Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen

Have you ever considered that our perception of reality might be completely inaccurate?

Oftentimes, what we experience in life gets passed through the lens of our own personal identity.  We've developed a filtering system based on our upbringing and social conditioning that forms our perspective and conscious awareness. Unfortunately, this old programming leads to many of the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that keep us from growth and self-discovery.

But if we sharpen the intuitive sword and begin to explore these misguided parts of our perception, we will reduce internal suffering and create a new reality filled with passion and possibility.

Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 136 with composer, meditation teacher, and host of the top-ranked “Astral Hustle” podcast Cory Allen, as he shows us how to awaken our consciousness and create a new experience filled with peace and wellness.

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Listen To Episode 136 As Cory Uncovers:

  • How we can reduce personal suffering and increase self-awareness
  • Exploring and understanding what it means to be human
  • Letting go of the childhood programming that created our limiting beliefs
  • How to wake up today and create the life you want for tomorrow
  • The experiences in life that create our consciousness and perception
  • Why Cory was fascinated with studying consciousness, awareness, and reality
  • Listening to our intuition and allowing it to guide our own unique path
  • The importance of sitting in silence and quieting the mind
  • How to use meditation to release anxiety and overwhelm
  • Ways to avoid distractions and stay present with our current tasks
  • Breaking our goals down into simple steps
  • How we can develop more mindfulness by managing our addiction to technology
  • Why appreciation helps us stay honest, grounded, and clear intentioned
  • Using music to put us into certain emotional states
  • How we can dial in a consistent meditation practice

Power Quotes From Cory Allen

“The mind is a meat radio.” – Cory Allen

“We have to drop the anvils we're carrying of past experiences that no longer apply to our lives.” – Cory Allen

“What each human experiences is an impression of objectivity.” – Cory Allen

“The amount of data from social media we receive causes a mental traffic jam.” – Cory Allen

“Finding appreciation each day helps us stay honest, grounded, and clear-intentioned.” – Cory Allen

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The “Release Into Now” Meditation Course

There are many styles of meditation, approaches to mindfulness, and paths to living a more present life. However, each of those schools are confined to their own strict guidelines. This course is not. I believe that every person is different and needs a unique style of meditation that works for them.

In this 6 week online course, I’ll share an approach to meditation that allows you to learn what works best for you. Each week, you’ll receive new narrated course material and a 30 minute guided meditation.

Whether you’re taking your first steps or are further down the path, this course is something you will grow with.

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The Astral Hustle Podcast w/ Cory Allen

The Astral Hustle Podcast Cory Allen

Welcome to The Astral Hustle podcast. This is where Cory Allen talks to himself and his friends about the human experience.

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About Cory Allen

When it comes to manipulating the brain by way of auditory throbbing, you’d probably want them resounding from a reputable source.

Hailing from Austin, Texas; Cory Allen is a meditation teacher, minimalist avant-garde musician and audio engineer – for capturing in duality the spirits of sound, I struggle to envision a more fitting résumé.

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