Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten

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Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten

Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten

“There are no shortcuts on the road to emotional intelligence.” – Ashleigh VanHouten

On today's podcast we discuss what it takes to become an emotionally present human in our fast paced world full of quick-fixes and constant distractions.

There's no shortage of technologies or supplements for improving our mental and physical abilities, but when it comes to increasing our emotional intelligence, a simple hack or quick solution won't do the trick. Developing our emotional fitness takes time, intention, and putting in the deeper work as we face life's challenges.

Join us at Bulletproof's 2017 Biohacking Conference with Ashleigh VanHouten, fitness & nutrition expert, and host of Paleo Magazine Radio, as we discuss the power of getting in touch with our emotions and how we can use the ancestral lifestyle combined with our modern technology to up-level the human experience.

Links From Today's Show:

Listen To Episode 142 as Ashleigh VanHouten Uncovers:

  • How technology can be used to our detriment or to improve the human condition
  • Different viewpoints on technology between the Biohacking and Ancestral communities
  • Overcoming our fears around taking a deep emotional inventory
  • How many people are taught at a young age that showing emotions is a form of weakness.
  • The misguided paradigms around masculine and feminine energies
  • How high achievers can slow down and relax into their nervous system
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to be sad and feel our emotions
  • How women can begin to truly embrace their feminine nature
  • Why we have to go through the journey and can't hack our way to emotional intelligence.
  • How to start trusting yourself and others during challenging and difficult times
  • Strategies to enhance our curiosity and listening skills
  • How we can reprogram and build new habit formation into the brain
  • Ashley's exciting plans for Paleo Magazine Radio in 2018
  • How we can start to act on the powerful information we receive
  • What Ashley is uncovering about her deeper self through a new journaling practice
  • How we can reprogram our brain to trust in ourselves and others

Power Quotes From The Show

“Just because we have a technology at our disposal, doesn't mean we should be using it.” – Ashleigh VanHouten

“We need to slow down, find stillness, and stop dwelling on the destructive thoughts in our head.” – Ashleigh VanHouten

“Even if it's uncomfortable, difficult, and challenging, we need to work on the areas of our lives that are no longer serving us.” – Ashleigh VanHouten

“I don't care who you are or where you're from; we're all deserving of equal respect.” – Ashleigh VanHouten

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About Ashleigh VanHouten

Ashleigh is a writer and editor who divides her time between Ottawa, Canada, and New York.

Ashleigh has a very diverse background in health and fitness. She is a Paleo diet expert. She has her CrossFit Strongman and Olympic Lifting Certifications. She also puts her money where her mouth is by being a nationally qualified figure competitor and trains in powerlifting and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

In her spare time, Ashleigh is a nationally qualified natural figure competitor and also trains in powerlifting and BJJ.

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Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten

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