Shannon Kaiser | Joy Seeker: How To Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

Shannon Kaiser

“Joy can exist within us always because it's not something we chase but something we allow and bring forth from within ourselves. Joy is an experience of life, our birthright, and a foundational aspect to being here on Earth. We came here and are here to be joy.”  – Shannon Kaiser

What if instead of chasing happiness, we allowed joy?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 328

International Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Bestselling Author of five top-selling books including her latest, Joy Seeker, Shannon Kaiser, shares why you're actually on the mission to find your passion; not your purpose, explains her concept of ‘nourishing the nudge' and reveals how to enjoy your life journey as you navigate peak moments.
Discover how you can create the life you actually want to live; not the one that society or your parents have deemed for you.


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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Joy can exist within us always because it's not something we chase but something we allow and bring forth from within ourselves.' – @shannonlkaiser” quote=”‘Joy can exist within us always because it's not something we chase but something we allow and bring forth from within ourselves.' – @shannonlkaiser”]

Joy Seeker Book Trailer

Listen To Episode 328 As Shannon Kaiser Uncovers:

[1:30]  Why We Mistake Joy With Happiness

  • Shannon Kaiser
  • Joy Seeker 
  • Cured Nutrition
  • Revealing why she feels more balanced and at peace with herself in 2020 than she ever did before now. (6:00)
  • Why our outside world view is a direct reflection of our internal state.
  • 309 Agapi Stassinopoulos
  • How she defines the word, ‘joy,' and what it actually means to her. (7:40)
  • The moment she realized she was still attaching joy to outside factors and needed to find it from within herself.
  • Why she spent a year dedicated to finding joy through grief, trauma, overcoming and understanding her shadow side.
  • Unpacking why joy and happiness are not the same in any form.
  • Tools you can use to help you utilize joy as a fuel source that leads us to happiness. (9:30)
  • Why gratitude is the life force of everything.

[10:00] You Are More Than Your Job Title

  • How you can shift your focus from what your job title is to uncovering your passion and living on purpose.
  • Why the most important thing you can is to live from your heart and make a difference by being true to yourself.
  • How to let go of the past so that you grow to the next level of your most authentic self. (13:00)
  • Her love of writing and how it has become a form of therapy for herself.
  • What her latest book, Joy Seeker, is all about including living an authentic life, being unapologetic about who you are, and giving yourself permission to live your life despite what others think or say.
  • Questions to ask yourself in order to start becoming aligned with who you are at your core. (14:00)
  • Why your life's pursuit should not just be about money, a goal weight, a “soul mate” or materialistic things because all of that is just fleeting.
  • How to shift your focus from outside happiness to inside joy. (15:50)
  • The beauty of creating your own reality when you're intentional with what you truly want from life.

[17:00] The True Self's Easier Plan For You

  • What your true self is, how it's aligned with source energy, and why it's aching to show you the easier plan it has in store for you.
  • Why the journey itself is actually the reward, not the end result itself. (17:40)
  • Releasing the expectations that life has to be these peak moments and look a certain way.
  • How to follow your true self's plan by relaxing into the journey and making each single moment as awesome and miraculous as possible by just fully being present.
  • Unpacking the easy part of the plan: Knowing that you feel more secure and safe in the experience of finding your true self. (18:30)
  • Facing the fact that the work is going to happen either way even if you're not on a set path of active inner work and awakening right now.
  • One of her favorite mantras, “We learn the way on the way,” and just embracing simple, small changes along the way.
  • The morning and evening practices she created for herself to really allow her to connect to her true self. (26:00)
  • Our seasons of the soul just like we see in nature and how to apply that to our life.

[27:00] Going On A Joy Jaunt

  • How she came up with the Joy Jaunt tool as further explained with examples in her book, Joy Seeker.
  • Joy Busters that keep us from fully expressing ourselves, finding inner joy, and how to avoid them.
  • The word, “authentic” and why being that is one of the hardest things for some people.
  • Why we either see our trauma as a burden and thus bury it or we identify our trauma with being broken.
  • How we can heal from the trauma that is stored in our bodies by feeling it.
  • The power of self-compassion, self-love, and realizing you're not alone because each person on the planet as their own version of childhood trauma.
  • How to shatter our past, unauthentic identities, and come to love who we truly are at our core.
  • How her very first belief that she did not belong on this planet was created because she was born 2 months premature and being placed in a plastic ICU box for the first 2 months of her life.

[35:00] Her Call To Go To Wellness

  • The big factor that both Josh and Shannon have in common and how it has impacted their wellness journeys to loving themselves.
  • Why she believes that the plant medicine will meet us where we're at in life.
  • Why the work has to continue after you've gone to a retreat, plant medicine ceremony, or other wellness events.
  • The concept of courage why we have to summon it before taking a huge leap in our wellness journeys.
  • How she moved from the advertising world to speak, author, and retreat leader by entertaining the idea of what she loves to do and values in life.
  • What steps you can take to follow the universe's nudge to you including making a joy list and creating a life around those values.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘If you're living from your heart, you're making a difference by being true to yourself.' – @shannonlkaiser ” quote=”‘If you're living from your heart, you're making a difference by being true to yourself.' – @shannonlkaiser “]

Gratitude Is Our Life Force

“Gratitude is the life force of everything. It can help us at any point in our life. Turn your attention from what's not going well or causing you distress, dis-ease, and frustration to just focusing on what you appreciate. Just focus moment by moment, one by one on what you appreciate. When you do that, gratitude can then open you up to awareness which is self-awareness.” – Shannon Kaiser


Passion Over Purpose Explained

“Self-awareness is really important and allows you to understand who you are and what you were made for. Yes, we were all made for awesome things but sometimes we can caught up in the pursuit of, ‘I need to find my purpose.' If we just shift our perspective and realize that our purpose is to live more on purpose, be more present in each moment, and be more intentional of each step we take, then what is revealed to us is our passion.” – Shannon Kaiser

Living From Our Heart

“We're more than just what we do. Sometimes we get stuck on defining ourselves by our job titles, what we do, and what we're contributing. I think the most important thing to know is that if you're living from your heart, you're making a difference by being true to yourself. That itself can help inspire others because it's also being of service to others.” – Shannon Kaiser



Discover Your True Self (Joy Seeker Retreat) March 29-April 2, 2020

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About Shannon Kaiser

Shannon KaiserShannon Kaiser is the bestselling author of five books on the psychology of happiness and fulfillment, including the #1 bestseller, The Self-Love Experiment and Adventures for Your Soul and new book Joy Seeker. As an international empowerment coach, speaker and retreat leader, she helps people trust and believe in themselves so they can live their highest potential.

A Woman In Wellness To Watch

She’s been named a top 100 Women to Watch in wellness by mindbodygreen and “your-go-to happiness booster” by Health magazine and Top 100 people making a difference online by Creative Impact Company. She has also been recognized as a Must-Follow Instagram Account for Inspiration by Entrepreneur magazine and a Top Facebook Account for Daily Motivation by mindbodygreen. Visit her website at and follow on social media @ShannonKaiserWrites.

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