacking the idea that there is a certain level of attachment to form that is key to his masculine practice. (23:00)
  • Explaining why the masculinity within us is an awareness of form without any attachment.
  • Accepting that nothing is ever permanent in life and things like people and money will come and go.
  • The power of committing ourselves to the work we do as a life path rather than something we have to white knuckle (25:30).
  • Why there is no strategy for success in relationships, career, or anything else compared to like going into depth or a masculine being.
  • Exploring the concept that our negative thought systems could have been installed generations ago from our ancestors through the studies of epigenetics. (30:00)
  • If you want to see real change in your family, you have to personally be responsible for breaking the chain in your epigenetic lineage.

[33:00] Leading With Sacred, Masculine Energy

  • Where he believes we are right now in humanities' evolution.
  • Accepting that while there is a growth in human consciousness, there is also a dark energy out there as well. (34:00)
  • Why he's dedicated himself to helping understands understand their masculine leadership capabilities.
  • What it means to lead with sacred, masculine energy.
  • Unpacking the integration of darkness and light dualities within sexual, grief, and other energies. (36:30)
  • What steps we can take to bring darkness through the heart and with love to clarify it.
  • Why we sometimes need the dark to amplify the light and his own experiences with it.
  • How a man can be in his full masculinity and Warrior form to help heal a woman. (44:00)
  • Exploring how traumas can be transmuted through sexual energies.
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

[46:00] What The Feminine & Masculine Need

  • Regular push backs he receives from women of today's generations.
  • Why the feminine has to relax their leadership role if they want to attract the masculine energy in their partner during intimacy and romance.
  • How to cultivate the daily practice of breathwork into your life.
  • Why men are naturally wired to sit in stillness even when with other men in a group.
  • M21 Wellness Guide
  • How Josh has healed his relationship with porn and how other men can do the same.
  • The importance of nourishing yourself through nature so that you can be present and give to others.
  • What naturally blocks our nourishment including tension, porn, and other short-term dopamine hits. (55:50)
  • Understanding that most fear we experience is thought-driven and can be slowed down if we focus on breath or embody it. (58:50)

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘The masculine grows energetically and spiritually by recognizing the stillness that's at its core.' – @john_wineland ” quote=”‘The masculine grows energetically and spiritually by recognizing the stillness that's at its core.' – @john_wineland “]

Expressing Our Love & Consciousness

“I don't need to change anything to be consciousness and love, I just am. So are you; so is any human being. At our core, the feminine in us is love; infinite, unchanging love and at our core, consciousness. I don't need to change anything; however, if I want my love or consciousness to be felt in the world, I have to open my body through breath, relaxation, posture, or movement.”  – John Wineland

Emotional Intelligence Is An Awareness Practice

“Emotional intelligence is really just an awareness practice. It means to be aware that there are sensations in the body that may have feelings. There may be grief, anxiety, or love. We tend to think of intelligence as something you either have or don't but awareness is something that can absolutely be trained and sharpened. So, we all have the capacity to become more emotionally aware both of ourselves and of the people that we're with if we pay attention and get out of our own minds.” – John Wineland

Reaching A Certain Level Of Detachment

“Even with the deepest emotional intelligence, we could still experience great trauma and pain. There's a certain level of detachment from form that is key to my masculine practice. The real masculine capacity, for men or women, within all of us is an awareness of form without an attachment to form. Family, friends, or things like money come into our lives and then they leave. This moment comes and goes. So, part of my depth, I would hope, is my ability to not get attached to any of it so that I am more aware and can stay in that zone.” – John Wineland

Links From Today's Show

About John Wineland

John Wineland

For over a decade, John Wineland, a LA-based teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur has been leading both men and women in the realms of relationships, sexual intimacy, and life purpose.

Known for his groundbreaking work with men, John is the founder of The New Men’s Work Project, which is charged with the lofty goal of creating 1000 men's groups world-wide and has attracted members from across the globe who are looking to lead more embodied purpose-driven lives.

With a diverse background that includes a long history as an entry, as well in the yogic, tantric and relational arts, John brings a wide scope of meditation, movement and intimacy practices to his experiential workshops and coaching sessions.

John Wineland's Programs & Workshops

Today John’s work spans the sexual divide and he’s known as much in the women’s and couples’ intimacy arenas for facilitating programs in the Art of Embodiment and Sexual Intimacy.

John’s recent workshop offerings include Beyond Your Edge: Love, Sex and Purpose on Higher Plane, Integrity as Masculine Practice, The Art of Loving Fiercely and Breath and Sexual Energy. In 2014, John launched The Aquarian Relationship Series, a 21st-century exploration into Intimacy and Polarity practices with his teaching partner, renowned Master Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Guru Jagat.

Masculine and Feminine Transmission is Not Gender Specific

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