“The intelligence found inside the plants really invites us to listen to our body as we tune inwards. My experience and work with the plants have taught me that nature has solutions for everything. If we choose to listen with an open heart, we can really receive the gifts that this earth has brought to us.” – Dr. Nick Berry

How can essential oils take your body intelligence, relationships, and wellness journey to the next level?

Wellness Force Radio Episode 306

Licensed pharmacist and Founder of Essential Oil Wizardry, Dr. Nick Berry, explains how essential oils can boost your mental and physical health, shares his own journey of healing, and discusses the various techniques he uses to heighten the energetic quality of the oils.

Discover why Essential Oil Wizardry is a must for your daily self-care regimen with their carefully crafted, highly potent, and completely organic blends.

Essential Oil Wizardry

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Essential Oil Wizardry (EOW) is TRULY your one-stop location for the world’s finest artisan essential oils and plant alchemy! We specialize in sourcing organic / wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 Extracts and floral Absolutes from all over the planet. Offering over 300+ different Essential Oil Products & Wizard Alchemy Blends, we provide value & service for everyone!

Whenever possible we support smaller community extraction projects that are delivering superior quality products from chemical-free plant material to financially empower conscious land-stewardship on Earth. Our Wizardry Team enjoys formulating epic Therapeutic Formulas, Botanical Perfumes! We are your solution for developing next-level Custom Blends for individuals and creating product formulations for brands!

EOW is the artisan essential oil company that you have been seeking as an alternative to big business and MLM! Providing fair market pricing, superior quality extracts while delivering innovative products using superior-edged technology. Our intention brings balance to ancestral wisdom, modern medicine with state-of-the-heart technologies ~ bridging these principles into one botanical-based company, delivering holistic lifestyle solutions for the collective! We INTEND that you feel great about supporting yourself & our work with each of your essential oil investments

EOW was founded by Dr. Nick Berry (Pharm. D) in 2014 to provide “Holistic lifestyle solutions that really work” ~ This company is our expression to create more balance, ease and grace on the planet in these challenging societal times for the collective.

The intelligence found inside plants really invites us to listen to our body as we tune inwards. If we choose to listen with an open heart, we can really receive the gifts that this earth has brought to us. - @EssentialOilWiz Click To Tweet

Listen To Episode 306 As Dr. Nick Berry Uncovers:

[1:30] The Essential Oil Wizard

[13:20] The Passion Project of Essential Wizardry Oils

  • Why Dr. Nick uses 432 hertz when creating the oils and how various vibrational notes will affect them very differently.
  • His Vetiver essential oil that allows a person to connect, focus, and be more grounded with their body. (15:00)
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • His Paulo Coelho Alchemist moment of having mononucleosis and chronic fatigue for four years that eventually brought him to his work with essential oils.
  • How taking a year off to find a more balanced sense of lifestyle after graduating from pharmacy school impacted his life and personal mission to help others heal.
  • The experience of doing consultation visits at a cannabis clinic in California during which he helped patients find specific strains that would help with their ailments.
  • Positive impact of terpenes found in essential oils and how he experimented with them in different ways to create synergistic combinations to heal people. (18:00)

[20:00] Healing With Essential Oils

  • The impact of using powerful pharmaceuticals such as Levaquin when he was trying to heal from yearly bouts of pneumonia before trying essential oils.
  • How heating up an Oregano essential oil and breathing in the vapors immensely helped clear up his pneumonia.
  • The intelligence that these living plants possess and what we can learn from them. (25:30)
  • Lavender essential oil and the powerful essence that it releases to relax the body and mind as well as heal bug bites.
  • How plants from Ayahuasca to Rosemary essential oil can be vital state changers for your wellness journey.
  • The design of specific state changers for the mind and body he has created such as the InVigor and ReSpire blends.

[31:00] Greater Body Intelligence Through Essential Oils

  • His own evolution of body intelligence since having begun to use essential oils every day.
  • Examples of how their products have helped people heal and achieve greater wellness.
  • Some of their top-selling essential oils and blends for specific purposes.
  • How essential oils can help people become more self-aware of themselves and thus experience greater body intelligence.
  • Some of their top-selling essential oils and blends for specific purposes.
  • Step by step how essential oils can enhance one's experience with life. (36:30)
  • 300 Special Edition: Top Lessons Learned From 300+ Shows
  • Ultrasonic Skullcap Tincture
  • Spark! essential oil tincture
  • The specific benefits of skullcap for stress and how to get the full benefits with their ultrasonic extract.

[44:50] Proper Usage and Application of Essential Oils

[55:50] Essential Oil Wizardry's Alchemy Tribe

Essential Oils, Anxiety, & Sleep – Dr. Nick Berry

Power Quotes From The Show

When I look at individual plants, I see a symphony of different molecules but there is something more than that because there's also the innate plant intelligence. - @EssentialOilWiz Click To Tweet

Exploring Plant Intelligence

“When I look at individual plants, I see a symphony of different molecules but there is something more than that because there's also the innate plant intelligence.” – Dr. Nick Berry

A Creation Of State Changers

“Each of these plants has its own unique vibration. It's not a pointed vibration but a very expressive, wide, and all-encompassing vibration. After having the experience of working with all of these individual plants, it's like I have a directory in my consciousness. All of a sudden, I can now design state changers.” – Dr. Nick Berry

Powerful Tools And Allies

“All plants contain their own resonance, intelligence, and vibration. Plants in themselves are powerful tools and allies.” – Dr. Nick Berry

Boosting Body Intelligence

“Essential oils are really powerful and create this subtle vibration as well. Most people report that from the first use, they start developing this relationship with the oil that is a direct mirror of the relationship with their body. Thus, this enhances their own intelligence with how their inner body is working, creates greater self-confidence, and even amplifies their physical performance.” – Dr. Nick Berry

Essential Oil Wizardry in Ashland, Oregon

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About Dr. Nick Berry

Dr. Nick Berry is a licensed pharmacist and compassionate human being who lives on the cutting edge of holistic wellness and botanical medicine. Dr. Nick founded Essential
Oil Wizardry in 2014, an essential oil company specializing in organic and wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 extracts, floral absolutes & their own novel ultrasonic extraction process.

As a pharmacist suffering from recurring respiratory infections including pneumonia, he found greater relief in 48 hours from vaporizing essential oils than 5-7 days of traditional pharmaceutical antibiotics. This inspired him to dive into creating these superior whole-plant extractions that are highly bioavailable straight from nature's botanical garden.

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