The Art of Realness: Conner Moore

Conner Moore The Art of Realness WELLNESS FORCE RADIO PODCAST

The Art of Realness: Conner Moore

“Understand your previous paths. Where have you gotten lost? What were your emotional triggers? Everyone has experienced it; we've all been caught up in a thought before without realizing it. Self-reflection will allow you to uncover what you're hiding from so that you can discover your triggers. Is there a big, gaping hole in your identity? You just have to let go so you can create space and feel empowered to fill it with whatever you want that aligns with you.” – Conner Moore

In this modern world of being connected through social media, believing more is better, and experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before, how can we take a deep breath and continue to balance being part monkey, beast, and spirit?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 212, Founder of The Realness Media and Host of The Realness Podcast, Conner Moore, shares how you can get in touch with you inner shadow-self, the importance of the integration process after emotional training or Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies, and the beautiful differences between the masculine and feminine.

Listen and learn why everything, even self-help, has a powerful duality that you can respect and honor.

The Realness

The Lifestyle Design Program

How much would clarity on your values and confidence in your action change your life?

The Lifestyle Design Program is not a one-size-fits-all program and that's why it works!

Lifestyle Design meets you where you are and, together, we create your plan of action. Your life is unique and the approach to developing your best self should be too. The personal development strategies that we use are based on your experience as opposed to operating from a template. This approach ensures that the action you take is in alignment with your authentic self, and helps in creating lasting change for those willing to embrace the challenge of true self-understanding.

Conner Moore and his team design the program around you and your personal experience. These programs are created with the intention to provide:

  • Hold a space for you to let your guard down and bring your authentic experience to the surface
  • Custom action steps each week based on your experience, goals, and resources
  • A judgment-free space for guided self-exploration
  • Support in letting go of false-beliefs that are holding you back
  • Cultivating an understanding of and aligning with your true values
  • Improved communication and connections with others
  • Openness to the amazing possibilities your life can hold
  • A NO BULLSHIT approach to taking ownership of your life experience
  • Providing clarity on the most impactful resources for you to invest your time into

Lifestyle Design Refection with Dino Suta

Listen To Episode 212 As Conner Moore Uncovers:

  • How to get in touch with our shadow-self as human beings and what specific practices he does including Morning Pages journaling.
  • The lack of connection men have lost in their masculinity and the need for it to be present in a relationship.
  • Where his pent-up energy was coming from with having addicted parents and how he was able to release it.
  • His inner struggles embracing who he is and how he finally came to accept himself.
  • The physical and emotional practices he regularly does to keep in touch with himself and his masculinity.
  • Pieces of training he has participated in to stay emotionally strong.
  • Whether or not it's possible to lose our identity through emotional intelligence training.
  • The necessity of going through an integration period after you take part in an emotional intelligence training.
  • How to uncover your triggers and what you easily get caught up in through cautious self-reflection.
  • Why emotional training can be beneficial but also dangerous.
  • Why we don't have to ‘kill' the ego in order to let go of our relationship with it.
  • The contrast and connection between impostor syndrome and plant medicine during ceremonies.
  • How he was able to get in touch with his feminine and masculine sides during Ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Having the right intention when participating in a plant medicine ceremony by combining the physical with the spiritual.
  • How you can approach attending a plant medicine ceremony for the first time.
  • How you can embody the lessons after an Ayahuasca ceremony through your own integration process.
  • Letting go of the fear of death through plant medicine.
  • Hero disintegration and coming to the realization that the people we look up to are just normal like us.
  • What stops us from being curious about exploring and growing as human beings because of the power of disillusionment.

Power Quotes From The Show

“Patterns and biases in your behavior and decision making may seem like they’re limiting you, but they were created at some point in your life to serve you. Those behaviors gave you safety and giving them gratitude will set you free. You can choose to let go of things but you can't just throw them away; you have to tell them ‘thank you' for serving you but you no longer need them.” – Conner Moore

“Broaden the boundaries of your experience and how you bring yourself into this world. Allow yourself to take more in and create more context so that you will have more information to draw and express yourself from. We're patterned to be a certain way and there are things right in front of our faces that we can't see that create these false boundaries about how we see life. If you can take yourself a little bit less seriously, withhold judgment for a little while, have some compassion for yourself, and then get curious, you will be able to explore more and more until you discover what you don't like and what you absolutely love that you didn't even know existed before.” – Conner Moore

“Be open and receptive to the kindness of people. Treat every human interaction like a human interaction and have the intention inside of you to really connect with people. When you're clear with what you're bringing to the world, it's going to attract people who also resonate with that. That's the natural  progression of creating a tribe.” – Conner Moore

How to Own Your Experience

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About Conner Moore

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 Conner Moore is the Founder of The Realness Media. He is also the Podcast Host of The Realness Podcast. He is a true believer in authentic expression and is here to help you find yours through the Realness Retreat, Lifestyle Design, and Intention Journal he has created to help guide you.

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