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Gerry Powell: Personal Growth & Plant Medicine

“Before you come to Rythmia, the real work is what you did before. Living your life upset and sad about not finding the right partner, getting out of a financial loop, or not being able to find peace with your family; that's the hard work. Going from one job to the next and experiencing the fact that the jobs you love don't pay, and you don't love the jobs that do pay- that's hard. Then, to have gone through all of that and in one night be able to see it shift so much that you can look back and see all the joy in everything you've been through, that's what changes you at your deepest core. How you now vibrate creates this world around you that's different than the world you knew before.” – Gerry Powell 

Have you been on the personal development path for years and curious about plant medicine, but not sure how it can help take your life to the next level?

In Wellness Force Radio 185, entrepreneur, Founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center and Author of  Sh*t The Moon SaidGerry Powell, uncovers the healing power of plant medicine for personal growth, shares what plant medicine is all about, debunks myths surrounding this form of healing, and powerfully speaks to how plant medicine helped him completely transform his life.

Discover in this powerful, raw, and live podcast interview how plant medicine has the power help you come face to face with the reality of truth about who you are and your purpose in life. 

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Sh*t The Moon Said by Gerard Powell“It was during my eighth or ninth plant medicine journey that I was finally getting a real sense of freedom. I was feeling so elated that I told the moon I had a special request. I explained that this life had been so full of pain for me that I didn't think I could do it all again. So I asked her if in my next life she could make sure that I found the plant medicine as soon as possible. Her reply floored me. She typed, ‘Gerry, that's a request for next time, but it's the same one you used last time.'”

Plant medicine? The moon typing? It probably seems incomprehensible. Gerard Armond Powell was a rags-to-riches success story―a member of the 1 percent―but also an extremely unhappy person with multiple addictions. On a fast track to destroying every relationship that ever mattered to him and considering suicide, he was looking for a miracle, a way out. He found it in the form of plant medicine and a shaman who introduced him to the truth of his life and laid the groundwork for a psycho-spiritual journey that would lead him to reconnect with his soul, heal his addictions, and, finally, achieve a lasting sense of peace and happiness. This experience changed Powell and convinced him to share the universal truths he learned with as many people as he could, which he does at the acclaimed Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, and now with readers in Sh*t the Moon Said.

This mesmerizing story gives readers a blueprint to chart their own course to happiness. The first step is to learn who they really are and the possibilities of what they can still become. Second, they have to achieve a reconnection with their souls. And third, they must heal their hearts. Sh*t the Moon Said provides us with an irreverent way of highlighting our shared unconscious wisdom and its life-changing potential. Powell's candid tale and the unlikely journey will help inspire readers to know themselves better and to find the path to their own greatest redemption.

Listen To Episode 185 As Gerry Powell Uncovers:

  • What his beliefs were about life for the first three decades of his life.
  • The moment he decided to turn his life around and how he now feels more peaceful and happier than ever before.
  • Why he has taken part in over 209 plant ceremonies at Rythmia.
  • What most people get wrong about plant ceremonies and what myths exist about this ancient medicine.
  • Why plant medicine ceremonies can cheapening because it forces you to come face to face with yourself.
  • Why one night with the moon completely changed his life around and inspired him to write, Sh*t The Moon Said.
  • The struggles he has faced in order to let go of what didn't serve him and the realities he's now learned about life.
  • The amazing healings he has witnessed since starting Rythmia.
  • Why all of our lies are what is weighing us down and keeping us from the truth.
  • What moment of truth Josh experienced during his breathing workshop at Rythmia.
  • The power of data and tracking information for repetitive analysis to really see if your wellness is improving.
  • How to heal your soul by looking deep down at what's inside of your heart.
  • Why we're designed to break and separate from our soul at a young age in order to grow into out best selves as adults.
  • How Gerry was able to change his mindset around money to serve humanity.
  • Why there is no such thing as “safety” or “danger” and how they're actually a construct of our mind.

Power Quotes From The Show

“There are people who have money or don't have money and it's not a big deal to them. Then there are people who have an allergy to money; they're convinced that they can't have money. What the plant medicine does is put money in a whole new perspective for you. The same goes for other factors such as love or happiness. This idea that we can't have money, love, or happiness is all a lie.” – Gerry Powell

“We're all in this together and that's what's so beautiful about life. The shortcut to happiness is truth. However, it's so hard for people to get to the truth because they don't want to hurt anybody; we're constantly protecting ourselves. Once you've discovered the truth, keeping your balancing sheet clean is easier and everything changes.” – Gerry Powell

“Your soul is always in your aura; it's just that you are one and you split from it. So, in order for your soul to come back, it has to know that you see who you've become. Once you see who you've become, you don't have to change yourself, you just have to see it. Change happens on its own.” – Gerry Powell 

“Money has a completely different value to me now than it did back then. Money was something I had to have because it was my identity. Now it's something that I have to have in order to pay payroll. Now I need money in order to pay these people at Rythmia because they do this incredible work with such an open heart. In the grand scheme of life, I had to go through all that past bullshit with money so that this place could exist.” – Gerry Powell

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Rythmia Story

About Gerry Powell

Gerry PowellGerard A. Powell was the personification of the American Businessman: Rich, Powerful, and Unhappy.

He opted to try anything available to hide from himself and his “perfect” life. Most of his existence he suffered from addiction and depression, incessantly trying to fill the hole deep within, with little or no success. Ultimately, after much trial and error, he found the key to true success and happiness. Today, he serves as a conscious entrepreneur, thought leader, philanthropist and public speaker on a mission to share the modalities and philosophies that transformed his life.

And so, Gerry founded the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica which is a medically licensed life transformation center that is focused on drug and alcohol addiction, general health and wellness and spiritual development. Their team of naturopathic healers, health specialists, and spiritual teachers are all working in tandem to create the most integrative programs in the world.

Their goal is to continually provide the best healing practices anywhere for a complete mind, body, and spiritual renewal for each and every person. Their gift is the gift of being able to bring true healing to you, and offer you the setting and tools to do just that.


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