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Love Vs. Fear: Body Intelligence With Katie & Gay Hendricks

“Being out of integrity with your genius causes a wobble that destabilizes your relationship, work, and health.” – Gay Hendricks

Today on Wellness Force Radio, we'll discover how doing the work in our relationships can translate into better health and wellness in our lives.

We'll learn from not just one, but two master trainers, authors, and transformational experts in emotional and body intelligence.

Body Intelligence

Today's guests are among the most inspiring and passionate experts in behavior change; they are thought leaders who dedicate their lives to empowering others with the knowledge and tools that drive real transformation in our physical and emotional wellness.

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., are pioneers in the fields of conscious relationships and body intelligence and the authors of more than 30 books, including best sellers such as Conscious Loving, The Big Leap, and Five Wishes. During the past 30 years they have appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows and networks, including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, and CBS's 48 hours.

'Being out of integrity with your genius causes a wobble that destabilizes your relationship, work, and health.” - Gay Hendricks of @hearts_harmonyClick To Tweet


In 1989 they founded the Hendricks Institute, which offers seminars annually in North America, Asia, and Europe. Their nonprofit organization, The Foundation for Conscious Living, funds research, Films, and scholarships in the areas of conscious relationships and natural well-being.

Behavior Change

So much of what we talk about on the show is around positive behavior change, and in that context, we seek to learn about technology and ways of being that will empower us to show up more fully present and powerful to make those choices.

The fitness industry and conventional thinking in wellness have been proven fundamentally flawed by toting phrases such as “calories in calories out, “move more eat less” and “no pain no gain,” to mention a few.

But what is so truly special about today's episode is where we'll explore the consciousness and self-awareness we must have in ourselves, and in our relationships, to bring massive change to an industry and a movement that so desperately is crying out for a shift.

Listen To Katie & Gay Uncover:

  • How doing the work in our relationships can translate into better health and wellness in our lives.
  • Gay & Katie's unique work in transformation & conscious living
  • Their work in consciousness and creating a life of love, presence, and integrity
  • The new book, Conscious Loving Ever After
  • How to create thriving, loving, and conscious relationships
  • Exploring the definition of emotional intelligence
  • Healthy habits to begin cultivating in relationships with our partners and ourselves

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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