Brandon Beachum: Millionaire Spiritual Entrepreneur | How To Have A Positive Head

Brandon Beachum

“The aim of having a positive head is not to necessarily always be happy as much as it is to be at peace with what is. It's about the ability to be the calm in the center of the storm by observing your thoughts and emotions without getting sucked into those stories.” – Brandon Beachum

What source of higher consciousness is breathing you today? 

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 315

Host of the Positive Head podcast, Creator of Mystic Manor, and the host of the elevating talk show, Optimystic, Brandon Beachum, shares how you can make a change in your life today, reveals how to achieve true inner peace, why 2020 is literally our year for clearer vision, and how we can pave the way for humanity through a collective, expanded consciousness.
Learn how to love whatever thoughts or emotions arise for you during the inner work process.


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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Having a positive mindset is not about always being happy. It's about being at peace with what is like the calm in the center of a storm.' – @brandonbeachum of @Positive_Head” quote=”‘Having a positive mindset is not about always being happy. It's about being at peace with what is like the calm in the center of a storm.' – @brandonbeachum of @Positive_Head”]

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Listen To Episode 315 As Brandon Beachum Uncovers:

[1:30] What's Your Passion?

[16:50] Exploring Our True Purpose & Taking Risks

  • The importance of realizing that we are actually quite safe and we can take some risks in life to fulfill our purpose.
  • How to let go of being frightened of “what if” something will happen and truly start living.
  • Why we sometimes have to experience the most difficult moments that life can offer us in order to change, grow, and life live well.
  • Business struggles he and his brother have experienced as entrepreneurs and karmic lessons he has learned from it.
  • Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander III
  • Why a lot of the villains in our stories are actually our best friends as they give us all these lessons and experiences we need to improve as humans. (25:20)
  • The fact that we will never truly transcend our egos.
  • Why there's just no such thing as “good vibes only”; just peaks and valleys that we will experience in life. (29:40)
  • How to observe, accept, and let go of our thoughts and emotions rather than letting them tie us down.
  • Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins with You by Matt Kahn
  • How we can embrace and master whatever emotions bubble up to the surface.

[31:00] Better Understanding Our Relationship With Money

  • Understanding that we can't fix everything with money but we can use it as a tool to help others and affect things positively.
  • The trend he notices about very wealthy people and why they try to stack away more and more wealth to preserve it all rather than to grow it.
  • Why the only thing that truly matters is the good that we do in the world and not how much money we make.
  • What abundance and worth truly mean to the universe.
  • Why you know something is true and resonates with you when you feel your body start to relax rather than having to think it over and over in your head. (34:30)
  • The importance of being truly aligned with your purpose for greater abundance.
  • Why all of our experiences are leading us to a greater purpose and self-discovery that we might not even know about yet.
  • Josh's call to try plant medicine for the first time in 2015 and how that allowed him to physically and emotionally let go.

[42:00] Why Loving Yourself Is The Secret To Weight Loss

  • Every moment you have is a fresh chance to turn your life around.
  • The biggest lie from the weight loss industry that you will finally be loved and supported when you lose weight.
  • Why you have to embody and love the way you feel from moving, eating well, and caring for yourself to create this energy that allows you to let go of the weight.
  • Josh's own weight loss journey and how he started off on the wrong foot by counting calories and macronutrients until he finally loved himself and did the inner work.
  • How to cultivate the self-love you deserve in the moment whenever you need it the most.
  • The fact that we will be challenged to keep up with our raised vibrations and it's okay if we don't have a positive attitude every day (46:15)

[48:00] Authenticity & Vulnerability Are Our Super Powers

  • Why Brandon launched the Positive Head Podcast to help manage his own vibration and process his negative emotions.
  • How Brandon works through negative feelings to better understand himself and let those emotions go.
  • The power of loving whatever thoughts or emotions arise during your inner work.
  • How Josh uncovered the true mission of Wellness Force Media and his purpose for it.
  • Josh's own process to make peace with himself and who he was in the past.
  • Why 2020 is literally your year for clearer vision.
  • One of the uncomfortable edges Brandon is still leaning into that will give him greater understanding and love for others and himself.
  • Why one of the greatest ways to grow is to spend time with your family and get to know where you come from.
  • False beliefs about relationships we've been programmed to trust including that they have to last forever,

[1:02:40] Our Life Played Out On Many Channels

  • Why he believes that death is actually a birth to a new life for our consciousness.
  • Life is NOT a Journey – Alan Watts
  • Why he believes that our lives play out at the corners of free will and destiny. (1:03:40)
  • Why no one can predict your future; there are probabilities but we have free will. (1:07:00)
  • His idea that our lives are playing out here now but also on many different channels in other dimensions.
  • Our roles as masters and students in our own reality. (1:08:30)
  • Why our life lessons and various experiences, good or bad, are teaching us every day to become the next best version of ourselves. (1:10:30)

