David Hauser: How To Create Personal Freedom & Be Unstoppable In Life

David Hauser

“Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.” – David Hauser

Are you feeling momentum in a flow state or are have you hit a stitch?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 322

Entrepreneur, speaker, angel investor, and author of Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life, David Hauser, shares how to create an optimized and unstoppable life, explains human optimization framework, and reveals what it takes to get what we really want – Freedom.

Discover why you don't have to white knuckle it to be unstoppable, achieve your goals, and be successful. 


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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.' – David Hauser @dh ” quote=”‘Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.' – David Hauser @dh “]

Listen To Episode 322 As David Hauser Uncovers:


[1:30]  Living An Unstoppable Life

  • Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life
  • David Hauser
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  • The power of following a human optimization framework instead of “white-knuckling it.”
  • What thoughts normally come to mind when we hear the word, “unstoppable,” and how he defines it.
  • How his habits have shifted around what it means to work hard and be successful. (6:00)
  • Why he used to stay up until 3 or 4 AM working during “quiet time” but then realized how unproductive it all actually was for his goals.
  • How he worked out, competed, ate healthily, and took supplements to change his life yet something was missing to help him accomplish his weight loss goal.
  • The fact that he was telling all of his employees to take care of themselves, go on vacation, and be mindful when he wasn’t following his own advice at all. (10:00).

[11:40] The Moment Of Life Change

  • How his own authentic truth and way of being has evolved over the last several years with the creation of his book, Unstoppable.
  • The moment he realized that he couldn’t just follow other people’s advice without first considering how it would benefit him and the life he wants to lead.
  • Why it can be scary to tune into yourself compared to listening to an expert but that’s where the benefit is during the inner work. (14:45)
  • The story behind the core value of his family: “Life begins at the edge.”
  • Why we find it so challenging to have more time on our hands when we choose to step away from something else.
  • Realizing that a quick pill, a one-time program, or a singular coaching session wasn’t going to cut it for the work that needed to be done. (18:00)
  • Why many wellpreneurs tend to have that “one thing” that is easy to follow and extreme but that isn’t his purpose with the book, Unstoppable.

[21:00] Adapting A Optimization Mindset

  • How to adapt an optimization mindset first to be able to focus on building physical and emotional intelligence.
  • Why many men find they gain so much emotional intelligence from the women in their lives.
  • The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
  • Why the tiniest step today is a step more than there was yesterday.
  • His goal right now to optimize inner happiness and his legacy.
  • Why he really wants to help his children be able to succeed on their own without any financial help from him outside of education, health, and wellness. (26:00)
  • His main focus on making small steps now rather than thinking about where life will take him 20 years from now.

[28:30] How To Live Life Well Without Spending Money

  • Why he spent a quarter of a million dollars on biohacking and how people can learn from what he did. (27:50)
  • His message in the book that you don’t have to biohack to live life well and why he encourages other people to not do what he did. (29:00)
  • The moment he realized that intermittent fasting was a no-cost biohack that lead him to great health results.
  • Anxiety he felt thinking about intermittent fasting because he’s just naturally always hungry and how following a high-fat diet naturally eased that concern.
  • The importance of taking care of your gut to ensure it’s healthy before even considering doing an intermittent fasting plan.
  • How constant movement every day through simple workouts like yoga and even breathwork help to keep the gut healthy.
  • What breathwork has meant for his personal wellness journey.
  • The fact that breath is the only thing the human body can control both consciously and subconsciously.

[39:00] Setting Yourself Free With A Routine

  • How to test and measure your own wellness without spending tons on biohacking.
  • Why routine is the number one thing that has given him personal freedom.
  • Steps you can take to tweak your habits and routine to naturally improve your wellness.
  • Why so many people are frustrated in life until they have used a structure and a routine to give them freedom.
  • The fact that your routine doesn’t have to be the same every day but it has to be structured and followed completely.
  • Why he loves utilizing email the most to build relationships and accomplish the most during the day.
  • How Slack can be beneficial in some cases but could never replace email. (48:00)
  • The dark side of social media when it comes to productivity.
  • Fact that we simply have the choice to not engage in addicting social media and apps.

[50:00] Learning To Speak Our Truth

  • Why it can be so hard to share our truth when there are conflicting viewpoints.
  • How we can reframe how we share our opinions and viewpoints with other people without others being immediately turned off from what we have to say.
  • Why focusing on explaining your own truth and not others' is the most authentic, simple way to share your thoughts.
  • The fact that our food supply has gotten to the point where the people with the least have the lowest number of options to eat better.
  • His mission to help people identify problems in their life, discover solutions, and provide them with convenient products that are good for them and affordable.
  • 112 Mark Sisson
  • M21 Wellness Guide
  • Wellness Force Community

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Life begins at the edge. The tiniest step today is a step more than there was yesterday.' – David Hauser @dh ” quote=”‘Life begins at the edge. The tiniest step today is a step more than there was yesterday.' – David Hauser @dh “]

Why Routine Is The Secret To More Freedom

“When you firmly stick to a routine and schedule, you will have taken away all the complexity of making decisions to free up your day, give yourself more freedom, and live a more fulfilling life. The word, ‘routine,' sounds very rigid; however, it allows the rest of the day to be totally un-rigid. If you look at the most successful people in the world, they all identify routine as being critical to their success. It's not the same routine for everyone, it's just a routine that works best for your life.” – David Hauser


The Most Important Factor Is You

“The biggest change for myself has been identifying what works the best for me. I've spent a lot of years thinking that I just need to listen to what other people are doing, how it works for them, and taking in that conventional wisdom. So, when I understand that what was important was how it worked for me, how I felt, and how performed, that was a paradigm shift that I just can't compare to anything else. That new mentality then allowed me to try different approaches, individual testing, and uncover what actually worked for me but until I stepped into that mode, nothing was possible.” – David Hauser


Emotional Intelligence Is Key For Human Optimization

“Emotional intelligence is a key part of the human optimization process because it's so important to identify with both the emotional and physical feelings that you have. Most of us, and myself for sure, try to ignore and cover-up those feelings as much as possible but when you actually want to change something, you have to open yourself up and be present.”  – David Hauser


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About David Hauser

David HauserDavid Hauser is a serial entrepreneur who launched several companies before he began high school. David spent his youth working more than one hundred hours a week, until he realized the toll it was taking on his mind, body, and life. After failing to see results from conventional wisdom, he decided to do what he does best: innovate. His unique journey to wellness has helped him realize his life's purpose of empowering others to optimize their own lives by reclaiming their health. As David continues to evolve, he receives tremendous support from his partner, Dawn, and their three inspiring children.

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