Rob Dial: Peace, Purpose, & Psychedelics

Rob Dial_ Peace, Purpose, & Psychedelics WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 194

Rob Dial: Peace, Purpose, & Psychedelics

“Not fitting in is actually how you live the extraordinary life. The fear of not fitting in is what makes us mediocre. People who are famous or have done something great in the world are not like everybody else. They do not fit in. There's this ongoing battle inside of our head where we have to answer, ‘Do I fit in and be like everybody else or do I stand out and possibly be judged?' ” – Rob Dial

What do you have to lose by being yourself and following your goals, hopes, and dreams?

Why is it more difficult to self-reflect, be still, and practice meditation than it is to go to the gym?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 194, Host of MWF Motivation Podcast, Author of Hack Your Goals, and Mastermind Coach, Rob Dial, shares how his life was transformed forever after the death of his father changed his mental and physical intelligence. As you listen, Rob digs into how you can end your fear of success, anxiety about being judged, and cycle of overthinking in order to discover your true purpose. Find out how the brain has been in your way this entire time and what you can do to let go of that negative voice inside of your head.

By the end of this episode, you will be equipped and ready to re-wire your thinking to better connect with yourself, your spirituality and your higher consciousness.


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Listen To Episode 194 As Rob Dial Uncovers:

  • How life has changed for him since he discovered Tony Robbins and what it means to live a life of wellness.
  • The importance of trying out new things to see how they fit in your life.
  • How his father's death impacted his life and how he was able to turn that event into something positive.
  • Why you don't have to allow yourself to be defined by an event.
  • The work he has done to overcome the systems of the ancient brain.
  • How you can change the habits and behavior that you don't like by re-wiring your mind.
  • Why it's harder to self-reflect than it is to go to the gym.
  • How you can let go of your subconscious fears through meditation.
  • What myelin is and how it can make you more efficient as it enhances autopilot and muscle memory.
  • How fighting the truth is holding you back from leaving your comfort zone.
  • Why negative feedback can actually be something good in your own success.
  • How his podcast and videos have allowed him to get out of his comfort zone and face the fact that he has to be okay with being judged by other people.
  • Why you're wired to have this fear of judgment and would rather fit in than stand out.
  • How he's become more spiritual through psychedelic experiences.
  • Why you're not afraid of failure, but of success.
  • What steps you can take to become closer to your spirituality and higher consciousness in order to experience greater enlightenment.
  • How you can close the gap between knowing and doing.
  • His experience with plant medicine and Ayahuasca and why it was the most life-changing experience of his life.
  • The process of taking Ayahuasca and what you can expect from it.
  • Why the only things that you can control are your thoughts and actions.

Power Quotes From The Show

“I don't know how I was so intuitive when my father passed away. At that young age, I wasn't a Tony Robbins or a positive person and my childhood wasn't the greatest. Looking back, everything was really horrible at that point in my life and I knew that I could either choose to let my father's death affect me in a negative way or a positive way. It really took about four years for that to truly manifest within me. Because of that experience, by the time I graduated from high school, I felt that there was so much more that I could give to the world. ” – Rob Dial

“Most people don't find meditation hard because they cannot turn their brain off. Meditation is hard for people because they're afraid of what they're going to find. We put all of our surface level problems and issues like traffic and co-workers in front of ourselves because we're trying to hide from the things that we're really afraid of. These are the issues that we have, the problems we've created, or what we don't like about ourselves.” – Rob Dial

“People fight the truth about who they are because where they are now is already comfortable. Where we are right now is like the cave of a caveman. It's safe here and we don't want to walk out at night because we can't see and there's a physical fear that there could be a lion that could kill us. However, in today's present moment, we don't have to worry about those types of fears, but that part of our brain still exists as the amygdala. So, instead of the lion, we have all these other fears that we put in front of ourselves to hide from everything else. Your modern day cave is your comfort zone and the amygdala is not smart enough to know that if you leave your comfort zone, you're not going to die. Consciously, we already know that, but our amygdala doesn't.” – Rob Dial

“The only way to combat uncertainty is to try to control everything. However, the only thing that I can control is myself. I can't control any external circumstances. We so badly want to control other people, the traffic, the weather, and every other aspect, but we cannot control anything except for the way we think and what we do. Nothing else is under our control and that's it.” – Rob Dial

“A lot of people aren't afraid of failure; what they're afraid of is success. We have this fear yet there is this greater self that is inside of us. We need to stop being afraid, sit down, and actually say, ‘Okay, I'm going to try and understand what my best self-looks like and then I'm going to try to become that every single day.” – Rob Dial

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Change Is Not Easy

About Rob Dial

Rob DialRob Dial started in sales at 19 years old and was promoted to run a franchise with that company at the age of 21. Within 18 months he grew it into a multi-million dollar business and broke many company records for office sales. Has since moved on to be a highly sought after performance coach and speaker.

Rob also runs the MWF Motivation Podcast which hit #1 in 6 categories on New & Noteworthy including self-help and business. His goal is to impact as many lives as possible by helping others discover their purpose in life and live to their true potential.


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