Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success

Jordan Taylor Wright_ How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 195 (1)

Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success

“The desire to tune into your body comes from wanting to feel good and discover what allows you to actually vibrate with this high frequency and become something greater than yourself. An amazing way to do that is through art. When I'm editing, filming, or taking photos, I am not operating from my ego; I'm allowing the light to pass through me and the same can happen to others when they're singing, writing, listening, or doing anything else creative. When you're singing, you're not thinking about singing; it's just flowing through you and your body is the tool that gets to be sung from.” – Jordan Taylor Wright

How can being creative allow you to self-reflect, meditate, and feel your best every single day?

In Wellness + Wisdom episode 195, Director, Photographer, and Filmmaker of Taylor Cut Films, Jordan Taylor Wright, shares why he stopped focusing so much on wealth, what mindfulness techniques he practices every day, and how he was able to transition his mind, body, and soul to reach a higher emotional intelligence.

Uncover why you've allowed yourself to be accustomed to not feeling good and what you can do to turn it around by practicing mirror work, writing a letter to your inner child, or observing the present moment through creativity.

Connect With Jordan Taylor Wright

Connect and learn more about Director, Photographer, and Filmmaker at Taylor Cut Films, Jordan Taylor Wright.

Taylor Cut Films is a digital media and film production company that specializes in shooting and editing music videos, short films, live concerts, and commercials.

Taylor has completed projects with various companies, organizations, and other artists including:

  • L'Oreal
  • Bose
  • Cuba Tourism Board
  • India Tourism Board X The Luxury Collection
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Usher
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Ciara

TRANSCEND | (Taylor Cut Films)

Listen To Episode 195 As Jordan Taylor Wright Uncovers:

  • Why your ‘software‘ is found in your body and hardware is located in your mind.
  • How you can feel your best self every day through art and being creative in any way you love.
  • How you can trust that the future will be good rather than spending hours worrying about it.
  • Why he was so focused on money during his 20s and what his thought patterns were like back then.
  • How creating videos allowed him to express himself and positively affect people in a new way that was greater than his ego.
  • Why your life is like watching a movie: you get to witness and be present with what is happening and see the beauty that's actually going on in the world.
  • Why he created a video dedicated to Stephen Hawking after he passed away.
  • His transition and approach to connecting his mind, body, and spirit for enhanced emotional intelligence.
  • What you can do to open up and let go of hidden tension and stress within your body.
  • How you can end your fears of death and not existing on this planet one day.
  • Why you owe it to yourself to relax by meditating, being creative, and focusing on what is going on around you.
  • Mirror work and why it's such an amazing practice to become more conscious.
  • Whether or not we could potentially be living inside a video game or simulation. How you can get in better touch with yourself in this 4th dimension.
  • What his book, Forever the Infinite Now, and his film, The Discovery of the Divine Consciousness, are about.
  • The benefit of writing a letter to your inner child to let them know you care about them, love them and can give them grace.
  • What he has overcome and how he continues to stay true to himself while being part of the Hollywood scene.
  • Why we've become accustomed to not feeling good and what we can do to turn it all around.
  • How writing about what emotions you're experiencing can help you observe, let go, and forget about them.
  • What you can do to stay true to yourself and your intentions in order to live a life full of wellness.

Power Quotes From The Show

“I included this quote by Stephen Hawking, ‘If you're lucky enough to find love, remember it is rare and don't throw it away,' in my video because ‘love' in this case isn't about finding love in another person. Simply loving someone will never fill you because we are everything and nothing at the same time. Once you're able to find a feeling of love whether that's through consciousness, the state of awareness, or meditation, hold onto that feeling and that will be your compass within your life. Every decision you make is based on that feeling of love.” – Jordan Taylor Wright

“There is a beauty that exists in pain because pain is fear and fear is just the ego's notion of not existing. Fear doesn't exist; fear comes from death and death doesn't exist; death is light. Light never dissipates; it travels forever and becoming enlightened means that you are in this state of knowing that you are light and that continues forever.”  – Jordan Taylor Wright

“If you're trying to find yourself, you're going to be searching forever because there's nothing to ‘find.' You don't have to already go searching for yourself because it's already there as stillness. When you allow yourself to be still, you're not reaching outward to control or reach for something. All of those are outward emotions, but being still is about tuning inward, being at the very base of who you are, and being okay with vulnerability.” – Jordan Taylor Wright

“Notice when you are feeling emotions and if you aren't able to rid yourself of the thoughts by witnessing and labeling them, be open to writing about what is happening. Within two to three minutes of writing what you're thinking, you're going to pause and forget why you were even feeling those emotions or thinking those thoughts in the first place. Be open to expressing your emotions as well; don't let them bubble up like a volcano. There's no weakness in crying; there is strength in expressing yourself.” – Jordan Taylor Wright 

“Our wellness is our intention; we are our intention. So, remove that ‘I' from ‘Intention' and allow your intention to express and feel love. Know what your intention is when you're speaking and be true to what you're saying. Allow your intention to be truthful. If you are intending for your life to be well, happy, and full of love, then that's what your existence will be and that's what other's existence will be as well.” – Jordan Taylor Wright

Links From Today's Show

Homage to Stephen Hawking (R.I.P)


About Jordan Taylor Wright

Jordan Taylor WrightJordan Taylor Wright is the CEO and founder of Taylor Cut Films, a narrative storyteller, filmmaker, and photographer who has worked with Usher, Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and many more.

Justin attributes his success to using optimal wellness techniques including mindful meditation and yoga to train his mind to be present, live in the now, and understand his own thoughts to manifest success.

In his early 20s, Jordan's main focus was chasing money and celebrity, but after self-reflection and hard work to shift his mindset, Jordan was able to find true personal and career success.

Today, Jordan continues to work with top talent as well as the biggest brands including recent campaigns for Tiffany & Co., Ferragamo, Audi and Aloft Hotels which also feature him as the leading man. He uses his work to help spread the message of love, both self-love, and love for others, through mindfulness


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