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Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

“What nourishment on a physical level are you craving that is not diet or exercise related? What nourishment on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level do you need? We're not lacking the right diet; we're missing out on love, kindness, and connection in our lives.” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Are you controlling your health too much with a strict diet and exercise regime? What would happen if you just lightened up and focused on simple, free wellness practices instead?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 308

Holistic Chinese Medicine Physician, Host of The Dr. E Show podcast, and Author of SuperWellness: Become Your Own Best Healer, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, reveals why living a healthy life is actually much easier than what you've probably been let on to believe, why eating right and exercise are not the ultimate answers to letting go of old weight, and how you can begin to unlock the six dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H. right now.

Discover how to supercharge your energy, upgrade your life, and change the world.

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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Practice nourishing yourself the right way with love, breathwork, sunshine, and sleep so you can crowd out the bad habits.' – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan” quote=”‘Practice nourishing yourself the right way with love, breathwork, sunshine, and sleep so you can crowd out the bad habits.' – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan”]

SuperWellness: Become Your Own Best Healer

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Dr. Edith Ubuntu ChanBecome your own best healer, with the revolutionary new formula for creating true vibrant health. Featuring a foreword by Wim Hof. What if “Eat Right and Exercise” is not the key? Has our world made health & wellness far too difficult, expensive, and complicated? What if the best tools are free, simple, and abundantly available? What common assumptions have derailed us, rather than helped us, on our quest for health and healing?

Based on 15 years of professional experience and a lifetime of research, this book debunks the greatest myths about our health that have caused unnecessary frustration, pain, and suffering for far too long. Discover the TRUTH, which is far more empowering than we've ever been told!

Introducing SuperWellness™! In this book, you'll discover:

* A bold new world, where getting healthy is fun, joyful and requires zero deprivation.
* A world where the most potent healing tools are also Free, Simple, and Abundantly available.
* A life where you can become stress-free, get the best sleep, lose those pesky pounds without dieting, heal faster, look radiant, have amazing energy, and enjoy more quality time with your friends, family, and kids.
* You can “Become Your Own Best Healer.” Imagine how much time, energy, and money you'll save? What beautiful things could you do with all that extra time and money?

Listen To Episode 308 As Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan Uncovers:

[1:30]  Wellness: The State Of Being

[13:00] The Power of Kindness for Greater Wellness

[22:00] Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan's Life-Changing Moments

  • The intense meditation she had in 2003 during a Qigong practice that led her to not only be acutely aware of the pain and suffering of the world but also the ways that she could help people heal as a seeker for answers. (22:00)
  • Her very first experience witnessing the work of a Qigong Healer who helped her dad's back pain and sister's ankle sprain. (31:00)
  • The disapproving remarks she received from her family when she told them she wanted to become a Chinese Qigong Healer when she grew up.
  • Why she decided to honor her family's wishes to study math and science in order to go to a school like Harvard University rather than focus on completing a Chinese medicine apprenticeship.
  • The great career and immense success she had right after Harvard and yet was completely miserable and ill with headaches, painful menstrual cramps, and excessive weight. (35:00)
  • Her false belief that being stressed all the time and having horrible ailments were just part of being an adult.

[39:00] The Power Of Speaking Your Truth

  • The moment she realized that a career in software was not her destiny.
  • Her decision to walk away from a great, well-paid job to take time off and do some real soul searching. (39:00)
  • How September 11th was the last wake up she needed to remind her of how precious life is and that she needed to take her life in a new direction.
  • The instant health transformation she experienced the moment she quit her job at the software company and began Chinese Medicine school. (41:30)
  • Lessons learned from her rigorous four-year apprenticeship with Master Yu-Tai Fu, an award-winning Qigong master and traditional “bonesetter” from Beijing.
  • Why the power of speaking your truth is something you learn over time and not instantly.
  • The fact that facing your truth can be extremely scary but also invigorating.
  • Simple exercises she does in her SuperWellness classes including the truth vs. falsehood body test. (44:00)
  • How to tell if you're resonating with your inner truth or if you're pretending to be someone you're not.
  • The crowding out method and how it can be applied to all aspects of your life.
  • What you can start calling into your life now for great nourishment, self-fulfillment, and joy.

