Natalie Jill: Aging In Reverse

“To me, aging in reverse now means having that same childlike wonder that we had as kids. When we believed that anything was possible, we were creative, and we actually lived for love and joy. Like kids on a beach, aging in reverse happens when you're present, have no sense of time, and just care about enjoying the moment. When you embrace that, that is what will help you feel, look, and be younger.” – Natalie Jill

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 331

Fat Loss Expert turned High Performance Coach, Host of the Leveling Up Podcast, and Author, Natalie Jill, shares how to cultivate greater self-awareness, the power of connecting with your wellness tribe, and why emotional intelligence should be your number one focus throughout your wellness journey.

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Discover what it means to age in reverse and how to achieve it in 5 easy steps. 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘True joy is actually just being your authentic self. When you are living for love and happiness, you will feel, look, and be younger.' – @nataliejillfit ” quote=”‘True joy is actually just being your authentic self. When you are living for love and happiness, you will feel, look, and be younger.' – @nataliejillfit “]


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Listen To Episode 331 As Natalie Jill Uncovers:


[1:30] The Gateway To Wellness

  • Natalie Jill
  • Leveling Up Podcast
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  • How fitness has been her own gateway to greater health and wellness.
  • How her lifestyle has shifted since working for corporate America in 2008.
  • The struggles she dealt with during 2008 and feeling out of control yet she realized that one thing she could proactively control was her body. (6:00)
  • The natural empowering charge she has when it comes to motivating and working with people.
  • Why she felt that the life she had before was unauthentic compared to what she has now. (11:00)
  • The fact that she was afraid to open up and admit to people that she was falling apart.
  • How her brand, new identity, and success were launched completely on her being vulnerable, standing out, and showing others who she authentically was.
  • The differences between being authentically vulnerable and strategically vulnerable.

[15:40] What Is Emotional Intelligence?

  • Why she used to see emotional intelligence as a weakness instead of a strength like she does today.
  • What emotional intelligence is and why it's the number one most important thing to her.
  • Imprinting and how we're literally branded by our parents and epigenetics.
  • How her parents shaped her and her belief system.
  • Why her dad used to tease her for being emotional or even for crying.
  • The pain she used to feel in her body and realizing that it was because she was holding her emotions back rather than expressing them.
  • Why depression can happen when we don't authentically express ourselves.
  • How meeting and connecting with people has helped her heal, thrive, and age in reverse.
  • What worked for her to break out of her shell and what can help you on your wellness journey.

[21:20] Letting Go Of Materialist Things

  • Why everyone's journey to finding their authentic truth is different and it might even take hitting rock bottom to get there.
  • The emptiness we can feel when we buy something new or even get to the next level in our career, relationships, and other goals.
  • Why attachment is such a scary thing when anything can be taken away from us at any moment.
  • How she sees money now and appreciates it in a different manner than before in her past life.
  • Why money is energy, flow, and meant to be a means of sharing experiences and being generous.
  • What losing money and being in debt has taught her about wealth and life. (25:30)
  • How she's transformed her mindset around the idea of buying nice things. (27:00)
  • Vipassana Meditation – A Spartan Race For The Mind

[27:40] Dealing With The Fact That Everything Is Impertinent

  • How she deals with the fact that everything is impertinent and we will lose everyone and all these things we've gathered and done in life.
  • Why she's renting a home now instead of owning it because she doesn't want to be in a position where anything ever owns her again.
  • Cured Nutrition
  • Exploring the concept of how to age in reverse and what it means to her now.
  • What ages people rapidly from depression to lack of nutrition to movement.

[34:00] Growing Into Your Best Self

  • How to cultivate greater self-awareness to create a life focused on health, internal happiness, and loving yourself.
  • Understanding the ego and why conflict comes up when we live too much in it.
  • The power of connecting with others to transform yourself and your wellness.
  • The trickle-down impact she wants to make throughout her global community.
  • Power of focusing on who we are right now instead of who we will become someday.
  • Her opinion on today's technology, social media, and their impact on people.
  • The pros of social media including the benefits of building micro-communities.
  • Her top 5 steps to begin aging in reverse today.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘To me, aging in reverse now means having that same childlike wonder that we had as kids. It happens when you're present, have no sense of time, and just care about enjoying the moment.' – @nataliejillfit ” quote=”‘To me, aging in reverse now means having that same childlike wonder that we had as kids. It happens when you're present, have no sense of time, and just care about enjoying the moment.' – @nataliejillfit “]

Natalie Jill's Emotional Intelligence Evolution

“I came from corporate America where you're told to just hold it together and don't show your emotions. However, the truth is that anyone with emotional intelligence is a highly intelligent person. In fact, emotional intelligence is the most important thing; it's the most important variable in health. It's the most important thing in your success, happiness, and just everything.” – Natalie Jill

Letting Go Of Being Attached To Things

“Every single thing in our lives that matters to us will be taken away from us. Whether it's early or later on in life, it's going to be taken away from us. Every single one of us leaves this planet at some point and when that happens, we can't take with us what we have right now. Attachment is actually a really scary thing because we do get attached to things and they could go away at any time.” – Natalie Jill

What Women Really Want

“People don't want to hear what they need to do to change their lives; they want to know what injection, surgeon, or quick fix they need. What I know now after my own experiences is that a person that goes looking for a quick fix has a broken foundation they're working from and that's the same as painting over rust. Women think that's what they want but what they really want is to love themselves.” – Natalie Jill

Links From Today's Show

About Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill, can best be described as a creative, go-getting, sales genius with intuitive superpowers. Her intuition allows her to reach inside one’s soul and empower them so much so that they are able to believe in themselves. It’s true….She did it for me in just under an hour on a call. One could say that I am a perfect candidate for who Natalie serves.

Natalie Jill's Misson

Natalie helps women in their forties and fifties age and reverse so they can level up in their life. You see, when women like myself hit their forties, on a whole we are told that we are getting older, our hormones cause weight gain, we try literally everything under the sun to lose weight, feel pretty and sexy, and for some reason many of us fail and eventually give up.

Natalie Jill's Programs

With the variety of programs Natalie offers such as FULL BODY RESET, it’s not just about dieting and exercise. It’s really about mindset and the stories people tell themselves. Natalie is the dragon slayer of fat. She kills F.A.T. which stands for false assumed truth. There are so many success stories to be inspired from on her website and blog that one can only assess that this is a program that works for the long haul.

How to Age in Reverse! | Natalie Jill

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