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Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind With David Zappasodi

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Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind With David Zappasodi

Can a lack of integrity derail weight loss? What does the avoidance and aggression cycle mean for those on the path of better health?

Welcome to a special encore episode for this week's show!

Today's special guest, David Zappasodi, comes on the show to discuss his powerful book, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind. Today’s show is the perfect fit for us, because we’re talking about the most important cornerstone for any wellness program, and that is the mindset.

About David Zappasodi

David has a degree in Exercise Physiology from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. In his twenty years in the health and fitness industry, David has been a personal trainer, metabolic typing practitioner, boot-camp instructor, martial arts teacher, and public speaker on healthy living. He also founded a functional fitness and nutrition center in San Diego, and operated it for 9 years, during which time he was extensively featured on Fox News, KUSI TV News, and on network and local television and radio programs throughout California.

Weight Loss & Humanity

More important than any of his credentials, however, David has a deep faith in the beauty and greatness of humanity and is very determined to help others to see and embody the greatness within themselves. Through this faith and determination, he has inspired and guided many people to transform their lives throughout his career.

David is the international best selling author of Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind – A personal guide to the 6 essential practices for living a healthy and fulfilling life.

6 Essential Practices For Living A Healthy & Fulfilling Life

Listen as David uncovers how over 20 years of coaching experience lead him to create the most powerful practices for a healthy and fulfilling life: 

  • Generosity – Helps us to let go of the past and release obstructions without focusing on them. Generosity makes our goals more powerful by giving them a greater purpose than our own self-interest and brings greater abundance into our lives.
  • Integrity – Helps us to not create new obstructions that impede our progress. It allows us to learn lessons about the intensity and frequency of our vicious cycles, and the negative consequences that we experience because of them. It also brings more intimacy and connection in our lives.
  • Patience – Helps us to not take our current obstructions and blow them out of proportion, making them even bigger barriers to progress. In fact, lack of patience does the opposite of progress– it turns our mountains into molehills. Brings more growth and transformation into our lives.
  • Inspired Action – Helps us to cultivate more of what we really want in our lives, rather than trying to move us away from what we don't want. It also brings more joy and fulfillment in our lives.
  • Mindfulness – Helps to free us from attachments that keep us feeling stuck in life. It is the inner essence and the common thread of all of the previous practices, and as necessary in order for them to be powerful and effective. It also allows us to experience true freedom.
  • Commitment – It is the outer container that gives shape and direction to all the previous practices. It also gives us the ability to stick with the other practices long enough for them to blossom and have a noticeable effect on our lives.

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Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind With David Zappasodi
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