[48:40] The Six Dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H. in Super Wellness

  • The H.E.A.L.T.H. acronym to represent the Six Dimensions of Health in SuperWellness: Become Your Own Best Healer.
  • Home – Coming home to yourself and recognizing that you already have the answer within.
  • Environment – Making sure your environment is set up and optimized the best way possible for greater wellness so that you're synchronized with nature's natural rhythm.
  • Air | Agua | Aaarmph – Engaging with breathwork, the quality and quantity of water you drink, and how you eat your foods,
  • Lightening up on all levels of health by letting go of a strict diet and exercise practices to focus on adapting simple habits.
  • Thought and truth – gathering, applying, embodying, and mind mastering intuitive tools. (1:02:00)
  • Heart – Living from the heart by healing stressful thoughts and cleaning up the physiology.
  • Why you need to aim more for the low-hanging easy fruits of health and wellness rather than set out in impossibly hard goals.
  •  Dr. Gerald Pollack
  • Why the quality of water you drink is ten times more important than that of the food you eat. (53:00)
  • Masaru Emoto
  • The importance of proper breathing methods for greater physical and emotional health. (56:00)
  • 275 Paul Chek 
  • Why struggling and becoming a new version of yourself is all part of being human (1:08:20)


What is SuperWellness?

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘What nourishment on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level are you craving? We're not lacking the right diet; we're missing out on love, kindness, and connection in our lives.' – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan” quote=”‘What nourishment on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level are you craving? We're not lacking the right diet; we're missing out on love, kindness, and connection in our lives.' – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan”]

The Simple Foundation of Good Health

“Diet, exercise and all of these traditional ways of wellness do matter but they may be secondary to something way more foundational. So, in my SuperWellness class, we look at all basic aspects of health that are almost too obvious that people just skip right over them. Some of them are so simple, so free, so crazy obvious that we take them for granted. Since we take them for granted, we don't do them, and thus don't see the results. We're never going to see a TV ad reminding us to turn off the television, go outside, and get some fresh air. That's never going to happen; who's going to make money off of you being so independent and self-empowered in your own wellness?” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan


How To Crowd Out The Bad Habits

“Practice nourishing yourself the right way and as a side effect, you will crowd out the bad habits. Focus on nourishing yourself with all of those delicious things like love and hugs but also breathwork, sunshine, sleeping properly in complete darkness, drinking the right kind of water; not just the quantity but quality of water. All of these good habits will crowd out the necessity to eat junk foods and live by other poor behaviors.” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan


The Power of Mindful Eating

“When we tell people to lighten up on all levels of wellness, the first thought that comes to mind is portion control. Well, what if I tell you that you don't have to control so much? What if you naturally lightened up as a side effect of bringing a different level of presence and mindfulness to your eating. Just even eating in a state of joy and gratitude; slowing down, chewing your food, and savoring it properly. As a side effect of that, you'll naturally eat less and be way more satiated. What if you just focused on slowing down, savoring, and enjoying your food instead of having to be so rigid and militant about it. How are your eating habits weighing you down now and how can you lighten them up?” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan


Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: The Six Dimensions of SuperWellness – H.E.A.L.T.H.

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About Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Dr. Edith Ubuntu ChanDr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, author, speaker, and coach who has devoted her life to unlocking the secrets of our human potential. She shares a refreshingly new approach to Wellness that integrates Science, Medicine, and Spirituality. Her story began in 2003 with a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences, which gave Dr. Edith extraordinary insights into our human possibilities. She believes that Health is our birthright. It's our natural state.

Follow The Work Of Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Dr. Edith has been featured on CNN, Yoga Journal, Lilou Macé's Juicy Living Tour, “The Goddess Project” documentary and more. Her academic background includes a Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Through her seminars and programs, Dr. Edith helps Visionary Pioneers become masters of their Energy, Alignment, and Joy, so that they can lead and serve at the highest levels. Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern science, SuperWellness is a practical and powerful distillation of Dr. Edith's entire life's work.

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