[1:12:00] Narcissism & Spiritual Bypassing

  • Explanation of the Jesus Complex when people tap into this truth that they are the one due to spiritual bypassing and they're forgetting that so is everyone else.
  • How narcissism blocks us from observing and loving the imperfections because we're so focused on perfectionism.
  • Social media's constant feed to the narcissism collective and the awareness we get to have of its darkness.
  • The deep wounds and incredible experiences that are being created at the same time and our quest for why they happen. (1:11:30)

[1:19:40] Life Is Happening For You, Not To You

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Don't force yourself to let go, mask, or hold down negative emotions. Rather, give them their space, observe them, and allow them to pass by without getting sucked into their stories.' – @brandonbeachum of @Positive_Head ” quote=”‘Don't force yourself to let go, mask, or hold down negative emotions. Rather, give them their space, observe them, and allow them to pass by without getting sucked into their stories.' – @brandonbeachum of @Positive_Head “]

Observing Thoughts & Emotions In A Healthy Manner

“Understand that there will be peaks and valleys throughout your lifetime; you just can't have one without the other. When you know that you're in a valley, then you can navigate it in a way that's the most effective as opposed to getting lost in the darkness. Give your thoughts and emotions their space, observe them, allow them to pass by, and do whatever you can to just gently find your way out of it but never by forcing, masking, or holding them down.” – Brandon Beachum

The Positive Side Of Relationships Ending

“All relationships have the purpose of growth and the idea that one has to last forever in order to be successful is a big misconception that permeates our collective consciousness. You are going to come together with different energies for all of eternity and thank goodness there is some shelf-life to all of them. Whether you spend a whole lifetime together or 5 weeks or 5 days, that separation gives us the opportunity to miss the relationship and have gratitude for it. You never truly lose anyone or anything. Honor that relationship, know that you are infinitely abundant and the universe will send whatever else you need.” – Brandon Beachum

Experiencing Life Fully Through Love, Wonder, And Pain

“God is using all of these ‘painful experiences' for love in the end. Wholeheartedly, we will or already have experienced every type of love, wonder, or pain in our lifetimes. That's the game, I believe, that our soul signed up for; it signed up to go down the deep rabbit hole of contrast so that it could fully appreciate who and what we are in this life. Understanding that helps us realize that it's all going to be okay in the end. We are not victims because everything that we experience is not happening to us but for us. Life is not happening to you, it is always, always, and always happening for you.”– Brandon Beachum

OPTIMYSTIC with Brandon Beachum | Official Trailer

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About Brandon Beachum

Brandon BeachumBrandon Beachum is a podcaster, entrepreneur, writer, musician, philosopher, and truth-seeker. He originally made his way to California from the east coast when his former band received a development deal with Elektra Records back in 2001. Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood and in 2010, while living on a friend’s couch, he founded what is now his first recognizably successful company, ResortShare.

Brandon's Entrepreneur Journey

In August of 2015, ResortShare was named the 569th fastest-growing private company in America in the annual Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. In October 2015 ResortShare received an offer to be bought out for $30 million dollars by a publicly-traded company, but within 12 hours of receiving the offer, they lost 90% of their revenue stream due to an exclusive arrangement a major partner ( signed with a much larger competitor. Brandon learned some great life lessons through this hardship and throughout his experience at ResortShare and is now focusing on various other projects. (Positive Head,,

The Ultimate Nature Of Reality

Since discussing and continually exploring what he refers to as “The Ultimate Nature of Reality” is something he feels called very strongly to do, he decided that launching a podcast would be the best avenue to pursue his calling and to help bring that increasingly popular topic of conversation to a broader audience. So in May 2015, he launched and The Positive Head Podcast. The show’s aim is to help listeners consistently maintain elevated vibration. In an effort to help the listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday he interviews a different author, director, artist, blogger, scientist, entrepreneur or other notable personality who is out there making a positive impact on the world. He has been extremely fortunate to have the privilege to interview some amazing and highly-respected guests in the very first year of his show (i.e. Dr. Eben Alexander, Marian Goodell, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein).

Brandon's Dedication To Better Wellness

On the other weekdays, Brandon and his co-host Dalien give interpretations of their favorite quotes, share a bit of mind-expanding or mysterious news, take questions from the audience, and dig into any other mind-expansive topics that they feel will help keep the listeners’ souls fed on a regular basis. The Positive Head Podcast has continued to experience exponential growth and was featured in the “New & Noteworthy” section on iTunes within weeks of being launched, and is currently listed in the “What’s Hot” section on iTunes in multiple categories.

Brandon is also currently in the process of writing his first two books, The Fountain of You: How the marriage of science and spirituality is birthing us into the age of timelessness and The Talk: A wakeup call for those ready to re-member.

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